The Creative Process: Swimming!

This morning I went swimming, which is not only good exercise but also a good place for me to be creative. I was thinking about writing a story which centered on ‘ass worship’, and the idea was that it would be a short story that basically reflected a fantasy of mine – that being ‘ass worship’ as a stand alone act of devotion.

So when I got in the pool and started swimming I began thinking about this, and thinking how I could write that and make it long enough to qualify as a ‘story’. So then I thought, well, okay maybe I could make it a story about ass and foot worship, but nothing more. And then I started having all these other ideas, and by the end of my swim I had the foundations of a multi-chapter story covering everything from exhibitionism, to cuckolding, to humiliation, to hot wife, to chastity, to milking, to masturbation, to… well the list goes on, frankly.

I said at the start of this year that I wanted to write four stories this year, I’ve already posted ‘Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave’ and my latest story will be posted tomorrow. I’ve also done the ‘Jessica at the Finishing School’ rework, but I’m not counting that. I set four as my goal because I wanted to set an achievable target and bearing in mind that I only managed one new story last year I decided on four as a number that was a big step up but not outrageous and unreachable. But now, I think it should be more than possible to post six new stories this year, and maybe a couple more reworks as well.

I’m toying with the idea of redoing ‘Owned’ or ‘Everything Has a Price’, mainly because they are quite old now and it bugs me a little that they are written in the first person. These would be a lot less work than ‘Jessica at the School’ because ‘JATS’ had to be transcribed from a physical copy whereas those two copy and pasted and then messed around with, for a starter I could replace every instance of ‘I’ with a character name and then go through and iron out any wrinkles and re-write any parts that I didn’t think were up to scratch.

But we’ll see, I’ve got so many ideas for new stories it seems crazy to spend time redoing old ones.

Apologies again for the delay with the new story, I will make sure that it gets posted tomorrow for sure.

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