So busy…

I seem to have so much to do at the moment, that finding time for blogging is hard (on here and my other blogs). I spent 90mins this afternoon wrapping presents for Mistress’s birthday (next month) and trying to wrap two awkwardly shaped presents for Mother’s Day tomorrow. I’ve also got two chests of drawers to build and a desk to dismantle and I don’t know what else! Add to that we lose an hour tonight and Mother’s Day visiting tomorrow, the weekend’s going to be over before we know it.

Luckily Mistress and I factored in time for some bed action this afternoon, and Mistress had her 699th orgasm since we started full time chastity, all but one of which have been on my (VERY) willing tongue.

After she had cum and I worshiped her gorgeous feet for a while, Mistress set about teasing me. It took me quite a long while to respond, I should probably have put the cock ring on, but it’s so hard to tell. Last time I was undecided and it was absolutely fine. Oh well, it was okay in the end, it just seemed to take an awfully long time to get properly hard.

Mistress showing me her ass helped quite a bit, I would have dearly loved to have buried my tongue in it, but despite my lack of hardness I was quite close to cumming so I decided not to as chances are I would have to ask her to stop stroking me anyway.

Needless to say I didn’t get to cum, which is not surprising seeing as I’ve already cum twice this month, at least I ended the session with a nice hard cock (if not quite as hard as I would have liked).

A bit of good news, I have lost a stone now since Christmas. I know, it’s a bit fucking slow and all that, but the good thing is I’ve barely gone up and down, so it’s a constant downward trend. Hopefully now the weather is improving a bit I will be able to get a lot more walks in at dinner times. Increasing my fitness level should help and I’m quite pleased that I’ve managed to go swimming at least twice every week since Christmas.

A lovely night…

The past couple of days have been good. Last night Mistress had a lovely orgasm and then teased my cock. I wore the cock ring because I wasn’t sure that it was going to work otherwise. But tonight I thought it was worth a go without and it was fine. Mistress got me nice and hard while we kissed, I had just spent a while sucking on Mistress’s gorgeous toes after making her cum and the thought of licking cum off of her beautiful feet was still at the forefront of my mind (which no doubt helped).

Mistress sucked my cock for a while and then decided she wanted me inside her, as she straddled me I had a thought that this was going to be when my cock decided to soften, but I slipped inside Mistress quickly and the sensation of being inside her warm, wet pussy meant I stayed nice and hard.

Mistress rode my cock, occasionally reaching behind her back to gently slap my balls. I begged her to remove her bra, and was rewarded by the sight of her gorgeous breasts right there in front of me as she rode my cock. I slid my hands up her body and gently squeezed them as we fucked. Mistress has the most gorgeous nipples, I absolutely love seeing them hard and my thoughts switched to thinking about seeing those gorgeous tits dripping with my cum…

Mistress rode my cock for quite a while, and a couple of times I came very close to going over the edge. I told Mistress this afterwards and she said ‘but you never said anything…’, and I explained that I thought if I said I was getting close that she would probably get off me and I didn’t want her to do that. A dangerous game perhaps, but I managed to hold off my orgasm long enough.

When she climbed off me, Mistress knelt beside me and gave my hard cock a very rigorous stroking, which again brought me quite close, and then she started slapping my cock and balls rapidly. I was permitted a few more strokes and then Mistress called a halt, leaving me nice and hard and aching to cum.

Another Weekend Over..

Well, needless to say I haven’t looked at my ‘difficult’ story this weekend, and nor have I done any work on my new idea. But it’s been a good weekend all the same. Yesterday Mistress had her first orgasm for over a week and today she had another one. Last night when Mistress came to be she teased my cock for some time and left me absolutely throbbing hard, so it was a little annoying that my cock wasn’t fully ‘engaged’ tonight. It seems very unpredictable at the moment, especially as I got very hard before going down on Mistress, but then it was only sort of 75% there afterwards.

I did briefly get very hard when Mistress allowed me to tongue her beautiful asshole though, that always gets my attention. And in any case this weekend needed to be about Mistress’s pleasure (as it should always after all!) since she hadn’t cum for over a week due to an extended period.

Well, in another twelve days we will have completed our sixth straight year of 24/7 chastity play. I couldn’t ever have imagined we would still be doing this six years after that awkward discussion in the pub… I think it’s probably safe to say we’ll be doing this for a good long while yet too.

Looks like we won’t now hit the 10:1 ratio for this year, but it was worth it to cum inside Mistress on Friday morning. And maybe next year we can get Mistress’s score up a bit.

Morning Sex!

Last night I stayed up quite (in fact very) late, I had an idea for a new story and I wanted to get the basics down which meant I didn’t get to bed until the early hours…

This morning I had an appointment at my chiropractor, which meant I didn’t have to get up until about 8:15am. Mistress doesn’t work on Fridays so she didn’t have to get up either. When I woke up my mind flicked back to the story and I was dozing and thinking about various elements, and ended up getting very hard.

Due to a troublesome and elongated period, Mistress hasn’t cum since the 8th of March, and what with one thing and another nothing has really happened in the meantime. Mistress sat up in bed, exposing her gorgeous breasts to me and that didn’t help with my throbbing cock.

I was pondering asking Mistress if I could have permission to touch my cock when she made a token brush over my groin with her hand. I don’t think she was expecting me to be hard at all, and if I hadn’t been I’m pretty sure she would have jumped out of bed and that would have been that.

But as she encountered a rock hard cock, Mistress grabbed it and started stroking it. I started kissing her neck as she pumped me and soon she told me to touch her pussy. I licked my fingers and slid them inside her knickers and before long she told me she wanted me inside her. Within seconds I was between her legs and she fed my cock inside.

It felt so good, and it was clear that Mistress wanted to be fucked hard. I raised her legs up to her chest and slammed my cock into her repeatedly. I was surprised I wasn’t cumming straight away, but I managed to hold back for a while. I slowed down once to try and delay the inevitable but Mistress urged me on. It wasn’t much longer before I started to get near the edge and once again slowed down, but Mistress told me not to stop and to cum inside her. So I continued pounding her tight, silky pussy until I exploded inside her gorgeous slit…

It felt fucking awesome to cum inside my beautiful Mistress and afterwards we stayed a little while, her laying on her back, me on my knees, gently squeezing her beautiful breasts. A few seconds my alarm clock went off (thankfully it didn’t go off ‘during’) and so we had to get up, which was a shame.

Morning sex is a very rare occurrence in this house, and it’s a pity because it always seems really good. But then again it usually results in an orgasm for me… and we wouldn’t want that to happen too often, would we?

My idea for a story is quite promising, indeed it could prove to be a multi-chapter story like ‘Everything Has a Price’, which is quite exciting. In the meantime I’m still trying to address the problems of the story I wrote last August, in fact I might get Mistress R to read it this weekend and give me some feedback. Usually when I print out a story I can read it and straight away get a good idea about what needs to change but this one is proving a right pain in the backside to complete.

A Little Hotel Room Foot Worship and More…

Mistress and I have been away for the last few days, seeing a couple of concerts and doing some shopping in Manchester. I’m pleased to say that since our Femdom session we’ve continued with the daily foot worship (except Monday and Tuesday bizarrely) and on Friday night in our hotel room that foot worship led to a little bit more…

I was kissing Mistress’s gorgeous feet while she lay on the bed reading a paper. I was getting pretty hard doing this and thought to myself that this would be a perfect moment to ask for permission to touch my cock. Mistress agreed and sat up on the edge of the bed looking down at me where I was kneeling on the floor.

I started stroking my cock but Mistress soon took over, using her feet to stroke me and occasionally digging her toenails into my cock. Not sure if that was deliberate or not, but it was quite effective either way! Mistress played with my cock a little while before getting up and going off to have her shower and get ready for our night out, and that was that.

FEMDOM SESSION: 5th March 2017

Hard to believe, but it’s been six long months since our last Femdom session.

Six – long – months.

The last one was on the 4th of September, and then I guess for whatever reason the October one got delayed and then my Dad got ill, and then of course he died and then our cat got ill and died and then it was Christmas.

Since Christmas we’ve had various ups and downs health wise and my cock has been a bit unreliable as well, hard as steel one day, hard as cotton wool the next – for no apparent reason.

So I must admit I’ve been a bit reluctant to have a session because after so long I don’t want it to go badly and for us then to become apprehensive about doing it again and so on.

Thankfully today was fucking great and I can’t wait until the next one! 🙂

What we really needed was a nice back to basics session today, and that was exactly what we had. I didn’t put the strap-on out because I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, my stomach has been giving me trouble for the past few weeks and I thought maybe just try the glass ring dildo this time and see how that goes before going the full hog.

Some may see that as topping from the bottom, but I’m 100% sure Mistress would rather play it safe as well.

And so the session began with me on my knees, blindfolded and wearing the Oxballs Cocksling (first time in 6 months). Mistress entered and we had a brief discussion about how things had gone awry these last six months and how the whole Femdom-control side of our relationship had gone by the wayside. The conclusion of which was that Mistress reiterated that I am not permitted to touch my cock without permission and then proceeded to whip my ass quite hard as punishment for all the times I’d stroked and edged since our last session.

Truth be told it was a very lenient punishment for six months of infractions, but it still stung like buggery for someone who’s not used to (or a fan of) pain. At least I was spared the paddle, and I’m sure it helped get Mistress in the mood for the rest of the session. 🙂

Aside from post orgasm foot worship, the last six months the whole foot worship thing has completely gone out of the window so it was absolutely lovely to get the time to lavish attention on Mistress’s beautiful feet properly. While I was sucking on her toes and covering every centimetre of her pretty feet with kisses Mistress was playing with her favourite glass dildo (and enjoying every second by all accounts).

Mistress switched between giving me a running commentary of what she was doing and teasing me about how much I’d love to see her getting fucked by her dildo or another man’s cock… and how she’d make me suck his cock first and then clean her after he’d cum inside her.

A couple of times Mistress had me suck her dildo so that I could taste her pussy, and I took it as deep into my mouth as I could each time, eager to get as much of her taste as possible.

Eventually she brought up the subject of my voucher and asked me if I’d decided where I wanted to be allowed to cum. I said that I had, and Mistress asked me what my decision was. I told her that I wanted to cum on her pussy and thighs, but thought little of it as previously vouchers have been null and void during sessions.

Mistress informed me that now that I had told her I wasn’t allowed to change my mind, but told me that I might get another voucher later in the year – but that I might have to do something to ‘earn’ it.

Mistress had me up on the bed and quickly secured my ankles and wrists before removing my blindfold to reveal her standing over me holding her glass dildo. Mistress looked absolutely gorgeous, with her leather skirt and her strappy PVC top which shows off her beautiful breasts to perfection. Mistress’s nipples were swollen and hard as well, which I love to see.

Mistress slid her dildo inside her wet pussy for a few seconds and then pushed it into my mouth once again. Then she discarded the dildo and sank down onto my face as I greedily lapped at her pussy. Mistress said something about how I love feeling her legs pinning me down as she forces me to eat her pussy… not that I really need forcing since I love it so much! 🙂

Soon Mistress lifted off and turned round to focus her attention on my cock, whilst giving me a perfect view of her pussy and ass. Mistress stroked a while, teasing me about how much she knew I wanted to lick her ass and how much I’d love to see her dildo or my cock sliding inside her gorgeous asshole.

I begged Mistress to let me lick her ass, but she said she didn’t know if I deserved it yet and continued stroking my cock. She sat on my face several times, having me lick her gorgeous slit each time, before grabbing some lube from the bedside table and lubing up my cock while she knelt by my side. This felt amazing, and Mistress held my cock while she bent forward and allowed me suck each of her nipples in turn.

I told Mistress how gorgeous her breasts looked, and that they would look even better covered in cum. She smiled and reminded me that it was too late to change my mind (maybe this was the moment when she said about me earning another voucher later in the year).

Then Mistress decided it was time for me to have something up my ass and grabbed the glass ring dildo and lubed it up. It had been so long since I had anything up my ass I was a little apprehensive, but it felt okay and as usual within a few minutes it was almost forgotten.

Mistress then attached clothes pegs to my nipples and told me she was going to leave me alone for a short while. I relaxed a little too soon and Mistress caught me completely unawares with the cock whip, once across my balls and once across my cock. It was quite stingy and made me ‘sit up and take notice’ so to speak, but it was really hot to see her face smiling at me afterwards… I love that she enjoys hurting me, so fucking sexy!

One thing that hasn’t changed in the last six months is that as soon as I’m left alone and I start to soften, for some reason the Oxballs starts to sting my balls pretty badly. I guess it had been on about forty minutes at that point, but it’s only when you start to go soft that it has any effect. I don’t really understand that since you’d think it would make it looser. Mind you, my balls seemed pretty big when I was trying to get the Cocksling on, but more on that later!

When Mistress returned she had removed her skirt but was still wearing the PVC top and looked absolutely stunning. She stood over me and smiled at me as she removed the clothes pegs (I could almost hear her pussy getting wetter as I winced and flinched…). 🙂

Mistress removed the ring dildo and I was pleased that it felt okay. I still think it was a good idea to forego the strap-on this time though. It was a relief to get the Cocksling off and once Mistress had untied me she told me to kneel up on the bed and then stood in front of me, pulling my head forward so that I could gently lick her pussy.

After a short while Mistress lay down on the bed and spread her legs either side of me, she looked so incredible, I couldn’t wait to bury my face between her legs and lick her to orgasm. Mistress smiled at me and told me it was time for me to worship her pussy and make her cum and I slid down between her sexy thighs, wondering how soon it would be before I was doing this again and licking my cum off of her skin and delicious pussy.

After a while Mistress came nice and hard, she grabbed my head as she came, first pushing it away and then pulling it forward as she spasmed under my tongue. She was lovely and wet and Mistress got up and stood on the bed, facing away from me before telling me to lick her clean. Once I had licked every drop of pussy juice from between her legs and off her ass she got off the bed and told me to lick the PVC sheet clean as well.

Then Mistress got back on the bed and bent forward, leaning on the solid wooden bed head. Mistress ordered me to lick her ass and I parted her cheeks with my hands before pressing my tongue against her puckered hole. This didn’t last long, sadly… but I was already wondering if perhaps Mistress was going to let me cum and if she was, was she going to let me use my voucher?

Mistress instructed me to lie on my back and she stood over me again, before grabbing my cock and stroking it while she lowered her ass onto my face again. I love licking Mistress’s gorgeous ass and I’m glad this is one thing that hasn’t been absent from our lives this last six months.

After a while Mistress told me to kneel on the bed and she moved so that she was sitting in front of me stroking my cock. Then she told me that she was going to allow me to cum and that she was going to allow me to use my voucher. She moved back so that she was laying against the pillows with her legs spread either side of me.

She told me to stroke my cock and then started playing with her pussy, telling me it was waiting for me to pump my cum all over it and lick it off. I stroked faster and moved closer, she looked super hot like that and it wasn’t long before I could feel my balls churning. I stroked faster and harder still and within a few seconds I felt the first spurt of cum erupt from my cock and splash over her gorgeous inner thighs. I pumped slower then, but my cum kept flowing. Thirty days worth of cum splattered all over Mistress’s beautiful pussy. I couldn’t believe how much there was, it was a massive load and as the flow subsided I paused for a moment before I sank down and began to lick it all up.

It was super hot, I just couldn’t believe how I had produced so much cum, it looked so erotic dripping down Mistress’s wet pussy lips and I loved licking it up and licking Mistress’s pussy clean. 🙂

When I had finished Mistress got off the bed while I remained where I was, and she moved behind me and slapped my ass a few times with her hand, reminding me about my promises not to touch my cock without her permission, before declaring the session over..

= = =

Receiving a voucher is always nice, and I’m glad I had a little time to think about what I really wanted to do. If I’d had to make the decision quickly I would most likely have chosen to cum on Mistress’s beautiful feet or her sexy breasts. Seeing Mistress’s hard nipples today definitely made me think twice, but I’m happy with my choice. Chances are if I had chosen to cum on Mistress’s tits she would have most likely have wanted me to jerk myself off while she lay on her back and while that’s nice enough it doesn’t really create the same effect as when Mistress is upright and her breasts look full and super-sexy.

A while back I said I would probably choose Mistress’s feet to cum on, and cumming on her feet is probably the most ‘submissive’ place… but since I had the choice I really wanted to do something I had never done before and to know what it’s like. Given another voucher I would definitely have to think very carefully about what I would choose, because today was absolutely awesome, and I would love to do it again.