Aims for This Year…

Last year was a bit disappointing in some ways, but there were some very positive things to be happy about too. I was ruined eight times last year, and was allowed just eleven proper orgasms. That’s by far the best result we’ve achieved since we’ve started, we just need to make sure Mistress R has more orgasms this year too.

I think a nice achievable aim for this coming year would be for me to have more ruined orgasms than proper ones. Whether that means me having more ruined ones, or less proper ones is up to Mistress I guess…

Well things have got off to a good start, Mistress R had a lovely orgasm tonight and following some amazing teasing, she decided to ruin my orgasm again. I was wearing my cock ring and my cock was insanely hard, and Mistress pumped it until I warned her I was getting close.

Then she just dragged her nails up and down my cock as we both watched my cum leaking out onto my stomach. Then she slapped my cock, I so wanted her to keep slapping it, but she didn’t, she just watched my cock throb and ache.

When I got my breathe back I said ‘Thank you Mistress’, and she told me to say it properly.. so I said ‘Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress’. She smiled and said ‘You love it when I’m mean to you don’t you?”.

What else could I say but ‘Yes Mistress…’

I really do love it when she’s mean and ruins my orgasms, I love that she makes me explicitly thank her for ruining my orgasms and I really hope this is the year she takes a few steps closer towards being a meaner, evil Mistress.

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