Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave (written May 2016-May 2017)

Long term readers might remember me posting about a 12,000 word story that I was struggling with for a very long time. Well, about two-three weeks ago I printed it out with the intention of sitting down with a biro and getting it finished. In the end it didn’t seem as bad as I thought, so I didn’t actually make too many changes… I’m still not 100% with it, but I think it it as good as it’s going to get and a year’s work is too much to throw away. So we’ll see. I’ve posted it to Literotica, but it won’t be up there for a few days…


Alan stared out of the window, his mind far away from the reality of the overcrowded train. This journey had been decided on a week ago and since then it had been all he could think about, nervous anticipation coursed through his body and as the train approached its final destination the feeling rapidly intensified.

The train inched into the station and Alan began to wonder what he was letting himself in for this weekend. He’d spoken to Katrina every night this week and she’d assured him that she was going to make this visit truly ‘memorable’. Alan was more than a little nervous about that, but he was confident in their unusual relationship and trusted her implicitly.

The train stopped and Alan rose from his seat to join the crush of people waiting to exit the carriage. As he left the platform and entered the main hall he quickly located the stairs down to the taxi rank and within minutes was sitting in the back of a black cab. As he journeyed through the London streets he thought about his last visit and how he couldn’t wait for his work contract to finish so he could move back again.

= = = = =

Katrina checked the clock for the hundredth time, anxiously awaiting Alan’s arrival. She peered through the window, looking for the cab that she knew would bring him to her. She was excited, but also nervous. She had promised Alan a visit to remember and had spent a lot of the last week preparing herself mentally.

If Alan was to be her slave then he needed to know that right from the moment he arrived, as such Katrina was determined that there would be no ‘friendly greeting’ and no awkward pauses while they waited for the ‘scene’ to start. Katrina had toyed with the idea of ‘dressing up’ for her role, but after some consideration decided that Alan needed to see her as his Mistress at all times, not just when she was head to toe in leather.

So today Katrina was simply dressed in a white vest top, a faded blue denim skirt and some high heeled sandals. She knew Alan would appreciate the shoes, but that wasn’t her main reason for wearing them. At 5’ 6” she was only a few inches shorter than him and the 3” heels meant that she would be very nearly on a level with him, aiding her in creating an initial impression of dominance.

Katrina’s crisp, white vest top showed off her toned and lightly tanned arms, both of which were adorned with a selection of skilfully applied black and grey tattoos which were gradually forming a pair of sleeves. Despite her slim frame she gave the appearance of someone not to be messed with, while still remaining resolutely feminine. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail, the last few inches of which were dyed a vibrant pink. She loved her pink hair and smiled to herself when she thought to herself that Calvin would definitely like it too. She looked over at his picture on the wall and hoped Alan would notice it there when he arrived.

= = = = =

As Alan’s journey was coming closer and closer to its conclusion, he became ever more nervous. He stopped the cab a few doors down from his destination, paid the driver, then sat looking out of the window while he waited for his change. Eventually he told the driver to keep it and he exited the taxi and walked slowly towards the gate. He felt incredibly nervous now, in fact a big part of him wanted to run away and head straight back to the station, but he couldn’t do that now. As scary as this was, this was an opportunity he had waited a lifetime for, and after all there really was no reason to be scared, they had discussed things several times and they each knew where the other stood.

As he opened the gate he saw the front door open to reveal Katrina. She looked stunning and he wondered for a second what this gorgeous, 26 year old woman could possibly see in an ordinary looking thirty something like him. But as he moved towards her he put that thought out of his mind and concentrated instead on how grateful he was that she was finally about to become his Mistress for real.

Katrina stood as tall as she could in the doorway, giggling internally as she wondered to herself why she didn’t think to tell him to crawl up the path towards her. That would certainly have set the tone, but potentially also caused problems with the neighbours, besides it wasn’t like Alan was some casual fuck, her neighbours knew exactly who he was.

She stood, blocking the doorway, the step giving her an additional six inches of height over her visitor.

“You look beautiful,” Alan managed as he looked up at her.

“You look beautiful… Mistress, I think you mean.” Scolded Katrina trying hard not to smile.

She had practised her ‘look’ all week: a mixture of casual indifference and of mild disdain… and she didn’t want to ruin it now by smiling by accident.

“You look beautiful… Mistress,” repeated Alan apologetically.

“Better,” Katrina said, standing aside to let him in.

Katrina closed the door and turned to face him.

“I’ve missed you,” Alan said leaning forward to kiss her.

For a moment it looked as though Katrina would allow his lips to meet hers, but at the last moment she turned her head sharply, causing his lips to make contact with her cheek instead.

Alan felt momentarily slighted, but quickly realised it was he who had made an obvious, schoolboy error. What was he thinking? Undaunted he quickly sought to rescue the situation.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I…”

Katrina felt slightly sorry for him, deep down she wanted to hold him close and kiss him too, but she was determined to stick to her pre-determined plan and keeping a slight distance was a necessary part of that.

“Come on,” she said as sternly as she could manage at that moment, then turned and led him away from the front door and into the main downstairs room.

“And don’t worry… I’ll make sure to punish you for that later.”

Alan followed as Katrina led him into the lounge area. As she walked past the photos on the wall she made a point of glancing at it, just long enough to draw Alan’s attention to it.

“Put your bag here,” she said. “You won’t need it for a moment.”

Alan placed his bag on a chair in the corner of the room, and when he turned around he was alone in the room. He heard the fridge opening in the kitchen and took the opportunity to look at the photographs while Katrina was absent. There were several pictures of Katrina taken during what looked like a martial arts competition, one photograph of her parents and sister, and then one of a very imposing looking guy wearing a ‘Judogi’.

Katrina re-entered the room holding a pair of tall glasses filled with chilled water.
“I haven’t seen this picture before, is it your… boyfriend?” Alan asked cautiously.

Katrina smiled, slightly awkwardly… and there was an uncomfortable pause, as if Katrina had been taken slightly by surprise.

“Uhh, kind of… we’ll talk about that later.”

Katrina held out one of the glasses.

“Here, you must be thirsty.”

“Yes, thank you Mistress… you are very kind.”

Katrina sipped a little water from her glass and then sat down on the large sofa facing the fireplace. Alan stepped forward, wrongly assuming that he should sit next to her, but before he reached the sofa Katrina looked straight at him, clicked her fingers and pointed to the ground by her feet.

Alan’s pulse rate quickened. Katrina looked so beautiful in that instant, expressing her dominance without even the need for words and cultivating a slight air of contempt from almost out of nowhere. He quickly placed the glass out of harm’s way and sank to his knees next to her, eagerly awaiting her next instruction.

“I know you’ve noticed my shoes slave, you like them don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, they’re very sexy and they show off your beautiful feet perfectly.”

“Thank you slave, I’m glad you like them… now show me how much you appreciate me wearing them for you.”

Alan instinctively bent forward and began to kiss all over Katrina’s shoes, occasionally feeling the soft flesh of her instep and toes pressing against his lips. Above him Katrina looked down, watching as he worshipped her shoes, knowing how badly he wanted to remove them and to worship her beautiful feet properly.

But today he would have to earn his treat, Katrina kept him there for some time before finally asking, “Do you want to remove my shoes and kiss my pretty feet properly slave?”

“Yes please Mistress.” He responded breathily.

“Are you wearing the plug like I told you to?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good boy, I am pleased with you. I hope it wasn’t too ‘uncomfortable’ all the way on the train?”

“No Mistress, I forgot about it after the first fifteen minutes.”

“Really… that’s excellent, perhaps we need to invest in something a little larger for the future…”

“If it pleases you Mistress.” Alan groaned inwardly.

“That’s right slave, if it pleases me… and it will, so make sure you bring something to impress me next time I see you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good boy. Okay, you may now gently remove my shoes.”

Alan carefully undid the straps which held Katrina’s sexy, strappy shoes in place and then slowly slid them off, leaving her gorgeous feet naked and eager for attention.

Katrina looked down at him and felt a calm descending over her. Having him kneeling before her and eagerly obeying her instructions without question gave her a certain rush and a boost of confidence which made it easier for her to relax into her role. She slowly lifted her right foot and pointed her toes towards him.


Alan held Katrina’s foot gently, applying tender, worshipful kisses all over the smooth skin for a good ten minutes before she pulled that foot away and offered him the other one. By the time she was satisfied with his work he was in the zone and feeling very submissive. Katrina was incredibly sexy and being allowed to kneel at her feet and worship her pretty instep and toes had left him sporting a huge hard-on, which made the plug in his ass feel quite noticeable again as his muscles contracted around it.

Alan looked up briefly and realised that she had been reading a book while he had been attending to her beautiful feet, at first he felt slightly cheated by this, but after a moment’s reflection he quickly realised that if he genuinely wanted to serve this incredible woman, and if her pleasure was his absolute priority, then it wasn’t for him to decide how much attention she should pay him.

Katrina eventually put the book aside and complimented him on his performance, remarking on how much he must love worshipping her feet to do such a wonderful job of it.

Alan blushed slightly and paused to thank her for her kindness. Katrina pressed her foot against his mouth, “I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?”

“No Mistress, I’m sorry…”

Alan quickly returned his attention to Katrina’s incredibly sexy feet and briefly allowed himself to picture his cock exploding over them and drenching them in his cum. But he was soon distracted as Katrina began to open up about ‘Calvin’.

“He’s not my boyfriend exactly…” she began, slightly hesitantly. “…I met him at a martial arts competition about a year ago, I guess. I brought him back here and, well… I don’t usually have sex on a first date, but there was something about him I couldn’t resist. We started kissing and he was quite forceful with me and I just felt my pussy getting so wet and I desperately wanted him inside me.”

Katrina paused for a second to gauge Alan’s reaction to this new information…

“I reached down and felt his cock through his jeans and I couldn’t believe how big it felt. And once I started stroking his cock like that he got even more dominant with me, he stood up and pushed his jeans down and his cock stood out right in front of him. It was just… huge. I curled my fingers around it and he pulled my head towards him and just forced it into my mouth as far as it would go.”

“No one had ever done that to me before and… I tried to pull back but he wouldn’t let me, he just pushed it deeper, fucking my mouth… I should have been mad but something inside me loved it. My pussy was drenched and I started pushing my head forward, letting him fuck my mouth deeper and deeper until I was almost choking on it.”

“Eventually he pushed me back and lifted me up quickly, kissing me hard on the mouth, our tongues meshing and sharing the taste of his cock. I begged him to fuck me… I literally begged for it. I couldn’t believe my ears, I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, but I did, I begged him to stick his huge cock in me and fuck me.”

Alan continued to worship her beautiful feet, his cock now painfully hard as he pictured the scene that Katrina was so vividly describing for him.

“I was so wet, he shoved me down on the sofa and pushed my skirt up, then he just pulled my knickers to one side and shoved his fingers inside me. All the time he was finger-fucking my soaking wet pussy he kept asking me how bad I wanted his big cock, making me plead and beg for it. And I did. I begged and begged until he pushed my thighs wide and slid the head between my lips.”

“At first he was gentle, easing it in so that it wouldn’t hurt me. I’d never felt anything like it, it was incredible! I felt so full and stretched out, the way a woman should feel when she’s being properly fucked… I reached down and started playing with my clit as he slid it slowly deeper and deeper and before he got it all in I came the first time.”

Alan groaned softly, his cock achingly hard and desperate for attention.

“He let me recover for a minute, but then he started slowly pumping his huge cock in and out, building up steam as he fucked me deeper and harder. Gradually he started to fuck me faster and harder. It was kind of brutal actually, but the harder he fucked me the wetter I got and I ended up cumming like I had never done in my entire life. He was so rough with me, mauling my tits under my shirt and pushing his fingers into my ass while he was fucking me from behind. Then he started spanking my ass until it was burning and then he grabbed my pony tail and pulled my head back while he slammed his meat into my aching cunt…”

Katrina broke off for a second before continuing, seemingly visualising the scene she was describing.

“Then he turned me back over and started slapping my tits while he fucked me. No one had ever done that to me either and I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. He slapped them harder and harder, and squeezed my nipples too, that drove me crazy… and as he got closer to cumming he told me he was going to fuck my ass next time, and that I better make sure I got a nice big dildo to practice with…”

As she described the scene in lurid detail Katrina felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, the more she talked about it the more she felt her pussy aching for Calvin’s huge cock, while below her Alan continued to diligently worship her beautiful feet, half distraught at the thought of his beautiful Mistress being treated so appallingly, half embarrassed at how much the thought of it turned him on.

“Stop now, look at me… does it make your cock hard thinking about me being used like that Alan?”

Alan shifted uncomfortably on his knees. “Yes Mistress,” he whispered feeling thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Katrina smiled to herself and then continued.

“He fucked me hard until I came one more time and then pulled out and pulled me up so that his cock was right in front of my face. I begged him to cum in my mouth, I’d never wanted to taste a guy as much as I did right then, but instead he grabbed my hair again and held me still. He grabbed his cock in his huge fist and jerked his massive cock until it exploded all over my face, he came sooo much… Then he pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to ‘clean it’ and when I’d done that he made me suck his big, heavy balls… it was incredible! I’d never had sex like that, ever… and I absolutely loved it.”

Katrina took a sip of her drink…

“At the same time I hated that I loved it, you know… I’d never thought of myself as submissive, but with him I couldn’t help myself. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I rang him and practically begged him to fuck me again. He told me he wasn’t interested, he told me he had lots of girls after him, but I wouldn’t leave him alone… I told him I had to have his cock and I would do anything he wanted me to. Eventually he gave in, but he made it clear he wasn’t going to be my boyfriend. So now he just turns up when he wants a fuck, sometimes on his own, sometimes with a friend… or two.”

Katrina looked Alan straight in the eyes.

“How’s your cock feeling now slave, still hard?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Why don’t you show me how hard you are,” Katrina said, relaxing back into the sofa.

Alan stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down to reveal the bulge in his boxer shorts.

“Go on,” Katrina said. “Show me.”

Alan nervously pushed his shorts down to reveal his cock standing straight out, hard and aching but inevitably less impressive than what Katrina had just described.

“Have you ever fucked a woman like that Alan?”

“No Mistress…”

“I didn’t think so, it’s not really your style is it. And lovely as this poor, desperate, throbbing cock is… well I doubt any woman has ever actually begged for it, have they?”

“No Mistress.”

Alan felt himself blush as she compared his cock to her superior lover’s. Katrina studied his cock for a few moments and then added with a hint of a smile, “You know, I think perhaps… Calvin’s cock is bigger soft than yours is hard.”

Alan’s cheeks were crimson now, but as she spoke his cock twitched with need.

“You so want me to touch your cock right now, don’t you slave?”

“Yes please Mistress.” Alan’s voice was barely audible.

Katrina giggled.

“Well, we’ll see, but right now I’d say the chances of me touching your cock this weekend are slim to absolute zero. But maybe you can find a way to make me change my mind…?”

“I’ll try Mistress.”

“Okay, good luck with that… but in the meantime, I want to see you stroke.”

Alan nervously closed his hand around his shaft and slowly began to stroke his moderate length for her.

“That’s it, not too fast, just make it feel good. I bet you’ve been aching to touch it since you got here, especially after hearing about the way Calvin treats me… Does the thought of watching me with him excite you?”

Alan grunted loudly in response, his hand moving ever faster on his throbbing cock.

“Oh dear slave, less than two minutes of stroking and already you’ve forgotten how to address me. Let go!”

Alan let go of his cock, apologising profusely for his slip up, while Katrina got up from the sofa and disappeared into the bedroom. She reappeared clutching a crop which she tapped against her left hand as she moved back towards him.

“Maybe this will help you remember your manners.”

“Yes Mistress, I am truly sorry Mistress.”

Katrina sat down on the edge of the sofa, smiling as she watched Alan’s throbbing cock bobbing in anticipation. She raised the crop and brought it down hard on the tip, causing a pained wince to escape his lips. Alan braced himself as Katrina repeated the action several times leaving feint red marks along the length of his cock.

“Have you ever felt the crop on your balls slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“Hold your cock out of the way and circle your fingers around your balls, present them to me.”

Alan reached down and did as he was told, presenting his balls in a neat and easily targetable package.

“Ask me to punish your balls slave, make me believe you want it.”

Alan begged for nearly a minute before Katrina finally drew back the crop.

“You really want me to crop your balls, don’t you slave?”

Alan gulped before he spoke.

“If it pleases you Mistress… yes.”

Alan was sweating, waiting for her to unleash the weapon and inflict the pain to his poor, defenceless balls.

“Stay very still,” Katrina instructed, before leaving a stinging red mark at the top of his left thigh, no more than a couple of inches away from his tightly stretched sack.

“Thank you Mistress,” winced Alan, knowing that the sting was nothing compared to the pain she could have inflicted on his poor balls if she’d chosen to.

“Let that be a warning to you, and don’t expect me to always be so kind.”

“I won’t Mistress, thank you.”

Katrina leaned back and opened her legs, her short skirt riding up and revealing her lacy black panties.

“Punishing you turns me on slave, you should be happy about that shouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress… your pleasure is always my priority.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Now, I want you to start stroking your cock again…”

Alan reached down and closed his fingers around his cock once more, his hand slowly moving back and forth as he watched Katrina slide her fingers inside her panties.
“It feels so good to be able to touch myself and cum whenever I want slave. Don’t you wish you could do that sometimes, without having to ask my permission?”

“Sometimes, yes Mistress.”

“But you don’t regret giving me control over your cock do you?”

“No Mistress, I love that you decide when I cum and when I can touch myself.”

Katrina sighed contentedly as her fingers swirled around her pussy lips.

“Stroke that cock faster slave, I want it desperate to cum.”

Alan’s hand moved faster as he watched Katrina pleasure herself right there in front of him.

“Are you thinking about me and Calvin? You are aren’t you… I know you are. I know you’d love to be able to fuck me like he does, to force my head down onto your huge cock and choke me with it. You’d love to see me beg for you to fuck me wouldn’t you? Love to see me promise I’d do anything for your rock hard cock…”

Katrina’s fingers worked quickly as she spoke, Alan could hear and smell her obvious arousal.

“You’d give anything to taste my pussy right now, wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress…” gasped Alan as the need in his cock grew and grew.

Katrina smiled to herself.

“Well… right now, I want you to give me an edge.”

Alan stroked hard and fast until he felt the edge building, approaching the tipping point.

“I’m getting close Mistress,” he groaned.

Katrina let him stroke for another few seconds before ordering him to let go. Alan obeyed immediately, breathing heavily as his cock throbbed and bobbed in front of him.

“I see your edge training has paid dividends,” sighed Katrina, her eyes half closed as she continued to tease her sodden pussy.

“There, lick my fingers clean.”

Alan bent forward and greedily devoured the juices from Katrina’s slender fingers.

“What a lucky slave you are to taste my delicious pussy… I hope you appreciate it.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you… you taste incredible.”

Katrina smiled and laid back on the sofa, her legs spread wide and her fingers quickly back inside her panties.

“Come here,” Katrina purred, her eyes closed as her finger tips teased her clit.

Alan knelt between her legs and edged his face towards her, inhaling her intoxicating scent. Katrina reached forward and slowly pulled his head nearer still.

“Kiss my thighs, but don’t even think about doing anything more.”

Alan lavished her tight inner thighs with kisses until his lips were stinging, while Katrina brought herself close to cumming several times.

“Sometimes I like to edge too, but not like you. I couldn’t stop or take my hand away if I was actually cumming, I don’t know how you do it. But I love that you do it for me…”

Katrina brought herself to the edge once more and then rubbed hard and fast until she bucked and writhed in ecstasy as she came for the first time that evening. As she lay on the sofa, her skin glowing pink in places as she breathed heavily, Alan looked down at his cock, still hard and throbbing, desperate for release.

“Worship my feet,” ordered Katrina as she made herself more comfortable on the sofa. She watched him for a while as he peppered her feet with kisses and sucked on her beautiful toes once more.

“And listen, in a minute I want you to go the bathroom. You have permission to remove your plug and do whatever else you need to do. I suggest you lube your ass thoroughly as well, I promised you a memorable night and that’s exactly what you are going to get. When you’re finished I’ll be in the bedroom waiting for you. And make sure you fold your clothes properly as well. Now go…”

Alan emerged from the bathroom to find the bedroom warm and softly lit. Katrina was on the bed, now stripped down to her lacy black bra and panties, and she looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

“Have you done as instructed?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now get on the bed and kneel in front of me.”

Alan climbed onto the bed and assumed the position as directed, his cock hardening again as he gazed adoringly at her exposed skin.

“It’s time to start stroking again slave, I’m sure you won’t need too much encouragement for that…”

“No Mistress, thank you. You look stunning.”

Katrina smiled to herself once more and parted her slender legs, her fingers already inside her soaking wet panties and rubbing her dripping pussy.

“That’s right, stroke it nice and slow, there’s no rush… I bet you’ve stroked it every night this week haven’t you? Wasn’t I kind to let you play with your cock all week?”

“Very generous Mistress.”

“I hope you didn’t allow yourself to cum though slave, because I didn’t give you permission to do that and that would make me very unhappy with you.”

“No Mistress, I promise I didn’t cum.”

“Good boy, I’m pleased with you, although I’d still like to be certain…”

Alan stroked a little faster as he sensed Katrina’s own arousal building higher.

“I know how badly you want to taste me slave, you can’t resist my gorgeous pussy can you?”

“No Mistress, I love it so much…”

“I know you do slave, and I love that you love it… would you like to edge for me with the smell of my pussy in your nostrils?”

“Oh God… yes, please Mistress!”

Katrina eased her panties down her silky smooth legs and told Alan to pull them off of her feet.

“There, now breathe in my delicious scent and stroke your cock right to the edge for me.”

Alan held the delicate material to his face and breathed in, he groaned softly as his cock flexed in his hand, he wanted to cum so badly now it was getting hard to hold back.

“That’s it, breathe that beautiful scent in and show me how badly you want to cum for me.”

Alan quickened the pace and within a few seconds he was back on the edge, just seconds from exploding.”

“Keep stroking Alan, don’t stop until I say you can. You can loosen your grip if you need to but do not stop and do not cum.”

Katrina opened her legs to reveal her freshly shaved pussy, the sight very nearly pushed Alan over the edge, but thankfully Katrina was one step ahead.

“Stop. You can let go now… just let that edge fade away, while you stare at my gorgeous pussy and pray that you’ll get to taste it soon.”

Alan licked his lips several times in quick succession as he gazed at his Mistress’s clean-shaven slit. He had never wanted anything as much as he wanted to press his tongue between her slippery pink lips and to lick her to orgasm.

“Do you see how wet I am slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Alan breathed.

“Thinking about tonight has really turned me on, more than I expected actually. I hope you know what you’re letting yourself in for, because I think this could genuinely change things between us.”

“I trust you completely Mistress.”

“That means a lot to me slave, it really does.”

Katrina’s fingers continued to work at her dripping pussy.

“I bet you’d give anything just to jerk off into my dirty panties right now, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, if it pleased you…”

“Good answer slave. But I need to keep you horny for some time yet I think…”

Katrina relaxed back into the pillows behind her and spread her legs a little wider, giving Alan a better view.

“Now then, do you remember me telling you that Calvin told me to get myself a nice big dildo to train my ass with?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well here it is.”

Katrina held up a lifelike dildo, easily 9” long and very thick.

“Isn’t that awesome?”

Alan couldn’t help but agree.

“It feels sooo good in my pussy, nearly as good as Calvin’s hard cock…”

Katrina pressed the tip against her soaking wet pussy and gently pushed the first inch or so inside. Alan couldn’t really believe the huge cock would fit inside her tight hole, but Katrina slowly worked the cock in and out, going a little deeper each time.

“In case you’re wondering, he hasn’t fucked my ass yet, but he’s getting impatient so I’m going to have to really work on taking this thing this week.”

The thought of seeing Katrina’s tight little ass cleaved by the huge toy made Alan’s cock throb even harder than before, though he could hardly believe it was possible.

“Oh fuck this feels so good inside me,” said Katrina as she forced another inch of cock inside her tightly stretched pussy. “I wish Calvin was here to fuck my pussy properly… Fuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Abruptly Katrina pulled the dildo out of her stretched hole and pointed it Alan.

“Suck it. Go on, I know you want to taste my pussy.”

Alan leaned closer and tried to take the head of the cock into his mouth.

“That’s it, show me what a good cock-sucker you are… good boy, you’ll do anything to taste my juice won’t you. Mmmmm.”

Alan’s cock throbbed harder as she forced more and more of the dildo into his mouth, while he eagerly devoured the incredible taste of her arousal from the surface of the over-sized toy.

“Stroke your little cock while you suck it slave, I want you to get used to this feeling because by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be begging me to let you suck a real cock just to be able to taste my beautiful pussy.”

Alan’s head was swimming, but he did as instructed and started stroking his desperate cock as he swallowed more of the bulbous dildo.

“Have you any idea how good it feels to get fucked by a real cock slave? It feels so fucking good stretching my pussy… it feels like it’s splitting me in two. It almost hurts, but you don’t want it to stop, ever… you can feel every single inch of it sliding in and out… maybe one day you’ll find out exactly how it feels. You’d take it for me wouldn’t you slave, if I wanted you too?”

Katrina quickly withdrew the huge dildo from his mouth, eager to hear his response.

“Yes Mistress,” Alan groaned nervously. “I would take it for you, if you really wanted me to.”

Katrina forced the fake cock back into Alan’s mouth, making him gag slightly.

“Oh you’ll have to get used to that too, Calvin loves it when I gag on his cock.”

Alan felt his face flushing with embarrassment, strange how certain things triggered it more than others.

Katrina pulled the dildo out of Alan’s mouth leaving him gasping for air.

“Come closer.”

Alan moved forward on the bed, his hand still loosely wrapped around his cock.

“Do you like my underwear slave?” She said, rubbing her hands over her breasts.

“Yes Mistress, it’s very pretty.”

“But I bet you wish you could see my beautiful breasts don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Such a pity you’re submissive slave, Calvin would never ‘ask’ to see my tits… still, maybe you can earn the chance to see them, by edging for me.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Don’t thank me yet slave, I want you to edge three times with a ten second gap in between each one, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Alan stroked his cock hard and fast, taking himself to the edge of orgasm in a matter of seconds. He let go and looked at his Mistress who was watching intently while still
teasing her pussy with her fingers.

“1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, go!”

Alan gripped his cock again and pushed himself right to the edge once more, almost taking it too far this time. He looked down at his aching cock, half expecting to see a flow of cum leaking from the tip, but miraculously he managed to hold it back.

“Well done slave that looked very close indeed….”

Katrina watched the seconds tick down on the bedside clock and then announced, “…9-10, time to start stroking again.”

Alan grunted as he grabbed his shaft once more and started to stroke. His hand moved a little slower this time, conscious of how close he came last time to overstepping the mark.

“Don’t leave too much margin slave, you never know when I might decide to grab your cock and stroke it a few times, it would be a terrible shame if you missed out on an orgasm because you weren’t close enough to the edge.”

Alan’s grip tightened slightly and his pace quickened as he resolved to bring himself as close as he dare.

“I’m close Mistress,” he panted.

“Good slave, stay right there and suffer for me.”

“Yes Mistress,” groaned Alan desperately.

Katrina leaned forward and reached behind her back, slowly undoing her bra before allowing it to fall away from her chest and down her arms, revealing her small but gorgeous breasts.

“Keep stroking slave, keep yourself right on the edge for me… wouldn’t you love to stroke hard and fast and shoot all that hot, sticky cum you’ve got saved up in those poor swollen balls all over my beautiful tits?”

Katrina gently squeezed her left nipple with her right hand.

“Calvin cums on my tits whenever he likes, and he loves pinching my nipples when he’s fucking me. When I try to do it to myself it hurts, but when he does it, it drives me nuts… that’s strange isn’t it?”

Katrina looked on as Alan continued to stroke his cock, his fingers barely making contact but still just keeping his arousal the right side of cumming.

“I know you’d love to cum on my beautiful breasts and lick them clean, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” Alan’s voice was a dry croak.

“But slaves don’t get to cum on Mistress’s beautiful breasts do they?”

“No Mistress.”

Katrina chuckled at the rueful tone evident in Alan’s response.

“Oh poor slave, it’s so hard being denied isn’t it… carrying those swollen balls around for me for weeks or months on end, and on top of that knowing that even if I am feeling super kind and decide to let you have a proper, pleasurable, mind blowing orgasm… even then most likely there’s only one place you’ll end up coming. Where is that place slave?”

“On your gorgeous feet Mistress.”

“That’s right slave, on my beautiful feet. And I know that you truly adore my feet, and you love licking your cum off of them, because after all… that’s the most ‘appropriate’ place for a slave to cum isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“But I know, deep down you want more don’t you. As much as you love my gorgeous feet, you can’t help but want to shoot on my tits, or my ass, inside my hot, wet pussy… I
bet you even sometimes dream about cumming on my face like Calvin does, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Well I can’t stop you dreaming can I? But rest assured, ‘you’ will never get to cum on my pretty face slave. Never in a million years.”

Katrina observed her slave and his desperate attempts to stay the right side of the edge he was riding.

“I hope you’re still close slave…”

“Yes Mistress, very, very close!”

“Good slave, it pleases me to see you like this, right on the edge but resisting the temptation for me. However, I am a little disturbed that my feet are not as desirable for you as I thought…”

“No Mistress, that’s not what I meant at all…”

Katrina reached forward and placed her index finger across Alan’s lips, silencing him.

“It’s okay slave, I know you want to use my body the way a real man like Calvin would, but a real man wouldn’t be kneeling in front of me, stroking his denied cock and edging for me would he?”

Katrina paused for a moment, looking directly into her slave’s eyes.

“But that’s okay, I can understand why you would fantasize about me, but back in the real world it’s my job to make sure you still crave the parts of me that you are occasionally allowed to ‘worship’. So maybe I should make cumming on my feet more of a treat for you, either by just denying you longer, or… perhaps making you cum in your own hand instead. I bet after cumming in your own hand a few times you would beg to cum on my beautiful feet wouldn’t you? And just think how much easier it would be for you to lick it clean, certainly not as erotic for you… but a lot more humiliating, which I kind of like.”

“Whatever pleases you Mistress.” Replied Alan, desperately hoping that she wasn’t serious.

“Good answer slave. You like being humiliated don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” said Alan, the familiar feeling of embarrassment colouring his face.

“That’s good slave, because I intend to make you feel thoroughly humiliated the next time I see you… You can stop now.”

Alan released his cock and took deep breaths, while Katrina reached forward and grabbed his balls.

“I bet I could squeeze the cum right out of these couldn’t I?”

Alan didn’t have time to respond before he felt Katrina’s small, delicate looking hands start to tighten and squeeze his aching balls.

“Do you know what I want to do? I want to have you there when Calvin fucks my ass for the first time, so that I can squeeze your balls as he slides his fat cock inside me. Can you imagine how that would feel….? Watching his huge cock stretching my tight little asshole while my fingers squeeze harder and harder until you either cum or pass out. Just thinking about that is making me even wetter than I already am. Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

Katrina squeezed his balls for a few seconds more and then let go.

“But right now, I think it’s you who needs fucking in the ass.”

Katrina swung off the bed, moved behind Alan and out of his line of sight. He could hear her sliding something up her legs and then felt her climb on the bed and then saw her move in front of him.

“Suck it,” said Katrina as she pressed the tip of her strap-on against his lips and pushed forward.

Alan opened his mouth and automatically closed his eyes as Katrina started to gently fuck his mouth.

“Open your eyes and look at me,” ordered Katrina. “That’s what Calvin tells me when he fucks my mouth. It makes it so much sexier don’t you think…. nowhere for you to hide.”

Alan gagged a little as Katrina pushed the cock deeper.

“Oh that’s hot, I love hearing you struggle, but just think… this strap-on is pretty small compared to Calvin’s beautiful cock. You are definitely going to need to practice a lot more before you can take him on…”

Alan closed his eyes for a second and then remembered her orders and looked directly into his Mistress’s eyes.

“What a slut you are slave, you’re loving sucking this cock aren’t you…”

Katrina grabbed Alan’s head and held it still as she started to really fuck his mouth hard.
“My dirty little cock-sucking slave…” she said as she pumped his mouth with the strap-on prick.

“Take it all,” she said pulling his head forward until the entire length of the strap-on was inside his mouth and his nose was pressed right into her mound. Alan gagged hard as the rubber cock invaded his throat and he found it impossible to breathe.

“Good boy,” she said releasing him and allowing him to pull back. “Feels good to be ‘used’ doesn’t it?” Then as if she had remembered something she moved forward again and wiped her cock all over his face.

“Calvin loves to mess up my make up when he’s fucking me, he says it makes me look like a true slut.”

Katrina moved away again, leaving Alan still gasping for breath, his cock still throbbing and desperate.

“Now it’s time for your ass.”

She turned him round and sank to her knees behind him, pressing the tip of the dildo firmly against his asshole.

“I hope you lubed your ass up properly like I told you too, because I’m not in the mood to be patient.”

Katrina grabbed Alan’s hips and plunged the strap-on deep into Alan’s asshole. Thankfully the butt-plug that Alan had worn all day and the huge amount of lube he had applied in the bathroom worked well and allowed him to take Katrina’s cock pretty much in one go. Even so, it still came as something of a shock, and Katrina really wasn’t holding anything back.

“I hope you’re not going to cum while I’m fucking your ass slave… if you ruin without permission I’m going to be very upset with you.”

Alan could feel the head of Katrina’s cock massaging his prostate on every single stroke and felt that familiar sensation of wanting to pee. He wondered how long Katrina could keep up the pace she was setting and whether he could hold out from ruining, before she inevitably slowed down.

Katrina pulled out abruptly leaving Alan feeling suddenly empty, but the feeling was soon forgotten, replaced with the sensation of heat and pain as Katrina took her paddle to his ass. The stinging stopped almost as abruptly as it started as Katrina dropped the paddle and reached between his legs to grab his balls and gave them a hard squeeze.

“You need to cum so bad don’t you slave, but you’re not going to, not yet…”

“No Mistress,” croaked Alan, trying desperately to hold back.

Katrina forced the strap-on back into his ass and fucked him again, slower this time, but deeper. Her hands slid along his back as she pumped her hips against him, before dragging them backwards towards her leaving red marks where her crimson nails dug into his skin. Alan arched his back, bringing a contented moan of pleasure from Katrina’s lips.

“I love watching you suffer slave, it makes me want to cum so bad.”

Katrina pulled out once again and quickly discarded the strap-on. She moved around in front of her slave and positioned herself in front of him, her legs spread wide as she pushed herself closer and pulled his head down between her legs.

“Eat my fucking pussy, NOW!”

Alan greedily sank between her silky smooth thighs and his tongue worked quickly on her tingling clit. Within a minute and a half Katrina’s muscles were contracting madly as she bucked hard against his tongue, writhing beneath him in ecstasy.

For a short time Katrina lay still, her body recovering from the huge orgasm she had just enjoyed. Alan too took the opportunity to catch his breath, but remained transfixed by Katrina’s gorgeous shaved pussy which remained just inches from his face. What he wouldn’t give to slide his aching cock inside her and fuck her hard until his cum exploded inside her sodden cunt…

Katrina propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at her desperately horny slave.

“So… which turns you on more slave… look at me… the thought of sucking Calvin’s huge dick while I fuck you from behind, or licking my beautiful pussy while he fucks you in the ass?”

Alan’s eyes dropped out of pure shame and embarrassment.

“No! Don’t look away slave… look me in the eyes and tell me which one. One must be more exciting for you… or maybe one would be slightly less humiliating…. hmm?”

“I honestly don’t know Mistress, I’m sorry…”

Katrina smiled to herself and said, “Doesn’t matter anyway, you’ll do whatever I say, and besides… both are going to happen eventually.”

Spying the dildo lying nearby she seized it and held it out for Alan to suck it again. Without question he opened his mouth and allowed her to push the first few inches inside.

“Well I think I’d rather see you sucking his cock while I fuck you from behind…”

Without another word Katrina slid out from underneath him and seeing Alan allow the dildo to drop onto the bed she grabbed the paddle and set about his backside with enthusiasm.

“Get that cock back in your mouth right now slut… show me how badly you want to suck it.”

Alan stood the dildo on end and held it firm with his hands, lowering his head onto it and taking it as far into his mouth as he could.

“That’s better, think about how it would feel to have it exploding in your mouth… I bet you can’t wait for that.”

As she spoke Katrina slid the strap-on back into place and moved behind her slave once again, she forced the tip back into his asshole and began fucking him roughly as he choked and gagged on the huge fake cock.

“Mmmm, that’s much better…” she said, using her hand to slap his ass between strokes.

“I bet your cock is really fucking hard now isn’t it slave, you want to cum so badly now huh?”

Alan’s response was barely a gargle, but Katrina giggled softly to herself and slammed her cock into him a few more times before pulling out and leaving his ass feeling loose and empty once again.

Alan was reluctant to stop sucking on the dildo without instruction, but noticed his Mistress standing next to him by the side of the bed. She grabbed hold of his hair and pulled his mouth off the glistening cock.

“Get down here on your knees.”

Alan slid off the bed and onto his knees, Katrina stepped forward and grabbed his head, forcing her strap-on deep into his mouth and fucking his face hard.

“Such a good little cocksucker, that’s it, take it deeper for me.”

Alan felt his mouth fill with the strap-on cock and wondered how much more he could take of this. It wasn’t so much the physical experience that was bothering him, but the emotional confusion he felt at his own enjoyment of being treated like this. His cock remained painfully hard and while part of him wanted to stand up to her and take back control for the sake of his own self-esteem, another larger part of him never wanted this to end.

Just as he was reaching the point where he couldn’t take any more Katrina pulled out and slipped the strap-on off. She moved back towards him and leant on the bed, her pussy right over his face as he bent backwards, the back of his head resting on the edge of the mattress.

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned as she ground her clit against his lips and nose. “I’m still so fucking wet!”

She rode his face for a couple of minutes before pulling away and allowing him to breathe again.

“Get back on the bed,” Katrina ordered.

Alan quickly mounted the bed and awaited instruction.

“On your back, and stroke your cock for me.”

Alan did as he was told while Katrina straddled his face, her ass right above Alan’s mouth.

“See how much looser my ass is now, can you imagine what it will be like after Calvin takes it?”

Katrina grabbed Alan’s hand and shoved it away from his cock, before slapping his cock and balls several times.

“Please Mistress,” groaned Alan, writhing beneath her as she landed another firm blow to his aching balls.

“You want me to stop?” Katrina asked landing another volley of slaps. “You want to use your safeword?”

“No Mistress.”

“Then shut up and lick my ass.”

Katrina sank down onto Alan’s face and grunted as she felt Alan’s tongue gently probe her ass.

“You’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you want me to stroke your cock slave, push it deeper, fuck my asshole with your tongue. And just think, next time you get to do this it could be dripping with another man’s cum.”

Alan groaned beneath her and Katrina felt his tongue probe a little deeper. She lightly encircled his cock with her fingers, aware that being touched for the first time tonight by her hand might easily push him over the edge.

“Deeper slave, your tongue is the only part of you that is ever going to be inside my ass, so make the most of it.”

Katrina’s grip got a little tighter as she gained in confidence that he wasn’t going to explode too soon, but still she was aware that she might have to let go at any second if he came unexpectedly.

“Mmmm, I love feeling your tongue inside my pretty little ass slave, but I know you can get deeper, go on, push it in hard, fuck my ass with it…”

Alan was getting close to the edge now and finding it harder and harder to hold back. Katrina was pumping his shaft faster with each passing second as she pushed back onto his probing tongue.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing… you are going to make such a good clean-up slave for us, I can’t wait to feel your tongue licking all of Calvin’s warm salty cum out of my ruined asshole.”

Katrina let go of Alan’s cock and took a firm hold of his balls, squeezing them hard and then slapping his cock back and forth.

“Maybe I will let you put your cock in my ass one time, just once, one slow stroke… right after Calvin’s wrecked it with his huge cock, just so you can feel the difference, so you KNOW your cock will never be able to satisfy me the way his does…”

Alan writhed beneath her, desperately trying to fight back the cum that was straining to explode from his cock.

“Don’t stop licking my ass slave, I know you’re close, but if you cum now I’m gonna let go and your orgasm will be ruined.”

Katrina landed another hard slap right on his balls and then lifted herself off his face. Alan was gasping for air, his cock stood straight up twitching like crazy, seeking just a few more strokes to find release.

She span round and planted her pussy right on his mouth, ordering him to lick her again.
“Lick my pussy slave, make me cum again… that’s what you’re good for, pleasuring my cunt with your tongue and you love it don’t you? You worship my fucking pussy don’t you? Well, don’t worry, you’re going to be eating my pussy a lot more in future… I’m going to make you a total slut, ready to please whoever I want, whenever I want. I want you to exist to please me, I want you to beg me to let you suck cock and eat pussy, and do you know how I’m going to make sure you do? No… well I’m going to do what I should have done right from the start, I’m going to lock up your cock and… Ugh, yes, yes…”

Katrina started to cum as she thought about turning the key in the lock that would completely enslave him.

“Oh fuck yes, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Alan’s cock strained as she came hard and filled his mouth with her juices, he was in his own personal heaven.

“Mmmmmmmmm, moaned Katrina as she rubbed and squeezed her breasts as she came down from her intense orgasm.

She lifted off him and signalled to him to move out of the way. Alan sat up and shifted forward, allowing her to take his place and lean back, quite upright on the pillows.

“Kiss my feet,” she ordered.

Alan bent forward to pepper her beautiful feet with delicate kisses.

“No, kneel in front of me and worship them like a slut would, stroking your cock as you suck my toes.”

Alan grasped his cock in one hand and held Katrina’s right foot up to his mouth and sucked on each toe in turn.

“You adore my pretty feet don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Alan murmured from between her toes.

“I bet you’d like to cum on them wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes please Mistress.”

“Keep stroking, I want you on the edge soon so get close… Maybe one day if I was super-nice to Calvin I could get him to send a couple of his friends over to so they could fuck me and then jerk off over my gorgeous feet right in front of you. Of course you’d be the one who had to clean up their mess, but you’d do that in a heartbeat wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…” Alan’s face was burning with shame as he spoke.

Katrina smiled and closed her eyes as she relaxed back onto the pillows.

“Think about all that hot, sticky cum dripping off my feet and between my toes… just waiting for your eager tongue to clean it up like the cumslut you are.”

Alan pumped slightly harder and soon felt the tipping point approaching.

“I’m close Mistress,” he begged.

“Let go, concentrate on my gorgeous feet.”

Katrina allowed him to worship her feet for about fifteen seconds before she ordered him to start stroking again.

“That’s it, work it up…”

Alan was on edge again almost immediately.

“Please Mistress I’m so close.”

“Are you? Are you so close? Are you really… don’t stop, just keep stroking it slowly, slower, slower… lighter, keep yourself right on edge while I decide where you get to ruin your last orgasm before I lock up your cock. Yes that’s right slave, you’re not even going to get to enjoy this one, you’re going to show your utter devotion to me by ruining it and cleaning it up with your tongue.”

“Please Mistress…. I can’t hold it much longer,” Alan pleaded.

“I’m going to love having your key around my neck slave, every time I look in a mirror I’ll see it there and think of your poor cock, aching, throbbing, desperate for release, it’s going to be so fucking hot…”

Alan was breathing hard, the slightest touch of his fingers driving him absolutely insane with need, then finally Katrina relented.

“Very well, you may ruin it on my feet this time.”

Katrina brought her feet together right underneath Alan’s cock as he teased it gently over the edge.

“Let go now,” she ordered.

Alan let go, unsure as to whether his cock was ready to cum or not. It felt inevitable, but at the same time the seconds passed and nothing was forthcoming. Impatient to see him ruined, Katrina leaned forward and used one fingertip to tease the underside of his cock-head for a second or two, then noticing Alan’s cock twitch dramatically upwards she leant back, satisfied that he was past the point of no return. The pair of them stared at his cock for a few more agonizing seconds before it finally pulsed in complete frustration and a stream of cum oozed from the tip. Once the dam was breached, more and more cum slowly flowed out and pooled on Katrina’s beautiful feet, providing Alan with nothing but complete frustration, his orgasm completely and utterly ruined.

“You are such a lucky slave… you have no idea how close I was to making you ruin into your own hand.”

“Thank you Mistress,” gasped Alan as he watched in absolute frustration as his cock continued to leak his white, creamy fluid onto Katrina’s gorgeous feet.

“How does it feel to know that the best you can ever hope for while ever you are my slave is to jerk your cock and explode over my beautiful feet. You’ll never get to cum on my gorgeous tits. You’ll never get to cum inside my silky smooth pussy. You’ll never get to cum on my ass, or my face, or in my mouth. And you’ll certainly never get to cum inside my amazing ass. Why won’t you get to do those things Alan?”

“Because I am your slave Mistress.”

“Yes, because you are slave and my cum-slut whore, and because only real men with big cocks get to do those things to me. What is your job slave?”

“To lick your pussy and ass Mistress…”

“And to clean me, to clean up every part of me that’s covered in cum, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

When the flow finally stopped Katrina lifted her feet and Alan obediently licked up every drop.

“Just like that slave…. It tastes soooo good doesn’t it slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” said Alan, feeling thoroughly embarrassed at how much he was enjoying cleaning her feet.

“Feels good to be a cumslut and a whore for me doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Alan, once again aware that his cheeks were reddening.

“You are going to love cleaning me up after Calvin fucks me slave, he cums so much… it drips out of me. I bet you can’t wait to see my stretched pussy and ass dripping with his cum can you?”

Alan could only grunt as he continued to lick and swallow his own ruined load from her toes.

“And then of course you’ll have to clean him too…”

Katrina spread her thighs and quickly found her clit with her fingers.

“I can’t wait to see you on your knees in front of him, begging to suck his cock and lick his balls clean. How humiliating is that going to be for you, knowing the only way you get to taste my gorgeous pussy is by servicing us both whenever I require it?”

Katrina’s fingers were moving fast on her clit now, as she built up to her fourth orgasm of the night.

“And all the while your cock will be trapped in its cage, desperate to get out so you can jerk off on my beautiful feet…”

Katrina’s breathing was fast now, as she pushed closer and closer.

“…and lick them clean, just like you’re doing now.”

Alan had thoroughly cleaned up and swallowed every drop of cum but he continued sucking on Katrina’s beautiful toes, wanting to make the most of every second while he watched her. Alan loved to watch his Mistress touch herself, and loved watching her cum even more. Despite the draining of his balls, Alan’s cock stayed hard, desperate for more attention.

“You won’t get to cum properly very often slave, because I need to keep you horny and desperate, and when I do let you cum… when I finally let you pump your cock hard and fast right over the edge, you will always have your ass filled. Be it a plug, a dildo, or a cock… I want you to crave having your ass full, just like you crave the taste of my pussy and ass. You’re going to be a complete slut for me aren’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Katrina gasped and then bucked hard, twisting on the bed and pulling her foot free from Alan’s grasp. She writhed on the bed for several seconds before slumping completely, drained of energy and sated beyond belief.

Alan stayed kneeling, waiting for her to revive, looking down at his still hard cock, wondering when he would be allowed to enjoy the release he so desperately craved.

Eventually Katrina opened her eyes and told him to move closer.

“Come here, bring that poor aching cock closer…”

Alan shuffled forward on the bed, presenting his still hard cock for her deliberation.

“Stroke it for me slave, you can edge if you want but you’re not getting to cum so be careful…”

Alan grasped his cock once again and started to slide his hand back and forth.

“I just want you to be feeling close when I tell you the next part…”

Alan sped up his stroking in response.

“When I finally give you permission to cum properly, after many weeks and months and probably many ruined orgasms… you will be given a time in which you must complete your orgasm. If you don’t, then no matter what – you let go. I don’t care if you’ve just started cumming, that’s too bad. And if you don’t make it then you clearly weren’t desperate enough in the first place.”

Katrina reached out and grabbed hold of Alan’s swollen balls.

“And sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly generous, I might help you cum… by squeezing your poor little balls.”

Katrina’s fingers contracted slowly but surely, increasing the pressure and pushing Alan ever closer to the edge.

“Don’t even think about cumming slave, you don’t have permission to do that. In fact you’re not even close to having permission to do that… chances are you won’t have permission until I’ve seen you suck at least one cock. Just think about that slave, think about what you will have to do to earn your next release.”

Alan whimpered slightly as Katrina continued to apply pressure to his aching balls, driving him ever closer to an unauthorized orgasm.

“Who controls your cock slave?”

“You do Mistress.”

“And your balls and your ass?”

“You Mistress.”

“And what about your mouth… who decides what you get to lick and suck, and who gets to fuck it?”

“You do Mistress.”

“Yes slave, I do, and anyone I choose to let use it.”

Katrina gave a final squeeze and released Alan’s sack.

“You can let go now slave, just for a few seconds… just let that edge fade away, and then start stroking again. Nice and slow, just keep yourself nice and hard while I show you something.”

Katrina leaned over and opened a draw in the bedside table. She retrieved a small silicone chastity device and held it in front of her.

“This is for you,” she said excitedly.

Alan was at once excited and terrified at the thought of being locked and completely under Katrina’s control.

“I thought I’d start you off with a nice soft, pliable cage, just until you get used to it. And then, once you’ve accepted that this is how things are going to be, then we will order you a proper steel cage.”

“Thank you Mistress…”

“I can’t wait to have your key around my neck slave, so that every time I look down or see it reflected in a mirror I will remember and know that your cock is safely locked until I want to release it and give it pleasure… or pain, of course.”

Katrina placed the device on the bed right in front of Alan as he continued to gently stroke his cock.

“Look how hard you are slave, even though you’ve cum… it’s going to take a while to get that thing on, but it’s going to be so worth it. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been thinking about having ‘my’ cock under lock and key, I’ve come so many times just playing with this cage while I lay on the bed, touching myself and fucking myself with my new toy. I want you to be in a state of frustration you can’t even imagine right now slave, and I mean to make it happen.”

= = = = =

Alan opened his eyes and squinted at the clock on the bedside table, it was 8:15am. He lay still for a few moments, aware of the unfamiliar sensation in his groin. He reached down between his legs and felt the soft silicon cage that was wrapped around his cock, it felt odd but not too uncomfortable, and he wondered how much different a cage made of steel would feel.

After a while he turned over to find Katrina already awake and smiling brightly at him, her eyes displaying a mixture of excitement, arousal and nerves.

“You slept well…” she began. “How does it feel?”

“Umm… okay, actually, not too bad. I woke up about five, really hard… it was a bit uncomfortable then, but I eventually got back to sleep… Eventually.”
Katrina giggled at the thought of his poor aching cock swelling inside the Birdlock and waking him up.

“I hope you’re not going to ask me to take it off you,” she said smiling. “Because I love the thought of you locked up like that… thinking about me, all the time.”

Now it was Alan’s turn to smile.

“I love the thought of that too, but I might not be saying that in a day or two.”

“I wish you didn’t have to go back today. I hate us not being together all week.”

“I know, but it won’t be for much longer, it’s only about another seven or eight weeks until I’ll be back home for good.”

Katrina cuddled up to her husband and allowed her fingers to slide down towards his groin.

“At least I can still get at your balls,” she said, giving them a gentle squeeze. “I hope it was what you wanted, I think I maybe got a little carried away – I’m sorry if I went too far….”

“No, no, no… it was perfect honestly, absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have written it better myself.”

“Are you sure?” Urged Katrina. “I felt so mean at first being so nasty to you, but… I must admit, after a while I started to really love it.”

“Yeah, I could tell…”

“Don’t! I came sooo fucking hard. Wow… I must be really evil deep down.”

“Yes, four times! So don’t even try and pretend you didn’t love it.”

Katrina blushed slightly and then burst into a fit of the giggles.

“I hope you won’t try and deny that side of yourself. I loved it, honestly.”

Katrina cuddled closer into him, burying her face into his side.

“I do have one question though… who is the picture of?”

“Oh,” laughed Katrina. “He’s a French guy, I think his name is ‘Teddy’ believe it or not… I thought he looked pretty mean.”

“He certainly did.”

Katrina and Alan lay in silence for a few moments, until finally Alan broke the quiet.

“So what happens now?”

“Well, first of all you’re going to lick my pussy again, and then I guess we’ll have breakfast and then I’d better drive you to the station.”

“Umm, okay… but that wasn’t really what I meant.”

“Well….” Began Katrina, “…it’s up to you. It was your fantasy and I really hoped you enjoyed it, but I’ll understand if you don’t want to carry on.”

“No, no… I loved it and if you are okay with it then…”

“Yeah, I mean… I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable with the whole idea of cuckolding you, or involving other people, but… it was definitely hot to pretend.”

Alan allowed his hand to glide down his wife’s slim, smooth body until his fingers found her wet pussy. Katrina parted her legs as she welcomed his fingers between her soaking wet lips.

“Oh fuck yes….” She groaned, “I need your tongue on my clit so bad.”

Katrina rolled onto her back and Alan swiftly moved between her thighs, back to the place where he truly loved to be, and for the first time he felt his cock throb and pulse against the confines of his cock cage as he tasted his gorgeous wife’s sweet, slippery pussy. It was clear that this weekend marked a change in their relationship and he was excited to see where it would take them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story, I think it has been about nine months since I last wrote anything. A couple of months ago (well actually about a year now I guess) I had an email from an anonymous reader of my blog who told me that he loved my stories but he found it difficult to reconcile that with the way it made him feel about himself. He said he loves the stories but he wished I would write a story where the ‘wife’ is shown to really love the main character, rather than (as he put it) ‘enjoying his pain so much’.

That made me think, but at the same time, having read some of my older stories I realised how much less edgy my stories had become over time. I don’t really know why that is, but I suspect it is because I know that my wife/Mistress will read them and this makes me feel somewhat constrained when writing about certain subjects. So in that you can see the similarity between what the reader felt and how I feel about what I write…

So I got to wondering if I could write a story which would have a bit more bite to it, and please my anonymous friend. So how could I do that? And then the idea came to me to write the story with a twist, to have it appear that the guy is a total cuckold and then it turns out not to be the case… I hope the twist was executed well enough, without detracting from the story. I’m not really sure I managed to achieve the original aim of writing a story that showed the wife ‘not enjoying his pain’ so much – in fact that went out of the window somewhere along the way!

Still… never mind. This one has been a real struggle to complete and my last story ‘Do You Think I’m Evil’ was written well after this one had already been started. I think this has taken nearly a year overall, which is crazy. I’m still not convinced it’s my best work, but I think now it’s as good as it’s going to get and I’m glad I didn’t dump it because 12,000 words represents a lot of my time.

Anyway, hopefully you guys will let me know what you think, and I’m pleased to say I do have another story substantially on the go so all being well it won’t be too long until my next story is posted.

6 thoughts on “Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave (written May 2016-May 2017)

  1. Based on your comments at the end of your story, did your Mistress not know you were writing your earlier stories? Or just not reading them?

    • Hi T&H
      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Mistress did indeed know about and read my earlier stories, it’s strange… initially I never gave it much thought and then I think one day I went back and read ‘Owned’ and realised it was much harder than I remembered it. I think after that I became much more aware of what I was writing and that Mistress would read it. I generally gave my stories to her to proof read before I posted them, but this one I didn’t…
      I’m not hiding my stories, but I think I know which ones Mistress will enjoy and which ones she won’t. She really didn’t like ‘Do You Think I’m Evil’ at all, but again, do I write with Mistress in mind, or do I write what I really want to write? I think I have been toning down my stories for far too long because of what Mistress might think, and I think it’s come to the point where that’s not sustainable. Even this story is a bit of a cop out. I’ve noticed most of my recent stories are… how can I explain this, I think in recent stories there’s too much ‘talking about’ or ‘fantasizing about’ and not enough ‘doing’. Kind of justifying things because it’s ‘only fantasy’… I’m starting to find that very frustrating and my next story I think will push things beyond that fantasy zone. Bizarrely stories I wrote ten years ago are so much ‘harder’ and I hope I can write stories with that level of hardness coupled with better writing skills that I hope I’ve picked up with experience.
      So, the question arises, will Mistress read this story? I don’t know. It’s on my blog so it’s available to her to read if she chooses. Part of me wants her to read it because it gives her an insight into my ‘fantasies’ I guess… but I’m not sure it achieves much. I used to think it did, but now I’m not really that sure anymore.

    • Hi Darryl, glad you enjoyed the story and the twist. I wasn’t really sure about it, so it’s good to get some positive feedback.

  2. I too liked this story. While it doesn’t have the hard edge some other might it brings this ready along farther without me mentally pushing back and leaving the seen. Assuming that fantasy about cuckoldry is more common that actual consensual cuckoldry (I really don’t know of course) I think that this kind of softer narrative allows for the development of more nuance characters rather than characitures. In particular I think the dominant woman who giggle to themselves or out loud seem more plausible and this more engaging.


    • Hi D
      Glad you enjoyed this story as well, I’m just mulling over your last comment again and trying to formulate a reply…

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