Earlier today Mistress mentioned to me that in our local ‘magazine’, there was a comment about the high pitched ‘hum’ coming from the nearby industrial estate… bear with me on this, it will result in a hilarious* punchline – honest. We both agreed that we’d really never heard or noticed it, and then promptly forgot about it – well I certainly did.

So later on, Mistress and I decamped to the bedroom where we could hear a low level but distinct hum seemingly coming from outside. Bizarrely even though I shut the window and the secondary double glazing (which is highly recommended for noise pollution I might add) it was still audible. Hmm…

Putting it to the back of our minds, I settled between Mistress’s silky smooth thighs and licked her delicious pussy until she had a lovely orgasm. Usually after Mistress has cum I like to worship her feet but she has had a pedicure today and she’s paranoid about ruining the nail polish so I had to settle for kissing her lower legs for a short time… which was still lovely.

After that Mistress teased my cock very close to the edge, indeed, much closer than I thought in fact, because when I got out of bed afterwards I realised there was an awful lot of pre-cum that I hadn’t noticed was there before…

Still there was that low humming, and I was beginning to wonder if it was going to annoy us enough to stop us getting to sleep. It sounded more like there was a car outside ticking over, but I couldn’t see anything and though that does happen sometimes it doesn’t usually last nearly an hour.

Mistress had opened the window after she finished teasing me because I was really quite hot, but now I shut it to see if it made any difference. Not really, no. Maybe we were just noticing this hum now because we’d read about it? Well, maybe but it seemed too loud that we wouldn’t have noticed it before… seriously that would not have happened, Mistress is very ‘sensitive’ to noise… and even I could hear this clearly.

Mistress got up first and then I got up and discovered the extent of the pre-cum mentioned earlier… I shut the window again and was perturbed to realise that our wonderful secondary glazing was making no difference whatsoever to the hum. Then as I stood by the window I moved a couple of feet towards the head of the bed and the noise seemed louder somehow. The wall behind our bedhead faces on to next door’s driveway, so for a second I wondered if there was a car running on their drive – as unlikely as it sounded, it was a possibility.

I went into the front bedroom and opened the window to be greeted by utter silence, I returned to the bedroom and the hum was still there. Weird! I moved to the window again and then towards the head of the bed, it was definitely louder here. And then it dawned on me. Earlier I had opened the drawer where we keep all our sex stuff, and sure enough when I opened it again I could see a little red light on in the drawer… somehow I had managed to turn my vibrating butt plug on and that’s where the hum was coming from!

Thankfully we noticed before we got involved with the local residents action group, and a disturbed night was avoided. Still, I guess the battery would have run out sooner or later…

— — — — —

I hope you all enjoyed the video I posted yesterday, believe me – it was a LOT of hassle to dig the code out of Tumblr but now I know how to do it it might come in handy again sometime… I thought it was great anyway.

— — — — —

Collaredmichael brought up a splendid word in a comment he left on my other post yesterday – Vacillate: hesitate, waver, falter, to show irresolution or uncertainty. This is the perfect word to describe my state of mind when it came to deciding where I wanted to be allowed to cum the other day. I shall be remembering that and attempting to add it to my vocabulary forthwith!


*Okay. Maybe ‘hilarious’ was overselling it a little.

This is Such a Great Video!

As you know, I’m not a great fan of Tumblr, it seems to embody everything wrong with modern life, the disposable nature of it… you could curate the best collection of whatever you enjoy on your Tumblr but no-one will actually ever look at it because they are constantly bombarded with endless posts day in day out…

And yet, just occasionally, something comes along which actually has some genuine merit! Something that I so wanted to share with you that I actually managed to find a youtube video to tell me how to extract the damned code from Tumblr so that I could repost it (if you wanna know then click HERE, for me the hardest part was getting the post on it’s own page – try ‘Permalink’).

So what do we have here then? Well clearly not a ‘professional’ type video, but something that genuinely looks like what it seems to be, a couple in their home having fun. It’s not the best quality video but in a strange way that kind of adds to it, rather than detracts. I really like that she’s just wearing a casual T-shirt rather than being ‘dressed up’ for the occasion, if you know what I mean. Overall you just feel like this is a just a ‘normal’ night in their house… fantastic!

It’s like a sub-male’s dream, kneeling on the floor and worshiping his wife’s feet and pussy while she (seemingly) watches porn on the TV, and drinks from a bottle (wine or beer I’m not sure). It just strikes as very genuine and her expressions are very hot, and I love the way she pulls his head into her as she gets close to cumming… all in all a very cool video I think, and I hope you agree…

Not that I’m advocating joining the cult of Tumblr of course, but if you should feel the need to view mine, the link is on the right side of the screen.

A Little Freedom Only Reaffirms the Desire for Control…

Collaredmichael said: I know your dilemma. When I finally get to cum, I’m hoping my Queen takes all the decision making out of my hands. That way I won’t have any regrets about where I choose. That won’t be for awhile yet, but we all have our favourite spots and vacillate back and forth between spots. Take the decision out of my hands and I’ll be much happier in the long run.

Although I totally understand and relate to what Collaredmichael said here, I don’t want to say I 100% agree with this because receiving a voucher that allows me to choose where I cum (within boundaries…) is a lovely thing and, for example, when I told Mistress that I wanted to cum on her pussy not so long ago, it seemed like she was genuinely surprised, like she would never have thought of that.

I really loved kneeling between her wide open thighs and cumming all over her gorgeous pussy and then licking it clean, it was absolutely hot as hell (so yeah, why didn’t you pick it last night you knuckle head!), so at the very least I would like to retain some input, because… lets be honest, I’m not sure Mistress really devotes that much time to thinking about where she’d want to let me cum, whereas I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it. I doubt Mistress would ever have thought of having me cum on her beautiful feet if I hadn’t suggested it first either, and that is something else that is phenomenally hot for me.

I think the thing is, Mistress probably thinks the treat is that ‘I’m getting to cum’, but for me the treat is more that I’m getting to cum on her pussy, or on her feet, or inside her, and then cleaning it up with my tongue. The orgasm itself is not such a big part of it really. I can honestly say I can get more pleasure out of being teased and left throbbing, really throbbing, than I can out of actually being allowed to cum. Which is probably why I was a bit down last night when I wrote my post, because it’s not like I get to cum again in a couple of days and choose better this time, it could be a long time. So it’s kinda hard if it’s not ‘perfect’…or rather not how I imagined it and wanted it to be.

It’s funny, I was thinking earlier today about writing a post about something and it ties in so neatly with this post that it’s all rather convenient. What I was going to say was, years ago when I first got interested in the whole chastity thing, like many of you I’m sure, I discovered Sarah Jameson’s blog. And I remember, she and her husband (I think his name was John) had a chastity contract where it stipulated the terms of his chastity and at the bottom there was a place for her to sign it if she ever wanted to make his chastity ‘permanent’. If I remember correctly he had already signed it, he was all for it, it was left open for her to sign it if she ever wanted to and if she did that meant that she would effectively never let him cum ‘properly’ again.

At the time I thought, wow – that is seriously hardcore. But looking at it now I can totally see why he would want that. When you practice chastity for a long time, things change. In the beginning you want denial, and then you get to a point where your partner denies you enough that you crave wanting to cum. But then as time goes on (and I’ve read this on many other chastity blogs) you get to a point where ‘orgasm’ is no longer a goal, in fact it’s often a bit of an anticlimax.

Of course in the moment you get that massive rush, but afterwards you kind of wish you hadn’t. It’s so hard to explain, but other chastity guys will be nodding their heads I’m sure. Like I said earlier in this post, being teased to the max and left achingly hard and desperate is better than actually being allowed to cum, so I can totally understand why John would want to sign away his real orgasms and only have ruined ones.

I remember Sarah writing quite a lot about this, and saying how at times she was tempted to sign it, but that she did enjoy making him cum occasionally. I think in the end she decided that it didn’t matter if she signed it or not, because she was quite prepared to make him wait indefinitely to cum properly if she wanted to, and she also said that even if she signed it, since she was in control she could rescind it whenever she wanted anyway. So I guess she never actually signed it…

This makes total sense, why tie yourself down to a rule which effectively removes the control from the ‘Mistress’, surely it’s better to leave that door open for her and also to provide ‘hope’ for the guy whose dedication to chastity is wavering as he’s edged hard and his body craves release. Because, sure, I can tell you now that I would rather be edged and left aching than be allowed to cum, but bring me within a few seconds of cumming and primal instinct takes over. In that moment you genuinely want release and the thought that you’ll regret it after is nowhere to be found.

So yes, there’s definitely two sides to this argument… I do love to see my cum spattered across Mistress’s feet/pussy/breasts/ass… (when you haven’t got a cock ring on and it can actually splatter 🙂 ) and I love licking it up too, it makes me feel very submissive (of course) and I like that a LOT. True, Mistress could definitely have me ruin my orgasms onto her feet/pussy/breasts/ass… and that would be really cool too, maybe even better than being allowed to cum? Maybe I’ll find out soon? I hope so. I’m totally prepared to let go at the last second, 100%!

At the moment I seem to be having one proper orgasm and one ruined orgasm per month and I’m very happy with that. Our chastity has developed pretty slowly, it took several years for Mistress to get comfortable with ruining orgasms, but I’m happy that she has now and that the balance is slowly but surely shifting towards the majority of my orgasms being ruined. It’s important that Mistress is comfortable with this too (obviously) and if this trend continues then hopefully in a year or two it could be that the ruined orgasms outnumber the proper orgasms quite considerably. I would be very happy if they did, as long as Mistress was happy too.

Going back to Collaredmichael’s comment though, I must admit, vouchers are nice and everything, but being controlled is a big part of this whole experience and it is definitely more ‘comfortable’ leaving the power in the hands of your Mistress. Strangely, being allowed some ‘freedom’ now and again only seems to reinforce that desire to be controlled, which makes it a very good thing indeed!


A Bit of a Strange One…

What a strange evening this has been… we were expecting to go to bed tonight but when I got home I had a headache and felt really tired, I was dozing in the car on the way home (I wasn’t driving) so after tea I decided to go and lie down for a bit. Our cat came up and kept me company for a bit, and I picked up a book I’ve printed of some of my stories. I read ‘Once a Month’ parts one and two and then went to sleep for about an hour.

When I woke up I felt quite odd, but intensely horny, almost, well not ‘almost’ at all, literally quivering with ‘need’. This doesn’t happen to me very often, but when it does I feel like Mistress could have me do whatever she wanted and I wouldn’t even question it. I must admit I love this feeling so much…

I quickly got out of bed and heard Mistress on the phone downstairs, I shaved and jumped in the shower, my head still slightly spinning, and when I got out of the shower I heard that she was still on the phone. You may think nothing of this, but we are not ones for long phone calls (or any phone calls really) so this was a little inconvenient!

After a few minutes I decided I would go downstairs and expecting Mistress to be sitting on the sofa I figured I would worship her feet while she finished her phone call. But when I got downstairs she was sitting at the dinner table, so much for that idea. Fortunately she finished her phone call quite quickly then and came over to see how I was feeling.

I told her I wanted to make her cum right now. I was still feeling pretty weird and probably looked like I felt pretty weird too. But Mistress came upstairs and I was in Heaven licking her gorgeous pussy until she came on my tongue.

I kind of got the feeling that Mistress didn’t think I was up for anything myself, and I was kind of in two minds about it given how sleepy and ill I had been feeling (maybe that should have been a red flag). But I was really hoping to be allowed to cum, so I slipped the rubber cock ring on, mindful of the last teasing I had, and Mistress started stroking my cock. She asked me if I’d come to any decisions yet about where I wanted to be allowed to cum.

Not really, although I had narrowed it down to three possibilities… but more than that it was hard to say. Mistress slapped my cock and balls quite a bit as I tried to think, and she warned me that time was running out. She even suggested that if I didn’t have an answer for her when the time came I might have to forfeit my voucher.

Over the last couple of days I hadn’t so much decided that I wasn’t going to choose cumming on her feet, as it had just taken a backseat in my thoughts, I’d only realised this today. The three places I was focusing on were on her breasts, on her pussy or in her mouth. I still didn’t know whether she would let me cum in her mouth, and I still couldn’t make a decision even though Mistress was stroking me quite hard and fast and clearly trying to edge me.

In my head, I thought that if I chose her breasts Mistress would stroke my cock and pump my cum out over them, most of the time when she’s teasing me she’s laying across me with her breasts quite close to my cock anyway, so that was my thought process there. I also thought then that she would then lean over me and let me lick them clean…

As Mistress continued to stroke me she got up on her knees and turned to face me, she looked so gorgeous and I really could barely think straight at this point. I could feel the edge approaching and looking at her gorgeous tits and pussy the thought of asking permission to cum in her mouth went completely out of my head.

I was caressing her gorgeous breasts as she stroked me and then realised I was getting close. I warned Mistress, still not entirely sure that this was THE moment, I was still thinking she might edge me and then tell me ‘not today’ like she did last time. But no, this was the moment and Mistress looked down at me sternly and said one word.


As I looked at her delicious, beautiful pussy I felt my cock pulse and yet I heard myself say ‘I want to cum on your tits’… completely oblivious to the fact that I hadn’t made clear to Mistress that I was hoping she would be pumping my cock at the vital moment. Instead Mistress said ‘You’ll have to do it’, and she lay down, squeezing her tits together as I got up onto my knees and started to stroke, or try to. I think the cock-ring was a mistake, my cock was so fucking hard and tight that with the cock ring on I could barely stroke it! And I was already regretting my choice and thinking why couldn’t I have said I wanted to cum all over her beautiful pussy… (Oh, fiddlesticks.)

Mistress seemed to think she was about to get blasted in the face given the expression on her face (and the way she was turning her head away), but in fact the cock-ring was doing a damn good job of making it hard for me to get any cum out of my cock! I mean there was a good bit, but there was a lot more that didn’t come out until I took the cock ring off later.

As soon as I finished cumming I bent down and started licking my cum off of Mistress’s skin, she said ‘Don’t waste a drop’, and I didn’t, I got every bit of cum that I’d managed to extract from my cock. Don’t misunderstand me, it was lovely, but… it wasn’t really what I’d hoped for, and I really regretted not cumming on Mistress’s beautiful pussy again.

I really wish I’d explained to Mistress how I wanted to cum on her breasts beforehand, it’s my fault and deep down I knew this is how it would end up, because this happened before and I regretted it then too. The stupidest thing was even as I was looking at her gorgeous pussy I could hear myself saying ‘I want to cum on your tits’ and it was like – what, wait, why did you go and say that??? Damn!

Voucher’s are wonderful gifts, but… I think in future I need to a) make a decision in advance and stick to it, and b) make sure Mistress and I are both clear on exactly what I’m asking for.

I feel quite gutted now, because Mistress gave me a wonderful gift and because I chose badly it feels slightly wasted. If only I’d thought it through more carefully I would have loved to have had Mistress stroke me (perhaps with lube, given the tightness of the cock ring) and shoot over her gorgeous, sexy tits…

But I loved making her cum, that really was wonderful, and that’s the most important thing after all…

A New Record…

Mistress has just had her 725th orgasm since we started this blog (April 1st 2011) and not only that, as it stands, since the start of our sixth year of full time chastity Mistress has had 25 orgasms to my 2, a ratio of 12.5 : 1. I don’t think it has ever been that high at any point since we started counting! Definitely something to celebrate. As it happens, we’re going out to dinner tomorrow (for my Mother’s birthday) but no reason we can’t privately treat it as our own little celebration. 🙂

Of course, if Mistress lets me cum sometime this week (so that I can use my voucher) that ratio will come crashing down to 8-9 : 1, but even so, it’s pretty exciting to think that it wasn’t that long ago we were just about hitting 10 : 1, and now that’s already pretty normal for us.

After Mistress had her orgasm on my tongue, she set about teasing me. For some reason my iron-hard cock has decided to revert to being slightly bendy, which is annoying – obviously, but there you go. Despite this Mistress did a wonderful job of teasing me and allowed me to lick her asshole (which definitely helped!), and then while we kissed and she continued to stroke my cock she started asking me if I had thought about where I’d like to be allowed to cum if she lets me.

Well, obviously it’s been playing on my mind a lot. I think maybe Mistress thought I’d settled on asking to be allowed to cum in her mouth, since I’d gone to the trouble of asking for clarification and all. Which explains why she asked if I’d thought of a back up plan in case she decided not to let me… hehe. Well that would be lovely of course, and I told her how much I loved it last time she let me cum in her mouth and she spat my cum into my mouth (oh yes, fucking HOT!) – and she upped the ante by asking me if I’d like to be allowed to cum in her mouth while looking at her ass… I’ll give you three guesses.


But still, if I’m honest I haven’t decided… it’s such a big decision. I love cumming on Mistress’s gorgeous feet, but tonight Mistress left her bra off and I was reminded just how beautiful her tits are and how much I’d love to cum on them as well.

But also, I really, really loved cumming on her pussy and licking it clean, that was awesome too. I probably wouldn’t choose to cum on her ass this time, only because that’s where I came last time… but next time I might, because as you guys know – I really love her ass!

Aaah. Only a few more days left of June, so it’s either going to happen this week or it’s not going to happen.

I’ve been thinking about the letter today, the letter Mistress wrote is very good but it does leave some loose ends which I think we should tie up. Having said that I do think the letter can really only open the door to a conversation between you and your partner. And I really think that before anyone uses the letter they should really think about what they want and think about how they are going to answer some inevitable difficult questions.

We will endeavour to post the letter soon, once we have given it some more thought. Mistress didn’t like quite a bit of my letter, and on reflection it does come over a bit ‘salesman-like’, which was not my intention but there you go. I wanted her honest feedback because I needed to get a woman’s point of view, and this is the thing we have to remember, it’s not us men that are going to be reading this letter and trying to understand, it’s our wives.

I did think about amalgamating parts of the two letters, but I tried and I end up with so little of mine that it wasn’t really worth it. I’m sorry for the delay in finalising this, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait in the end.

On Sissification…

tayphad commented on A Broken Marriage Redefined: Really loved your story! It is wonderful that these two can get back together (with a few changes) It would be wonderful for him to be s sissified , cuckhold husband!!

Thank you for your comment tayphad. If you’ve read all my stories you probably know that sissification is something that I have never included. An awful lot of cuckolding stories go down that route because it’s an obvious way to go to extract maximum humiliation from the ‘husband’, but to be honest it would never enter my head to write about that, because personally it doesn’t do anything for me.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it, I’ve written about guys swallowing cum, sucking cocks, even getting fucked in the ass (in ‘Owned’) by their wife’s lover/s, but putting a bra on is a step too far for me. Hahaha…

Part of me thinks I should write it just as a challenge, but it’s quite hard to write about something that has zero interest and make it erotic. Sorry…



How Did You Find My Blog?

I’d be interested to know, because ever since I moved from Google to Fetblogger the numbers have never recovered. The last couple of months that my old blog was in existence, the views were 72,000 and 63,000, but since I’ve moved here the highest I’ve ever got was 27,000 views.

My old blog, which is now just my stories, is still getting 8,000 views a month!

Is it because people are scared of visiting a blog on an unknown host maybe? They think it’s going to be full of malware, or is it that a lot of people are only interested in my stories and don’t feel the need to make the jump to keep up with my whingeing, or is it just that Google prioritizes it’s own blogs in the search results? I noticed when I Googled Male Chastity that my blog wasn’t anywhere, and yet Monkey in a Cage was on the first or second page. So maybe that’s not the answer…

If it had been a steady decline I would just assume that people weren’t looking because they got bored or because my content was steadily getting less interesting (and that could well be part of it) but the cliff face that was there to here was pretty considerable.

So if you didn’t follow me from Google to Fetblogger, could you let me know how you found my blog, I would be really interested to know.

‘Three Days of Torture…’

Last night I was randomly Googling ‘Chastity’, one of the reasons being to find out how high up the results my blog would come. Well I didn’t find it, which is a little troubling… Hmm.

Anyway, I found this article about a guy who tried a chastity device for three days (you can read it HERE), and the bit that stuck out in the article was this:

The weirdest thing about the chastity device was that it made me think about my dick all the time, while also rendering it completely obsolete. I wanted to fuck everything, but I couldn’t fuck anything. It was sort of like having a black hole in my pants, pulling everything toward it, but there was nothing there.

I think the thing that does appeal to me about the whole chastity device thing is this thing of being constantly aware of being physically unable to touch it and constantly being reminded of the fact that someone else holds the key. That’s the one thing about the ‘honour system’, you really miss out on that side of things.

On the other hand, I can piss standing up, and don’t have to worry about cleaning my cock while it’s inside a cage (I still don’t get how that works for those of us who retain our foreskins…) so I guess it’s a trade off with pluses and minuses on both sides. Plus last time I tried mine on it stuck out a mile, no way could I do my jeans up. It was fucking hilarious.

Moot point anyway,since Mistress R doesn’t like them, so I’ll probably never be wearing one.

Four Comments so Far…

After a poor start (3.17), my story has already climbed to 3.60, which is still a bit low, but my stories tend to start low and climb – I don’t know why that is, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed.

Four comments, three good and one not so good…

Anonymous said: Loved this story and its what has kept my wife and I together a long time.She has other men from time to time and I have a magic tongue to clean her up.
Works for us.

Anonymous said: Honesty is the best policy! Great way to save a marriage, now just need to add a chastity cage!

Jimmcdonald609 said: Highly erotic idea and very well written.
I am not a fan of episodic stories; however I would be interested in reading where this will go.

Anonymous said: Funnier than Hell! He would have taken one look at her, turned around and left. This is a man that is just days away from being divorced. Rather than have any submissive ideas, he still would have been full of anger. The minute he was out the door he would have called her sister and told her about what his ex-wife was offering. Mikey boy would have known about 10 seconds later. Even for fiction this was just stupid. Too soon into the divorce. She’d be lucky if he didn’t bitch slap her on his way out. The author has clearly never been through a divorce. STILL laughing at how bad this was.