More Ass Worship!

The last few days have been a bit up and down, but tonight was really lovely. Mistress had another orgasm on my tongue and then I worshiped her gorgeous feet for a while. After that I slipped the cock ring on again because I’m still not feeling 100% confident about my cock. I have a lot of numbness in my foot from my operation, which comes and goes, and when it’s like that it tends to affect my cock as well. Oh well, I really do just have to learn to not worry about it, the cock ring did it’s job perfectly and I was very hard very quickly.

Mistress teased me to perfection while I gently touched her asshole and eventually I asked if I could lick her ass again. Mistress said yes and I was very happy to be allowed to worship her gorgeous ass for a short time while Mistress stroked my cock hard. It’s been over thirty days since my last orgasm and I feel pretty good so far… not as desperate as usual given the number of days, but I guess that’s not surprising given the numbness I’m experiencing at the moment. Hopefully it will go as suddenly as it came on.

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