Straight Women Have the Fewest Orgasms!!!

Not in this house they don’t!

I came across this article on the BBC website on Friday and I thought it was interesting reading. Apparently a study in the USA of over 52,000 people found that straight women cum less often than either bisexual or lesbian women, and also less than men (whatever their sexual orientation).

Well, that may be so… but in this house Mistress cums 99.9% of the time and I cum about 10% of the time. Never let it be said that I’m not doing my bit to redress the balance!

Just What Both of Us Needed…

I was in two minds about whether to use the cock ring tonight. It’s very easy to rely on it and the more you rely on it the harder it is to not use it because it’s easy to get it in your head that you need it… it can be a self-defeating cycle, and it’s easy to choose the easy route, especially when you know how depressing it can be to fail.

Thankfully, before I went down on Mistress tonight she stroked my cock as we kissed and it got pretty hard. Then it stayed hard for several minutes while I started licking Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and so after I had made Mistress cum I thought it was worth trying without the cock ring.

It paid of too, as it didn’t take long for Mistress to get my cock lovely and hard. So hard in fact that Mistress decided she wanted to ride it, and positioned herself on top of me and slid down onto my throbbing cock. It felt soooo good to be rock hard (unassisted) and deep inside Mistress’s warm, wet, slippery pussy.

Mistress was really enjoying herself riding my cock and it didn’t take long before I was begging her to take her bra off and let me see her beautiful breasts. God she looked amazing as she rode my cock up and down with her sexy breasts exposed and her nipples hard. Mistress allowed me to caress them as she used my cock, occasionally bending forward to kiss me… so hot.

At one point Mistress was fucking me quite hard, but failing to get me to the edge she lifted off and reached behind to grab my cock. She pumped it hard and fast but still couldn’t get me to edge. So she lifted herself up and planted her pussy on my mouth, which I eagerly devoured of course… and then she turned around and sank back down onto my cock facing away from me this time.

It felt so good, and eventually I started to get a bit closer to the edge, but no sooner had that started than Mistress climbed off and knelt next to me, grabbing my cock and pumping it hard. This time it didn’t take long to edge me and as soon as I warned her I was close she slowed right down and told me that she wasn’t going to allow me to cum today.

I must admit, I keep thinking about cumming over Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and thighs and licking it up. I think that would be fucking awesome… but watching Mistress ride me today it’s awfully hard to turn down the chance to cum on Mistress’s beautiful breasts…

Thank you for edging me Mistress…

Our last teasing session didn’t go so well last week, so I decided to use the cock ring last night. I don’t know if it was necessary or not, probably not, given how hard my cock was… but it didn’t hurt anyway.

Mistress has never been one for lots of edging, I don’t know why that is… it seems counterproductive when the idea is to frustrate the slave… but whatever, one of the rules I was given at the start was that I wasn’t allowed to ask to be edged. Don’t actually know if Mistress even remembers that rule or not, I suspect not… but it’s not like I haven’t admitted to edging myself in the past (and gotten punished for it).

So, last night was really good because Mistress edged me several times and made me thank her for it as well. I hope she will continue doing that in the future, because it was great and my cock was rock hard when she called a halt to proceedings – exactly as it should be.

Mistress also allowed me to worship her ass with my tongue, which probably didn’t hurt either… and while I was being stroked and edged I was thinking about how much I miss seeing Mistress fucking herself with her glass dildo. We haven’t had a Femdom session since… October I think it was, what with one thing and another it just hasn’t been the right time, I think I will talk to Mistress about this and try and arrange one as soon as possible.

Mistress also asked me if I had been thinking about where I’m going to choose to cum ‘if’ she lets me cum in March. I wrote in my last post that I’m almost certain to choose to cum on Mistress’s feet, but I’m also thinking that I would really love to kneel between her legs and jerk off over her pussy and her inner thighs. Mistress has such gorgeous thighs and I would love to see them covered in cum and lick them clean.

I know… it’s very ‘cuckoldy‘ isn’t it, well that’s what comes of reading cuckold stories I guess!

Click the pic to see the video this came from…


Valentine’s Day Voucher!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Ours was pretty good, we had a lovely meal at home and Mistress gave me a voucher which means that ‘if’ she allows me to cum in March, then I get to choose were to cum (and where to lick my cum up from as well, obviously).

I really want to cum on her gorgeous breasts, but I just know that when it comes down to it I’ll probably choose to cum on her beautiful feet instead. I love coming on her feet, it just seems appropriate for a submissive slave…

So as you can imagine, it leaves me somewhat torn… I love cumming on Mistress’s feet, it’s so fucking hot… but at the same time, I love cumming on her breasts and ass too. So this voucher is kind of cruel in a bizarre way, because it makes me choose one place to cum, or more to the point it makes me choose not to cum on the other places I would like to.

I just know I’m going to end up picking her feet… even if I make my mind up to choose something else, at the last second I bet I end up cumming all over her gorgeous, perfectly manicured feet and licking it right off her toes.

Three in Three…

Something of a turn up, I can’t remember the last time this happened but tonight Mistress had her third orgasm in three days! Pretty neat. And it’s boosted February up to 6 orgasms for Mistress R too, which is good because as we know this year’s scores (overall) are pretty woeful. Also good is that Mistress is currently 93 – 9, which means for the first time we could be looking at a better than 10 – 1 ratio come the end of March (at one point I wondered if this would be the first year that Mistress would fail to reach 100 orgasms…)

Previous best was 2014 – 2015 when Mistress had 125 orgasms to my 15, giving a respectable 8.333 – 1 average. Last year that slipped back to 6 – 1 with Mistress enjoying just 108 while I was allowed 18. Thankfully that failing has been corrected and then some!

Tonight I decided to use the cock-ring again, simply because last night my cock was so indifferent. I don’t understand how it can be monstrously hard on Saturday (twice) and then the next day it doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s very annoying.

Valentines Day tomorrow, and Mistress and I will be dining at home as usual. It’s our 25th Valentines Day tomorrow, which is pretty epic… I’m guessing after a (hopefully) lovely meal we’ll roll over to the sofa and watch the latest episode of The Bachelor (US) with shifty Nick. πŸ™‚

Throbbing in the Early Hours of the Morning…

Last night I went to bed before Mistress, although it was still quite late. When Mistress came to be I woke up and we cuddled and kissed, then Mistress stroked my cock gently and I was so ridiculously hard. I was so desperate to cum, but of course all Mistress wanted to do was tease me and let me go to sleep throbbing…

It was awesome.

Tonight I made Mistress cum again, which was lovely. I wasn’t really feeling that great, but my cock soon got hard when Mistress began stroking it. It kinda wavered a bit in the middle and then got hard again towards the end of my teasing session. It wasn’t as incredible as last night, but it was still great.


Another record day….

Well I don’t really understand this but last Sunday was another record day for the blog with 1,866 views. What is going on here? Worryingly, my contributions to the blog (ie posts) don’t seem to have any bearing on popularity.Β Just as well I suppose, since they are so and far between at the moment.

This has been a frustrating week, and not in a good way. What with one thing and another Mistress and I haven’t got around to spending time in bed together, thankfully that was resolved this afternoon and Mistress R had a huge orgasm before she teased me to the brink. I so wanted to cum on her gorgeous, exposed breasts, but she wasn’t having any of it.

She taunted me further by riding my rock hard cock while I caressed her beautiful tits and hard nipples. It felt incredible to be inside her and so FUCKING HARD! Wow, I love feeling so hard, especially without the cock ring. Swimming must be paying off!

Ultimately Mistress was never really going to let me cum, I knew that. I only came a week ago and was ruined just before that, so it was pointless even to think it was going to happen. Instead I ended up with an aching cock and throbbing, nicely slapped balls.

Things finally seem to be looking up!

Inexplicably, yesterday a new record was set on this blog for the most views in a single day… which given that the views have been on a steady decline for some time (due in large part to my lack of posts / depressing posts (delete as you deem applicable) is something of a pleasant surprise. I can only surmise that someone new found the blog and spent the whole day reading it and clicking on every link, even so, 1777 page views in a day would have been a very good even when the blog was as it’s peak (back in the days when we were on Blogger).

And that’s not all..

A couple of days ago, after Mistress had cum and I had slipped the cock ring on again, Mistress teased me for a while before riding my cock a while. It felt a bit strange, like I wasn’t inside her properly, but Mistress seemed to be enjoying it and she did something I can’t remember ever seeing her do before (or extremely rarely), she licked her fingers and rubbed her clit as she moved up and down on my cock. It was very hot to see… πŸ™‚

Then Mistress got off and offered her pussy to my mouth, I thought she wanted me to lick her and get her wetter so that my cock would slide in better but instead she knelt beside me and started stroking my cock. After a short while I told Mistress that I was getting close and she gave me permission to cum.

A huge spurt of cum spattered across my chest and arm as Mistress let go of my cock, but I felt barely a thing. I can only presume that the cock ring created a pressure lock which caused the cum to fly out so violently, but after that the remainder leaked pitifully onto my stomach as Mistress watched on, teasing my cock with her fingertips.

It was very frustrating, and while I’m sure some of you will dispute it was ruined, you have to remember that I have periods of numbness from my operation (which is why I need the cock ring in the first place) so I can assure you it certainly was.

Afterwards Mistress fed me some of the cum from my chest and I said ‘Thank you Mistress’. She said ‘Thank you for what slave?’. ‘Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress…’

Fast forward to tonight and I was in two minds about trying to stay hard without the cock ring… this is the thing about giving in and using it, I do slightly worry about becoming dependent on it. As it happened I didn’t get a choice…

I was kneeling between Mistress’s legs and kissing her while she lay back on the pillows, this is quite usual as a precursor to me going down on her. As we kissed, Mistress reached down and started touching my cock. It was a little slow to respond but eventually started to get hard and after a while it was pretty solid. Mistress started moving herself a little bit nearer towards me and I got an inkling that she may be about to pull me inside her.

Miraculously my cock was nice and hard by now and Mistress told me to lick my fingers. I pushed them into my mouth and got them nice and wet and then started using them to tease Mistress’s already pretty wet pussy. Soon she pulled me inside her and I was thrusting my aching cock into her beautiful pussy, it was absolute bliss.

This continued for a while, then I pulled Mistress a little further down the bed and lifted her legs up over my shoulders so that I could kiss her feet while I fucked her. Then I had tell Mistress that I was getting close. Mistress asked if I wanted to cum inside her, and I said yes. As much as I loved that she ruined my orgasm on Wednesday, I really wanted to cum (well it had been a while, 38 days to be precise) and so I pushed Mistress legs up against her body and fucked her hard until I came.

It was really awesome, not only to cum inside my gorgeous Mistress, but to do it without the cock ring as well. I’ve been swimming three times this week, maybe that helped? I’ll be doing that again next week as well for sure.

After I finished coming inside her I moved down between her legs and started licking Mistress’s beautiful pussy, eventually bringing her to a nice orgasm. That was hot too! πŸ™‚

So yes, things indeed look as if they are beginning to look a bit more positive, and about time too. Apologies for the lack of posts and the dreary nature of the posts there have been, hopefully the content will improve over the next few weeks.

Mistress and I are off out shopping tomorrow, hopefully we will find some time for more fun on Sunday…