Well This is Going Well…

10 hours since my new story was posted to Literotica and it’s now officially my worst rated story on the site! Three thousand views and 37 votes and the rating has fallen to 3.51/5.00, and I’ve received another (anonymous) comment:

“DOESN’T GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS: I feel sorry for perverts like you who just don’t know who you are as a human being. Sad, sick, sorry…”

Makes all those hours spent writing seem worthwhile doesn’t it? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Well This is Going Well…

  1. Ah Robert, don’t worry about the haters. It’s hard to hit it out of the park every time. Maybe someone will make a suggestion that you can incorporate into the story that will change people’s perceptions. But if not, don’t worry about it

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Thanks for your kind words, I realise my sarcasm probably didn’t come across in my post… it really doesn’t bother me at all, I just wish they’d be a bit more amusing and really go for it, of course it’s nice to get positive comments, but my favourites are the really wacky ‘Deliverance’ nut-job ones. 🙂

    • I found a link under your “Stories” category. Nice twist at the end. Cuckold fantasies can arouse me, but I wouldn’t go through with them.

      • Hi Roberto,
        Glad you found the story okay, it should just be further down the main page, unless it’s clicked over already… I’ve been away from my computer for the last day…
        Yes I feel the same, a hot fantasy but not something I think I could do for real.

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