It’s That Time of Year Again

Today is the first day of our seventh year of full time chastity, can you believe it? And so once again it’s time to interrogate the statistics and see what’s been happening!

Well as you can see, this isn’t the best of starts… Mistress had her lowest number of orgasms since we started. And while it would be easy to say that there were periods during the year when things were difficult, it appears that the trend overall was down rather than ‘bad months’ bringing the overall total down. Never mind, hopefully this coming year will see an upwards swing here.

This graph presents a much more positive picture, with my ‘real’ orgasms falling to half what I was allowed in the first and second years. At one point I thought I might even finish the year in single figures, but Mistress allowed me two orgasms in March which pushed it up to eleven. But single figures doesn’t now seem an unrealistic goal for 2017-2018.

Another positive and pleasing graph. After a decline in the past couple of years, Mistress ruined more orgasms than ever before in 2016/17. And as we can see from the graph below, the percentage of overall orgasms that are ruined has shot up as well.

Finally, it’s interesting to note the ratio of orgams between Mistress R and myself, and again I’m pleased to say that it’s gone up, despite Mistress’s falling total. It really looked like it was going to finish at above the 10:1 target I hoped to achieve years ago, but because of Mistress’s low total and the two orgasms I was permitted in March it was not to be. Still, we’ve come a lot closer than ever before and again gives me good reason to believe that this coming year will be the one when it finally happens.

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