Make it a HARD One, please…

Last night Mistress had a really hard cum on my tongue, and then she set about giving me my usual teasing. Mistress is slapping my balls so much more now, it’s all the time – not that I’m complaining, and when Mistress called a halt I begged her to slap my balls one more time. Just as she was about to slap my cock for the final time I whispered to her ‘Please make it really hard’, Mistress said ‘Are you sure’, before she delivered her final slap.

It wasn’t as hard as I’d hoped, but it was a bit harder than the previous slaps she’d given me. It amazes me how hard I can take slaps to my balls when I’m really turned on and throbbing hard. No way would I be able to take the same slaps when I was soft… indeed, if Mistress sees my cock starting to wilt a little bit it seems a few balls slaps are a good way to get me rock hard and throbbing again.

Even though my last slap wasn’t quite as hard as I hoped, I loved how Mistress drew her arm back to deliver it, I hope she continues to grow in confidence in this area and she learns to abuse my balls harder and harder. She certainly seemed to enjoy doing it anyway…


2 thoughts on “Make it a HARD One, please…

  1. Mistress R seems to have found her inner sadist… Won’t she enjoy smacking your balls to an orgasm, the next time she decides you can have one?

    Have fun!


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