Once You Go ‘Virtual’ You Never Go Back (Apparently)…

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Mistress R showed me an article in this month’s Cosmopolitan about virtual reality porn which was quite interesting. They were talking to a company who are making ‘so called’ virtual reality porn, which actually sounds like good old POV porn to me, albeit with the headset on I guess it’s a more immersive experience. They also talked to the actors who were filming the scenes (rather awkwardly it sounded) and mentioned the problems of filming and of making VR porn for females.

Incidentally, while VR headsets were originally intended for gaming use, it seems that they are having a lot of trouble with that because it gives people motion sickness. So the next best use they can come up with is porn…

There seems to be a range of headsets, some cost £500 (the Oculus Rift), some cost £60 (a Samsung model) but there’s even a £3 Google Cardboard thing (which is basically a holder for your mobile phone – no really)…

I’m not sure I really understand how it works, but I don’t quite get how it can be actual VR, since it sounds a lot like a porn scene that plays out without any actual interaction. They were talking about how you can look down, but I’m not sure if this is more of a change of angle shot (again like POV) or if it’s actually possible to move your head about at any given point. I don’t understand how they would be able to shoot infinite angles all at once, but that may just be me being a luddite.

In any case, with actual actors there’s surely only so much they can do, and the obvious end game for this would be to have CGI ‘actors’ with which you could truly interact. But this quickly made me wonder just how far this would go. Given the furore over the likes of GTA and other violent video games, it makes me wonder if this technology wouldn’t ultimately lead to similar unpleasantness in VR porn?

Because once you can truly interact with your virtual porn star then, once you can ‘touch’ them and they react, then it isn’t going to be long before some people will think it will be fun to abuse them. After all, it’s not real, no one’s actually getting hurt – right?

I haven’t played a video game in a long time, but what happens when you play a car driving game, after a while you might get bored and then you start crashing the car just for the fun of it, or driving the wrong way around a track… same logic, it’s not real, no one’s getting hurt.

I just wonder if it isn’t asking for trouble if guys start interacting with a VR girl and ‘normalising’ behaviour they wouldn’t have normally. I mean presumably your VR girl will be up for anything and won’t protest no matter how badly they are treated, is that really a good thing. And honestly how long will it be before some less mainstream company make a version where the girls do protest, girls you have to slap around and force to do what you want?

Now I know you could argue that there’s already plenty of porn on the internet which is a bit ‘rapey’ and similarly there’s plenty of BDSM stuff out there which is quite nasty as well, but I think the interaction part might just be taking things a little too far. Especially as it’s a one-way thing, you can’t be ‘abused’ by the VR porn star, which is perhaps what most people might actually want, come to think of it, so it’s really only going to be guys throatfucking and doing who knows what else to their VR pornstar.

But then again, maybe I’m thinking too much into this. Apparently the immersive experience is very good, but I can’t help wondering how many people are actually going to sit there pulling their pud with one of these devices strapped to their head?

Just as a matter of interest, I Googled VR porn and this is what came up, I can’t say as I’m impressed to be honest, looks an awful lot like old fashioned POV porn to me, with the novelty of being able to move your head a bit.


And if the gaming side of things isn’t going to be viable then are people really going to buy this set-up just to watch porn?

The creators say that once you try virtual you never go back to normal porn, but I can’t help thinking that’s a bit premature. For one thing, it’s going to be an awful long time until there’s a VR porn film for every flavour and for another they are overlooking the fact perhaps that people are now used to porn being ‘free’ on the internet. I’m not sure people are going to shell out for a headset and then pay for scenes to watch on it as well.

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