The Return of the Rants!

Some of my very long term readers may remember that a long time I had a separate ‘rants’ blog. This eventually died a death, due to infrequency I guess… and I think I deleted it, although maybe not, I seem to be finding old blogs all over the place!

Rather than start it up again for seven people to read I thought what I would do is incorporate it here, but since it isn’t related to the overall theme of this blog what I will do is post my new ‘rants’ using an old date, so the post will appear on the blog but not at the top. I will then label the post ‘rants’ and people will be able to access my verbal diarrhoea through the menu on the sidebar.

For those of you who subscribe to my blog, the rant posts should arrive in your inbox as normal. Apologies in advance! 🙂

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