Thank you for edging me Mistress…

Our last teasing session didn’t go so well last week, so I decided to use the cock ring last night. I don’t know if it was necessary or not, probably not, given how hard my cock was… but it didn’t hurt anyway.

Mistress has never been one for lots of edging, I don’t know why that is… it seems counterproductive when the idea is to frustrate the slave… but whatever, one of the rules I was given at the start was that I wasn’t allowed to ask to be edged. Don’t actually know if Mistress even remembers that rule or not, I suspect not… but it’s not like I haven’t admitted to edging myself in the past (and gotten punished for it).

So, last night was really good because Mistress edged me several times and made me thank her for it as well. I hope she will continue doing that in the future, because it was great and my cock was rock hard when she called a halt to proceedings – exactly as it should be.

Mistress also allowed me to worship her ass with my tongue, which probably didn’t hurt either… and while I was being stroked and edged I was thinking about how much I miss seeing Mistress fucking herself with her glass dildo. We haven’t had a Femdom session since… October I think it was, what with one thing and another it just hasn’t been the right time, I think I will talk to Mistress about this and try and arrange one as soon as possible.

Mistress also asked me if I had been thinking about where I’m going to choose to cum ‘if’ she lets me cum in March. I wrote in my last post that I’m almost certain to choose to cum on Mistress’s feet, but I’m also thinking that I would really love to kneel between her legs and jerk off over her pussy and her inner thighs. Mistress has such gorgeous thighs and I would love to see them covered in cum and lick them clean.

I know… it’s very ‘cuckoldy‘ isn’t it, well that’s what comes of reading cuckold stories I guess!

Click the pic to see the video this came from…


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