Slap my Balls, and Make Me Ache!

Another week gone by already… well, Mistress has cum twice in the seven days since my last post, while I haven’t cum at all. I have had some lovely teasing though and some nice ball slapping too. Mistress seems to have decided that ball slapping will be a permanent part of my teasing and I’m very happy about it!

I nearly went over the edge again tonight, it sort of happened very suddenly and nearly caught me out, but Mistress slowed down before I even said anything, she must have realised I was getting way too close…

At least my cock is behaving itself again, which is a huge weight off… probably no coincidence that I’ve been goig swimming and walking regularly. If ever there was an incentive to keep up the exercise, that would be it!


In other news, my plan to write at least four stories this year is going fairly badly. We are over a quarter of the way through the year now (unbelievable) and so far nothing… there’s a 12,000 word story that’s still not finished (from ages ago) mind you, but, I really don’t know if it can be salvaged. It’s an absolute mess, and to my mind the only way to make anything of it is to dump the ending (which doesn’t seem to fit), but which is the whole point of the exercise.

I’ve come up with about another five stories as well, but haven’t found time to get them beyond the ‘notes’ stage. A musician I like said he was spending Easter writing an EP and I can see how that kind of deadline setting works, but that’s fine if you have the freedom to do that kind of thing and after all it’s his ‘job’ at the end of the day…

Still, I want to write some stories, and if I have to stay up all night to get them done then that’s what will have to happen. Unfortunately, free time seems to present itself at times when I’m not feeling the best or not in the mood to be creative, so what tends to happen is I get more and more frustrated that I’m not getting anywhere and then I end up staying up til 2 in the morning because I just have to ‘achieve’ something and relieve the frustration a bit.

One thought on “Slap my Balls, and Make Me Ache!

  1. Relax Robert and take the stories as they come. No need to punish yourself because you haven’t completed one in a while. Pressure turns the creative juices off in some people. Relax and you may find the stories start to flow again.

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