Feeling a Bit Brighter Today…

Another teasing session tonight, and I wore the cock ring again…but it was great. Mistress made my cock very hard by stroking and verbally teasing me about letting me shoot my load on her gorgeous tits. Well actually there was more to it than that…

Mistress suggested edging me and then giving me a prescribed number of strokes to cum on her tits (and lick them clean of course), but that if I failed then there would be a forfeit. She asked me if that was a game I would like to play, which I obviously said yes to. But in the end Mistress said that maybe I should think about it for a while since she wasn’t going to let me cum today, after all it’s only been 29 days.

I really love when Mistress talks to me when she’s stroking my cock and anything like that really gives me a ‘boost’ so to speak. I had been waiting throughout the session to ask her permission to worship her gorgeous ass, and when Mistress suddenly called a halt to session I decided to ask anyway. Mistress kindly allowed me to lick her sexy little hole, but she didn’t stroke my cock as she usually would, she just kind of held it… which was okay, I love the idea of worshiping Mistress’s ass on demand and without receiving any ‘stimulation’, just for the pleasure of tasting her incredible horny ass.

Tonight has definitely lifted my spirits a bit, and Mistress had a lovely orgasm too. This year’s scores are going to be a disaster, but at least we’re trying. And actually, though Mistress’s total may be way down, my total is even more way down so the ratio of orgasms has probably gone up considerably so that’s one good thing. 🙂

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