The Creative Process…

I find it quite funny sometimes, I get these ideas and then I have to make notes so that I don’t forget them… so I have a folder on my desktop called ‘Writing’, and this is what it contains at the moment.

Twenty five plus ideas for stories, some of which have been there since 2015… some of them are quite long, detailed explanations of my ideas, some are just a few lines. For example, I’ve literally just added ‘Dorm Room Deal’, and the idea here is that there’s a guy who’s at college. Well, these notes are fairly self explanatory I guess!

So, yeah. Who knows if this will ever actually get written, but at least I haven’t forgotten the idea, like so many hundreds of ideas I’ve had over the years and couldn’t write down in time (or couldn’t be bothered).

Some good news, ‘Testing Shawn and Simon’ is well under-way, the names may change before it gets finished, and… for some reason I am already kind of thinking I might need to tone this bit down and suchlike. It’s annoying because I was quite happy when I started writing this one that it was really quite hardcore and uncompromising, and now I’m starting to second guess, perhaps because it’s taking several days to finish, whereas if I’d written it all in one go perhaps it would have been more direct.

Well, there was a very brief insight into my creative process…

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