Too Damn Close!

I don’t know if Mistress actually reads my blog posts anymore, but after my last post where I said about how much I like it when Mistress slaps my balls (hard)… I’d have to assume she does.

Tonight after Mistress had cum on my tongue and I had worshipped* her gorgeous feet for a while, she started teasing me and my cock was responding well. I teased Mistress’s ass as she sucked and stroked my cock and then she started slapping my balls. Oh fucking wow did it feel good. Real solid slaps too, heavy full blows that made my cock throb. Mistress started stroking my cock fast and it wasn’t long before I was on the edge.

I warned Mistress I was close and she slowed right down, just allowing me to get back the right side of the edge. After some more sucking and slow stroking she started to build things up again, and some more amazing slaps… fuck they felt so good.Then Mistress started stroking me hard with her right hand and slapping my balls with her left, that was incredible and I had to warn her off again… I was so close to cumming, I actually thought I would ruin, I really did. In fact when I calmed down a few minutes later and went soft, there was a small amount of cum that leaked from my cock, it was that close. One more stroke could have pushed me over the edge.

God I want to cum like that though, with Mistress stroking my cock and slapping my balls, I bet that would be absolutely unbelievable! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


*Seriously, I have had it with Microsoft putting red lines under things that are spelled perfectly correctly!

2 thoughts on “Too Damn Close!

  1. If you’re using word, try making sure it’s set up using English (british) or whatever is the uk version. The default English is actually US American. Of course.

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