Morning Sex!

Last night I stayed up quite (in fact very) late, I had an idea for a new story and I wanted to get the basics down which meant I didn’t get to bed until the early hours…

This morning I had an appointment at my chiropractor, which meant I didn’t have to get up until about 8:15am. Mistress doesn’t work on Fridays so she didn’t have to get up either. When I woke up my mind flicked back to the story and I was dozing and thinking about various elements, and ended up getting very hard.

Due to a troublesome and elongated period, Mistress hasn’t cum since the 8th of March, and what with one thing and another nothing has really happened in the meantime. Mistress sat up in bed, exposing her gorgeous breasts to me and that didn’t help with my throbbing cock.

I was pondering asking Mistress if I could have permission to touch my cock when she made a token brush over my groin with her hand. I don’t think she was expecting me to be hard at all, and if I hadn’t been I’m pretty sure she would have jumped out of bed and that would have been that.

But as she encountered a rock hard cock, Mistress grabbed it and started stroking it. I started kissing her neck as she pumped me and soon she told me to touch her pussy. I licked my fingers and slid them inside her knickers and before long she told me she wanted me inside her. Within seconds I was between her legs and she fed my cock inside.

It felt so good, and it was clear that Mistress wanted to be fucked hard. I raised her legs up to her chest and slammed my cock into her repeatedly. I was surprised I wasn’t cumming straight away, but I managed to hold back for a while. I slowed down once to try and delay the inevitable but Mistress urged me on. It wasn’t much longer before I started to get near the edge and once again slowed down, but Mistress told me not to stop and to cum inside her. So I continued pounding her tight, silky pussy until I exploded inside her gorgeous slit…

It felt fucking awesome to cum inside my beautiful Mistress and afterwards we stayed a little while, her laying on her back, me on my knees, gently squeezing her beautiful breasts. A few seconds my alarm clock went off (thankfully it didn’t go off ‘during’) and so we had to get up, which was a shame.

Morning sex is a very rare occurrence in this house, and it’s a pity because it always seems really good. But then again it usually results in an orgasm for me… and we wouldn’t want that to happen too often, would we?

My idea for a story is quite promising, indeed it could prove to be a multi-chapter story like ‘Everything Has a Price’, which is quite exciting. In the meantime I’m still trying to address the problems of the story I wrote last August, in fact I might get Mistress R to read it this weekend and give me some feedback. Usually when I print out a story I can read it and straight away get a good idea about what needs to change but this one is proving a right pain in the backside to complete.

2 thoughts on “Morning Sex!

  1. Glad you enjoyed your orgasm. I’m currently at 69 days since orgasm and rapidly approaching my 72 day record. I think I may end up setting a new record– but it’s not within my control. Like you I only cum when my Queen decides.

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      That’s funny I think my record is 72 days as well… here’s to beating records, hopefully we will both have new records soon.

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