An Old Blog Rediscovered!

Many years ago, pre-Tumblr, I set up an ‘Erotic Art and Photography’ blog. I had completely forgotten about this until the other day when I found it by complete accident. It’s distinct from my tumblr (and tumblr in general, which displays a staggering lack of quality control) in that it features mostly ‘erotic’ photos and art, rather than, well… y’know – FILTH!

So, despite there being very few actual posts on there it was still getting like 500 views a month, which is amazing considering there was about 20 posts on there (if that), so what I’ve done is taken all the best ‘erotic’ pics from my tumblr and added them on and I will update this blog from time to time, as and when suitable pictures arise.

You can visit Robert Anthony’s Erotic Art and Photography Blog HERE

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