Another record day….

Well I don’t really understand this but last Sunday was another record day for the blog with 1,866 views. What is going on here? Worryingly, my contributions to the blog (ie posts) don’t seem to have any bearing on popularity. Just as well I suppose, since they are so and far between at the moment.

This has been a frustrating week, and not in a good way. What with one thing and another Mistress and I haven’t got around to spending time in bed together, thankfully that was resolved this afternoon and Mistress R had a huge orgasm before she teased me to the brink. I so wanted to cum on her gorgeous, exposed breasts, but she wasn’t having any of it.

She taunted me further by riding my rock hard cock while I caressed her beautiful tits and hard nipples. It felt incredible to be inside her and so FUCKING HARD! Wow, I love feeling so hard, especially without the cock ring. Swimming must be paying off!

Ultimately Mistress was never really going to let me cum, I knew that. I only came a week ago and was ruined just before that, so it was pointless even to think it was going to happen. Instead I ended up with an aching cock and throbbing, nicely slapped balls.

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