Starting to Pick-up Some More Positive Feedback Now…

Okay, so as I hoped, my story is picking up some more positive reviews now, and the score has gone up to a respectable 3.97/5.00 on 63 votes (out of 6,300 views so far). If you’d like to visit Literotica to read the story and/or vote you can do so HERE voting is on the last page of the story at the bottom – just click on the number of stars you want to award. Or you can read it on this blog HERE or on my Google Erotic Writing Blog HERE.

So here are the latest comments…

Welcome Back! (by Anonymous user on 05/05/2017). I’ve missed your amazing writing, another 5 here!!!

I Liked It. (by Anonymous user on 05/05/2017). I feel the same as the long ago comment which inspired this. You gave hints/hopes early on. You had me worried a bit in the middle, but still hopeful. I thoroughly enjoyed the end. I wish there were many more stories like this as the usual ones catapult off a cliff and land on the rocks below in a flaming heap of ugliness. This retained it’s humanity while serving the desires of the characters. Golden.

Good story, thanks! (by Anonymous user on yesterday). I enjoy all of your stories and was happy to see a new one! Ignore the haters here, I think you write well and your stories are on my favourites list.

Wonderfully fun. Five Stars!! I maybe the Anonymous Asshole, and I’m sorry. (by Anonymous user on 19 hours ago). This was a great story. I guessed early that Alan may have been the husband, but it was still a fun read. Please continue writing!! Your good at it.

Thank you. (by Anonymous user on 10 hours ago). Great story and setup. I liked the way it played out. Didn’t expect the ending, but it was a nice changeup.

So, much more postive, I don’t really understand the fourth comment though – ‘I may be the anonymous asshole and I’m sorry’… what’s that all about? The second comment is particularly pleasing I must say, considering the goals when I started writing this particular story. So we shall see what the next few days bring.

I’ve got another story half written and I’ve got another one in my head (as of last night), so hopefully there will be lots to post in the near future. Thanks to anyone who has voted, I appreciate your support.

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