Part Two is Available Now!

Literotica have literally ‘just’ posted part two of my old story’Jessica at the Finishing School’ on their site. So far it’s had 25 views and one rating which means that it currently has a 5/5 score! I really should screenshot that because there’s no way that’s going to last…

Hehehe, had to do it…

You can find part two HERE. Voting is at the end of the second page, just click on the stars.

I was up until 1:30am last night transcribing the third part so I’m hopeful I can get that finished and submitted by the weekend.

I’ve just noticed I had a big spike in views yesterday on this blog. That’s nice to see because the stats have been looking pretty poor of late. Yesterday I got nearly 1000 views and I haven’t had that in a looooooooooooong time. Not sure that anyone clicked on the Massive Ego videos though… oh well.

2 thoughts on “Part Two is Available Now!

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Aaaaaand we’re down to 3.33! And a comment – ‘Old name, new name it’s still a stinker!’…

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