Another Weekend Over..

Well, needless to say I haven’t looked at my ‘difficult’ story this weekend, and nor have I done any work on my new idea. But it’s been a good weekend all the same. Yesterday Mistress had her first orgasm for over a week and today she had another one. Last night when Mistress came to be she teased my cock for some time and left me absolutely throbbing hard, so it was a little annoying that my cock wasn’t fully ‘engaged’ tonight. It seems very unpredictable at the moment, especially as I got very hard before going down on Mistress, but then it was only sort of 75% there afterwards.

I did briefly get very hard when Mistress allowed me to tongue her beautiful asshole though, that always gets my attention. And in any case this weekend needed to be about Mistress’s pleasure (as it should always after all!) since she hadn’t cum for over a week due to an extended period.

Well, in another twelve days we will have completed our sixth straight year of 24/7 chastity play. I couldn’t ever have imagined we would still be doing this six years after that awkward discussion in the pub… I think it’s probably safe to say we’ll be doing this for a good long while yet too.

Looks like we won’t now hit the 10:1 ratio for this year, but it was worth it to cum inside Mistress on Friday morning. And maybe next year we can get Mistress’s score up a bit.

2 thoughts on “Another Weekend Over..

  1. It’s only March Robert. Don’t give up so easily. There’s lots of time to build up your 10:1 ratio. But as long as both you and Mistress are enjoying the journey, it doesn’t really matter! Have a great week.

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Our chastity years run from April to March, so there isn’t as much time as you think… 9 days in fact. So unfortunately the 10:1 ratio isn’t going to happen this year, but we’re still the closest we’ve ever been.

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