A lovely night…

The past couple of days have been good. Last night Mistress had a lovely orgasm and then teased my cock. I wore the cock ring because I wasn’t sure that it was going to work otherwise. But tonight I thought it was worth a go without and it was fine. Mistress got me nice and hard while we kissed, I had just spent a while sucking on Mistress’s gorgeous toes after making her cum and the thought of licking cum off of her beautiful feet was still at the forefront of my mind (which no doubt helped).

Mistress sucked my cock for a while and then decided she wanted me inside her, as she straddled me I had a thought that this was going to be when my cock decided to soften, but I slipped inside Mistress quickly and the sensation of being inside her warm, wet pussy meant I stayed nice and hard.

Mistress rode my cock, occasionally reaching behind her back to gently slap my balls. I begged her to remove her bra, and was rewarded by the sight of her gorgeous breasts right there in front of me as she rode my cock. I slid my hands up her body and gently squeezed them as we fucked. Mistress has the most gorgeous nipples, I absolutely love seeing them hard and my thoughts switched to thinking about seeing those gorgeous tits dripping with my cum…

Mistress rode my cock for quite a while, and a couple of times I came very close to going over the edge. I told Mistress this afterwards and she said ‘but you never said anything…’, and I explained that I thought if I said I was getting close that she would probably get off me and I didn’t want her to do that. A dangerous game perhaps, but I managed to hold off my orgasm long enough.

When she climbed off me, Mistress knelt beside me and gave my hard cock a very rigorous stroking, which again brought me quite close, and then she started slapping my cock and balls rapidly. I was permitted a few more strokes and then Mistress called a halt, leaving me nice and hard and aching to cum.

2 thoughts on “A lovely night…

  1. There’s something about being brought that close to orgasm and then having your Mistress put a halt on things. Really hot and it drives the horniness levels into the stratosphere.

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