A Fantastic Afternoon…

It’s hot here today, and Mistress and I don’t do hot. Nevertheless, we ventured out for a walk (and I think my face has caught the sun slightly), and came back rather overheated. We’ve had a lot on these last few days, so we both really wanted to make sure we had some time together today, and so after we both got showered we adjourned to the (rather warm) bedroom.

After Mistress had her orgasm, she asked me if I wanted my cock ring on. I decided to try not using it today, because I was hard for ages this morning. I was a little slow to get hard, but Mistress helped me along by standing over me and displaying her gorgeous pussy and ass. After a little begging Mistress allowed to worship her sexy asshole three times, after which my cock felt a good bit firmer!

Mistress continued to suck and stroke me and then lay down with her feet near my head. She offered me her foot to kiss and I felt my cock getting harder still. I fucking love Mistress’s beautiful feet and worshiping them while she sucked my cock was spectacular.

Mistress decided I was hard enough to ride and slid me inside her. It felt so amazing being inside her hot, wet pussy and I just had to ask her to remove her bra so I could see her amazing breasts while she rode me. At first Mistress slapped my balls and told me I was being too ‘demanding’ (sooooooo hot!) but eventually she softened and allowed me to beg again…

She told me to close my eyes and then when she allowed to open them again her sexy tits were bare and I couldn’t help but reach up and touch them. Mistress continued riding my cock for some time and when she finally got off me she grabbed my cock and started pumping me hard and fast.

I wasn’t expecting to be allowed to cum, I only had a ruined orgasm a few nights ago, and I wasn’t really getting that much closer. As Mistress was stroking me I begged her to slap my balls, and she delivered a volley of slaps which felt absolutely fucking incredible and my cock got even harder.

Despite all the gorgeous things Mistress had done for me today, allowing me to worship her ass and her feet, letting me see her beautiful breasts and engulfing my cock inside her hot, wet, silky smooth pussy, not to mention slapping my balls when I asked her to… when she called a halt I couldn’t resist asking her to slap my balls just one more time. I could’ve taken such a hard slap, and I wanted it really hard… but Mistress gave me a slap like the earlier ones. It was great, but I wanted it sooooo much harder,  the kind that hurts if you’re not ready for it, and I was so ready for it!

But still, it was an amazing hour and I hope Mistress lets me worship her feet while she teases me in future, because that was awesome!


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