All Five Parts of ‘Jessica at the Finishing School’ are now up.

Literotica has posted the final part of my story (re-written from a physical copy made in 2000), I’m not posting it here because it’s not Femdom/Chastity/Cuckold, though there is one Femdom scene in it. You can either read it on Literotica or you can read it on my ‘Erotic Fiction Blog’

Link to my Erotic Fiction Blog HERE

Part 1 on Literotica HERE

Part 2 on Literotica HERE

Part 3 on Literotica HERE

Part 4 on Literotica HERE

Part 5 on Literotica HERE

Once again the comment left on Part 4 has been deleted mysteriously. I don’t really understand this because users cannot modify their own comments and I haven’t deleted it. It’s a bit annoying really, I can understand that they might want to delete posts which were offensive or something, but saying my story sucked like a black hole is hardly that.

The scores are holding up well though, so I’m not too bothered. I know it’s not my best story, my next story will be all new and more appealing to readers of this blog, although I don’t know which of the stories I’ve started will get finished first!

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