Just to be Clear, it was Definitely Ruined…

Mistress caught up with my posts today (I don’t know how many she had to catch up on?) and said she didn’t think I made it clear enough that my orgasm yesterday was ruined. So, just to be clear, it most definitely was! There was zero ambiguity, her fingers were well off my cock before I started to ‘cum’… it was absolutely, positively and perfectly ruined.

I love that Mistress is getting used to ruining me, it took a long time for her to be comfortable with doing it (a lot longer than it took her to get used to slapping my balls I notice…. hahaha) but now she seems fine with it, which is great and of course means that longer periods of chastity are more likely to occur more often.

I really love that Mistress is allowing me to worship her gorgeous ass more often as well, and while nothing has happened yet, we have discussed the possibility of making it something that doesn’t just happen during ‘sex’, but also something which can happen at any time, whenever Mistress feels like it. This is a long held fantasy of mine and I am really hoping for (and looking forward to) this becoming as normal as foot worship, although I doubt it will happen as often.

Hopefully it will gather momentum like the ball slapping and the ruined orgasms, I can’t wait for the day Mistress calls on me to show my devotion and then when she’s been sufficiently worshipped, stops me and tells me to go about my business. HOT! :

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By the way, I know I said my story was going to be posted on Tuesday… and it’s now Wednesday. It is essentially finished, but I need to read it through again before I post it, so please bear with me, I will try and get it finished tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

2 thoughts on “Just to be Clear, it was Definitely Ruined…

  1. Simply awesome. Hope she keeps you more and more on chastity, and that you keep giving us such interesting relates and stories. I don’t yet had the courage to suggest chastity to my girlfriend (we don’t have a mistress/submissive relation – yet – but we sure enjoy some foot worship/spaking/domination, elements in our sex life). I discovered your blog recently (trough literotica), and liked a lot. I’ll keep visiting, perhaps i’ll get the courage to go to the next step and suggest some chastity stuff.

    • Hi potential submissive
      Glad you found my blog and that you’re enjoying it… well it sounds like you’ve made a start anyway. That’s good. Chastity is a difficult thing to initiate because most women have zero understanding of it – which is understandable. I might address this in a post in a bit…
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

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