Lovely Foot Worship

I’ve just spent about ten minutes worshiping Mistress’s beautiful feet before I go to bed. While I was on my knees kissing her gorgeous, soft toes and instep, I couldn’t help but think about how hot it would be to feel those sexy feet gently kicking (gently at first anyway) my cum-filled, aching balls….

I know I’ve posted this video before, but it’s worth another re-post anyway.

The Creative Process…

I find it quite funny sometimes, I get these ideas and then I have to make notes so that I don’t forget them… so I have a folder on my desktop called ‘Writing’, and this is what it contains at the moment.

Twenty five plus ideas for stories, some of which have been there since 2015… some of them are quite long, detailed explanations of my ideas, some are just a few lines. For example, I’ve literally just added ‘Dorm Room Deal’, and the idea here is that there’s a guy who’s at college. Well, these notes are fairly self explanatory I guess!

So, yeah. Who knows if this will ever actually get written, but at least I haven’t forgotten the idea, like so many hundreds of ideas I’ve had over the years and couldn’t write down in time (or couldn’t be bothered).

Some good news, ‘Testing Shawn and Simon’ is well under-way, the names may change before it gets finished, and… for some reason I am already kind of thinking I might need to tone this bit down and suchlike. It’s annoying because I was quite happy when I started writing this one that it was really quite hardcore and uncompromising, and now I’m starting to second guess, perhaps because it’s taking several days to finish, whereas if I’d written it all in one go perhaps it would have been more direct.

Well, there was a very brief insight into my creative process…

Links to ‘My’ Webteases Fixed…

I have absolutely no idea why, but nearly all of the links to my own webteases were showing error messages when you clicked on them. I’ve gone through them all and re-linked them and they are all now working. I don’t get why my teases were showing this message but other webteases worked perfectly fine, anyway… as the title says, links to my webteases are now fixed!

FEMDOM SESSION: 24th April 2017

Mistress and I are off work this week, well Mistress is, I’m off Monday to Wednesday (cos I’m the only person at my work who can do the end of month crap – and Easter fell in the middle of the month, and we don’t have time off when the kids are off school).

So, rather unusually, we had our Femdom session on a Monday for a change. Stupidly, Mistress and I were up way too late last night (2am) which could have scuppered things, but we both wanted to have the session no matter what because we both know that after the first few minutes the adrenaline kicks in and any tiredness we might have been feeling will wear off.

It’s been about seven weeks since our last session, and inevitably I had succumbed to the odd illegal stroke here and there. Not too many actually, but Mistress didn’t ask that… I think she was too excited about whipping my ass to be honest! After my ‘punishment’ (and quite stingy it was too – paddle and whip) I was turned to face the bed on my knees (I forgot to mention I was blindfolded, and wearing the Oxballs cocksling – more on that later).

A considerable amount of foot worship followed, which I really enjoyed, especially as Mistress gave me a running commentary about what she was doing further up the bed with her glass dildo. A few times she stopped and had me suck it for her, allowing me just a taste of her delicious pussy.

When Mistress was satisfied she had me up on the bed and tied me down on my back. The blindfold came off and I saw Mistress standing over me in a black bra and her PVC skirt. She lifted the front and allowed me to watch her slide the dildo into her pussy again, before she let me suck it again.

Then she sank down onto my face and I got to taste her pussy properly for the first time. This instantly woke my cock up and thereafter Mistress spent a lot of the next probably fifteen minutes standing over me, teasing me with the sight of her pussy and ass while stroking and slapping my cock.. interspersed with all too brief periods of face sitting. Mmmm, lovely!

Mistress asked me where I might like to be allowed to cum, IF she was to allow me to cum today… actually she asked me how long it was since I’d cum ‘properly’ first (38 days), and then asked me where I’d  been thinking about being allowed to cum. I said I’d been thinking about cumming on her gorgeous feet, well there’s barely a day goes by I don’t think about licking my cum off her sexy feet to be honest.

Mistress noted my answer, but still felt it necessary to ‘run through the options’, which is always a good idea before one makes a decision. She suggested I might want to cum on her gorgeous tits (yes), inside her pussy (yes), or all over her ass (yes) and lick her asshole clean (yes indeed).

Mistress slipped her bra down to reveal her stunning tits and rubbed them against my cock before offering them to my mouth, then commented about ‘wouldn’t I like to see my cum all over them’ again. Well, I’m only human after all. 🙂

Mistress then decided to leave me alone for a few minutes, with clothes pegs on my nipples, but no dildo in my ass this time – I don’t know if she forgot or not – and even before she left the Oxballs was starting to sting. Five minutes without much to take my mind off it was more than enough and I was super glad when she came back and untied me and told me to take it off. To be honest the mild pain of the pegs being removed went almost unnoticed, I was so happy to get the Oxballs off!

Mistress then told me to turn over and get on all fours and I heard her applying lube to my glass butt dildo. Mistress pushed it in and then very briefly worked it in my ass a little bit, but soon it was pulled out again and discarded. While part of me was a little bit disappointed, at the same time I wasn’t really feeling it as far as feeling good ‘tummy’ wise, so I wasn’t too upset that she didn’t get behind me with her strap on and give me a good fucking (though I hope it will happen soon).

Perhaps Mistress was just impatient to feel my tongue on her pussy? 🙂

Because next Mistress climbed on the bed and stood in front of me, pulling me towards her so that I could lick her beautiful pussy for a few seconds. Then she sank down on the bed and told me to lick her and make her cum. This was bliss, Mistress tasted amazing (as always) and she came super hard (nothing to do with the whipping and cock slapping I’m sure… 🙂 ).

Then Mistress turned me on my back and stood over me. When I slid my hands up the backs of her gorgeous legs Mistress gently removed my hand and tied my hands back to the bed again. Now she started stroking my cock and teasing me with the sight of her ass and her sodden, open pussy… now the Oxballs was off Mistress could slap my balls without caution (try slapping your balls with a cock ring on, it fucking hurts!) and she stroked and slapped me for quite some time before letting me beg to worship her asshole.

Mistress allowed me three very short periods of ass-licking and then she settled at the side of me. She brought up the subject of where I’d like to be allowed to cum again and I said I’d also like to cum on her gorgeous legs…

Mistress said, but your number one choice would still be to cum while I was slapping your balls? I said yes, and Mistress continued stroking me really hard and fast. Weirdly I wasn’t really getting close, which was amazing considering how fast and hard my cock was being stroked, but Mistress turned up the heat and got me to the edge.

“You really love having your cock and balls slapped and tortured don’t you, I think you’d like me to slap and abuse them every day even if there wasn’t any other teasing at all…”

There was more but I can’t remember what was said, more the way it was said, which was quite aggressive and extremely fucking hot! I can quite clearly say that my gorgeous wife never looks hotter than when she’s in Mistress mode and this ‘aggressive’ attitude took that hotness to a whole new level. No wonder I was soon getting to the edge… FUCKING AMAZING. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mistress told me she was going to allow me to cum and after the first couple of spurts she let go and gave my nuts a big slap before grabbing my cock and pumping it hard again. It was fantastic (although not quite what I expected*) and Mistress fed the cum that had spattered all over fingers to me before untying me and fetching me a glass of water.

I felt quite exhausted after that, happy and exhausted and Mistress and I spent a little while in bed (where we were joined by our cat who wanted some fuss) cuddling and planning the rest of our week off.


*Sometimes when Mistress is teasing me she strokes me with her right hand and slaps me repeatedly with her left hand. This is awesome and that was perhaps more what I was ‘expecting’, what happened was still great though, but I’d still like to cum being repeatedly slapped and stroked throughout. 🙂

Make it a HARD One, please…

Last night Mistress had a really hard cum on my tongue, and then she set about giving me my usual teasing. Mistress is slapping my balls so much more now, it’s all the time – not that I’m complaining, and when Mistress called a halt I begged her to slap my balls one more time. Just as she was about to slap my cock for the final time I whispered to her ‘Please make it really hard’, Mistress said ‘Are you sure’, before she delivered her final slap.

It wasn’t as hard as I’d hoped, but it was a bit harder than the previous slaps she’d given me. It amazes me how hard I can take slaps to my balls when I’m really turned on and throbbing hard. No way would I be able to take the same slaps when I was soft… indeed, if Mistress sees my cock starting to wilt a little bit it seems a few balls slaps are a good way to get me rock hard and throbbing again.

Even though my last slap wasn’t quite as hard as I hoped, I loved how Mistress drew her arm back to deliver it, I hope she continues to grow in confidence in this area and she learns to abuse my balls harder and harder. She certainly seemed to enjoy doing it anyway…


Slap my Balls, and Make Me Ache!

Another week gone by already… well, Mistress has cum twice in the seven days since my last post, while I haven’t cum at all. I have had some lovely teasing though and some nice ball slapping too. Mistress seems to have decided that ball slapping will be a permanent part of my teasing and I’m very happy about it!

I nearly went over the edge again tonight, it sort of happened very suddenly and nearly caught me out, but Mistress slowed down before I even said anything, she must have realised I was getting way too close…

At least my cock is behaving itself again, which is a huge weight off… probably no coincidence that I’ve been goig swimming and walking regularly. If ever there was an incentive to keep up the exercise, that would be it!


In other news, my plan to write at least four stories this year is going fairly badly. We are over a quarter of the way through the year now (unbelievable) and so far nothing… there’s a 12,000 word story that’s still not finished (from ages ago) mind you, but, I really don’t know if it can be salvaged. It’s an absolute mess, and to my mind the only way to make anything of it is to dump the ending (which doesn’t seem to fit), but which is the whole point of the exercise.

I’ve come up with about another five stories as well, but haven’t found time to get them beyond the ‘notes’ stage. A musician I like said he was spending Easter writing an EP and I can see how that kind of deadline setting works, but that’s fine if you have the freedom to do that kind of thing and after all it’s his ‘job’ at the end of the day…

Still, I want to write some stories, and if I have to stay up all night to get them done then that’s what will have to happen. Unfortunately, free time seems to present itself at times when I’m not feeling the best or not in the mood to be creative, so what tends to happen is I get more and more frustrated that I’m not getting anywhere and then I end up staying up til 2 in the morning because I just have to ‘achieve’ something and relieve the frustration a bit.

Too Damn Close!

I don’t know if Mistress actually reads my blog posts anymore, but after my last post where I said about how much I like it when Mistress slaps my balls (hard)… I’d have to assume she does.

Tonight after Mistress had cum on my tongue and I had worshipped* her gorgeous feet for a while, she started teasing me and my cock was responding well. I teased Mistress’s ass as she sucked and stroked my cock and then she started slapping my balls. Oh fucking wow did it feel good. Real solid slaps too, heavy full blows that made my cock throb. Mistress started stroking my cock fast and it wasn’t long before I was on the edge.

I warned Mistress I was close and she slowed right down, just allowing me to get back the right side of the edge. After some more sucking and slow stroking she started to build things up again, and some more amazing slaps… fuck they felt so good.Then Mistress started stroking me hard with her right hand and slapping my balls with her left, that was incredible and I had to warn her off again… I was so close to cumming, I actually thought I would ruin, I really did. In fact when I calmed down a few minutes later and went soft, there was a small amount of cum that leaked from my cock, it was that close. One more stroke could have pushed me over the edge.

God I want to cum like that though, with Mistress stroking my cock and slapping my balls, I bet that would be absolutely unbelievable! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


*Seriously, I have had it with Microsoft putting red lines under things that are spelled perfectly correctly!

A Fantastic Afternoon…

It’s hot here today, and Mistress and I don’t do hot. Nevertheless, we ventured out for a walk (and I think my face has caught the sun slightly), and came back rather overheated. We’ve had a lot on these last few days, so we both really wanted to make sure we had some time together today, and so after we both got showered we adjourned to the (rather warm) bedroom.

After Mistress had her orgasm, she asked me if I wanted my cock ring on. I decided to try not using it today, because I was hard for ages this morning. I was a little slow to get hard, but Mistress helped me along by standing over me and displaying her gorgeous pussy and ass. After a little begging Mistress allowed to worship her sexy asshole three times, after which my cock felt a good bit firmer!

Mistress continued to suck and stroke me and then lay down with her feet near my head. She offered me her foot to kiss and I felt my cock getting harder still. I fucking love Mistress’s beautiful feet and worshiping them while she sucked my cock was spectacular.

Mistress decided I was hard enough to ride and slid me inside her. It felt so amazing being inside her hot, wet pussy and I just had to ask her to remove her bra so I could see her amazing breasts while she rode me. At first Mistress slapped my balls and told me I was being too ‘demanding’ (sooooooo hot!) but eventually she softened and allowed me to beg again…

She told me to close my eyes and then when she allowed to open them again her sexy tits were bare and I couldn’t help but reach up and touch them. Mistress continued riding my cock for some time and when she finally got off me she grabbed my cock and started pumping me hard and fast.

I wasn’t expecting to be allowed to cum, I only had a ruined orgasm a few nights ago, and I wasn’t really getting that much closer. As Mistress was stroking me I begged her to slap my balls, and she delivered a volley of slaps which felt absolutely fucking incredible and my cock got even harder.

Despite all the gorgeous things Mistress had done for me today, allowing me to worship her ass and her feet, letting me see her beautiful breasts and engulfing my cock inside her hot, wet, silky smooth pussy, not to mention slapping my balls when I asked her to… when she called a halt I couldn’t resist asking her to slap my balls just one more time. I could’ve taken such a hard slap, and I wanted it really hard… but Mistress gave me a slap like the earlier ones. It was great, but I wanted it sooooo much harder,  the kind that hurts if you’re not ready for it, and I was so ready for it!

But still, it was an amazing hour and I hope Mistress lets me worship her feet while she teases me in future, because that was awesome!


Some stories you might enjoy reading…

Sadly not mine, but I was skimming through Literotica and came across a few stories that might appeal to my readers and I thought I might as well share them…

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Aims for This Year…

Last year was a bit disappointing in some ways, but there were some very positive things to be happy about too. I was ruined eight times last year, and was allowed just eleven proper orgasms. That’s by far the best result we’ve achieved since we’ve started, we just need to make sure Mistress R has more orgasms this year too.

I think a nice achievable aim for this coming year would be for me to have more ruined orgasms than proper ones. Whether that means me having more ruined ones, or less proper ones is up to Mistress I guess…

Well things have got off to a good start, Mistress R had a lovely orgasm tonight and following some amazing teasing, she decided to ruin my orgasm again. I was wearing my cock ring and my cock was insanely hard, and Mistress pumped it until I warned her I was getting close.

Then she just dragged her nails up and down my cock as we both watched my cum leaking out onto my stomach. Then she slapped my cock, I so wanted her to keep slapping it, but she didn’t, she just watched my cock throb and ache.

When I got my breathe back I said ‘Thank you Mistress’, and she told me to say it properly.. so I said ‘Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress’. She smiled and said ‘You love it when I’m mean to you don’t you?”.

What else could I say but ‘Yes Mistress…’

I really do love it when she’s mean and ruins my orgasms, I love that she makes me explicitly thank her for ruining my orgasms and I really hope this is the year she takes a few steps closer towards being a meaner, evil Mistress.