New Story Posted to Literotica

I have a new story up on Literotica, it’s an old story from 2000 that I’m having to transcribe from a hard copy (and kinda rewriting along the way, but not too much because I don’t want to spend too much time on it). I’m not posting it here because it’s not a chastity/femdom/cuckold story, but if you are interested to read it you can find it HERE.

It’s scoring quite well (4.35/5.0) and has already been viewed over 7000 times, which isn’t bad considering it’s only been up about 6 hours. I haven’t decided whether to post it onto my erotic fiction blog yet, but I probably will.

As for ‘Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave’, well it’s over 16,000 views now and up to 4.44/5.00, so I only need another 0.06 to get a ‘HOT’ tag next to the title.

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    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Oh, no doubt I am hyper-critical of my own work… I’m trying to be less so, because perfectionists don’t get things done.

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