Julia’s Cuckolding Journey (Written June 2017)

Names in the story have been changed because I want to use the original names and story line in a much bigger project, however I didn’t want to take this down completely as I’m still very pleased with how it turned out.



Ryan watched her undress, his cock stirring as he lay naked on the bed, while Julia slowly slid the tight fitting dress down and stepped out of it. She hadn’t bothered to wear underwear, the dress was too clingy and she knew she would be taking it off anyway. She moved towards Ryan, her heavy tits swaying slightly as she reached the bed and climbed on, reaching out for his thick cock and devouring it with her mouth as she sank down on top of him. Ryan moved his hands to her head and ran his fingers through her rich red curls, she was good at sucking cock and greedy for it too. Before he knew it, Julia’s lips were at the base of his shaft, her tongue just starting to tease his balls, she was the only girl he’d ever known who could do that… it blew his mind.

Julia worked his throbbing prick hard, then looked up at him with just the tip in her mouth, her tongue dancing all over it. Their eyes locked and his breathing deepened. Not yet! This was just the start, he regained control just as Julia’s mouth engulfed him again.

“Fuck…” he groaned. “…that feels amazing!”

Julia lifted her mouth off his stalk and licked her lips.

“What do you think my husband would give to feel my lips on his cock again?” She purred.

Ryan winced slightly, then pressed his hand down on her head, pushing it back down so that his cock was deep inside her mouth again. He’d never intended to get involved in this crazy life of hers, all he wanted was some ‘no-strings fun’… but then he met Julia. He couldn’t quite believe it when he’d first seen her. They’d arranged to meet in a bar and she walked in – dressed to kill in a tight black dress and four inch heels, her thick red curls cascading down her neck and over her shoulders. He vaguely remembered someone telling him redheads were crazy and best avoided, but no way did Ryan want to avoid this one.

They sat down and talked, it was clear she liked what she saw in him and he started to relax. Ryan worked hard at the gym and his tight T-shirt showed off his upper body well, and she looked incredible in her skin tight dress, her nipples clearly visible through the thin material and drawing attention from very man in the place. They drank until late and then went outside, the warm summer air hitting them like a ton of bricks. Julia took his hand and led him around the back of the bar, it was a scummy kind of alley but neither of them cared. She crouched in front of him and unzipped his jeans, desperate to taste him. Ryan leaned back against the wall and watched as she stroked his cock, looking up at him as her tongue flicked the swollen head of his large prick.

“I have a husband,” she gasped as she looked up at him. “But your cock is sooo much bigger than his…”

Before he could react, Ryan felt his meat sliding past her lips, into her mouth and right back to the entrance of her throat.

“Fuuuuck!” He groaned, his mind racing as he tried to process this new information and the sensations he was experiencing.

Julia groaned into his groin, her throat massaging the head of his cock as she sucked him deep while her hand fell down between her legs and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

“This cock is gonna make me cum,” she gasped between mouthfuls of prick. “I want this cock to make me cum and then fill me up… fill my pussy up with hot cum, are you gonna do that for me?”

Ryan could barely concentrate as it was, he placed his hands on her head and fucked her mouth briefly, pleased when she seemed to like it. He reached down, pulled her back up on her feet and bent her over a bin. It was his turn to crouch down now and he pushed the tight, clinging dress up over Julia’s shapely ass, pleased if not entirely surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He leaned forward and tasted her hot, wet pussy and a long, soft whimper escaped the woman’s lips. She pushed back against him, moaning louder as she felt his tongue enter her, while the tip of his nose gently nuzzled against her tight, pink hole. Her pussy was perfect, completely shaved and dripping for his cock and Ryan relished the taste of her deep arousal. He pulled back a little, put his hands on her ass and gently pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her tempting pink rosebud. He was about to lean in and press his tongue against it when Julia begged, “Put it in me, put in me pleeeease!”

Ryan released his grip on her ass and stood up. His fingers encircled his pulsing cock and he positioned the tip between her lips, she was so wet that he seemed to slide in without even pushing. He gave a shove of his hips and his length sank all the way inside her, bringing a fresh cry from her wide open mouth.

“Oh God yes, that’s soooo fucking good…”

Ryan took hold of her hips and worked his cock in and out, she was breathing hard with each thrust and pushing back, eager for more.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Make me cum!”

Ryan held her tighter and increased the speed of his thrusts, he fucked her faster and harder as he desperately tried to hold back his own orgasm, at least until she’d reached her climax. It wasn’t easy and he was glad she was so hot for him, because by the time she bucked hard on his cock he was already fighting a losing battle of his own. As her tight, sweet pussy clamped down around him it pushed him over the edge and he pumped hard and deep until his balls were completely drained inside her.

After a few seconds he staggered back, his cock slipping out of her hot, wet, cum-soaked cunt. His eyes were closed as he collapsed back against the wall and before he knew it he felt her down in front of him again, her soft, warm lips closing around him and sucking the last dregs of cum out of his softening cock. Damn, this woman was amazing…

And so began their affair. Ryan was slightly uncomfortable that she was married, but he couldn’t resist… she was just too hot to say no to. They met and fucked a few times a week for three weeks before Julia really opened up about her marriage. Ryan’s main concern was that he was going to end up looking down the wrong end of a baseball bat or a gun, but Julia assured him he had nothing to worry about. She arranged to meet him one night to set his mind at ease, though she worried that when she told him the truth about her relationship with Michael, Ryan might pull away. It had happened before, it could happen again, she simply wouldn’t know until she came clean and laid it all on the line for him.

— — — — —

Ryan closed his eyes and rested his head back on the pillow as Julia sucked his cock, he seemed to spend an incredible amount of time inside her mouth, not that he was complaining. It was like she couldn’t get enough of his thick, hard cock and she seemed to want to devour it at every opportunity. It didn’t seem to matter where they were or what they’d been doing, she was insatiable for his prick and took every chance she got to suck it dry.

He felt her release his cock, then slide up his body, her soft, fleshy tits gliding across his skin until her face reached his. They kissed deeply, their tongues mingling as he tasted his musk on her breath. She reached down between her legs and guided his cock between her lips, she was drenched already and she forced her pussy down onto his aching prick.

“Are you going to fill me up,” she pleaded. “Fill me up for Michael, fill my slutty pussy with cum for him, yeah…?”

Ryan could only groan as he felt her tight, wet pussy massaging his throbbing length.

“Whatever you want baby,” he moaned. “Whatever you want.”

— — — — —

The bar was quiet, it was a Tuesday after all. Ryan sat nursing a whisky on the rocks, Julia facing him with a vodka and Coke.

“Look, I want to be honest with you okay… I know this is kind of weird and believe me this makes me nervous as hell telling you this…”

Julia looked down at the table and then back up into his eyes.

“Because I think you’re great and I want to keep seeing you, and I hope you’re going to be cool with what I’m going to tell you.”

Ryan shifted and took a deep breath, his eyebrow arched almost imperceptibly and he leaned forward ever so slightly.

“I… I told you right off the bat that I have a husband, and I do… I do have a husband, and I love him very much.”

Ryan let out a disbelieving chuckle, but Julia continued undaunted and with emphasis.

“I love him VERY much, I know you probably don’t think so, especially given what we’ve been doing these last few weeks, but… I do. And he KNOWS that… and I know that HE adores ME.”

Ryan nodded apologetically, feeling sorry now that he had laughed. Julia glanced up to the ceiling and took a deep breath. ‘Here we go’, she thought to herself.

“Have you ever wondered what this key on my necklace is for?”

“Err, no. I… I dunno?” Ryan looked quizzical for a second and shook his head, no clue as to where this conversation was heading.

“Okay… well, have you ever heard of a chastity cage?”

Ryan shook his head a second time, “A what?”

Julia sighed, stealing herself for the worst.

“A chastity cage is… it’s a…. ‘device’ that locks around a guy’s cock and stops him touching himself or cumming, until he’s unlocked by the person who has the key.”

Ryan stared at her blankly, again – was this a joke, did such a thing even exist?

“Well that’s not strictly true… it is possible for him to kind of cum, but let’s not get into that right now.”

Julia might as well have been speaking in a foreign language as far as Ryan was concerned.

“Rrrrright, so this key is…?”

“For my husband’s chastity cage, yes.”

Ryan’s face crinkled as he tried to fathom this out.

“God this is hard to explain….”

Julia leaned forward, her voice becoming lower and conspiratorial.

“My husband is…. sexually submissive to me, I control his cock and decide when he gets unlocked and when he gets to cum.”

Ryan was pretty sure now that this wasn’t a joke.

“So he’s at home now,” Ryan began. “With some sort of…. cage locked on his cock, and you have the key.”



Now it was Julia’s turn to let out a small laugh, how was she supposed to explain this simply to someone with no concept of what she was talking about.

“Because he worships me and he loves being controlled by me and…”

“And in return you lock up his cock and cheat on him!”

“NO! No, there is no ‘cheating’, this is all out in the open, he knows exactly what I’m doing and with who…”

“And he doesn’t mind?”

“No, it was his idea.”

Ryan sat back in his chair and took a sip of his drink, he could see she was a little rattled and he decided to back off a bit.

“Okay… I’m sorry, go on…”

“Look it’s not important for you to understand every detail right now, the point is, I want you to know that I really like you… and I want to keep seeing you, but I also want to be straight with you that, y’know… I have a husband, who I love very much and…”

Julia’s voice tailed off as she struggled to find the right words. After a few seconds she picked up her glass, swallowed a good measure of the drink and wished there was more vodka or less Coke.

“So what does he get out of this exactly, this chastity thing?”

“I know… it’s hard to understand, God knows I didn’t understand it at first… but you would be surprised how strong it can make a marriage. Look I really don’t think I can explain it right now, I just want to know if you are okay with it and… if you want to keep seeing me?”

Ryan frowned for a moment and then asked, “Do you still have sex with him then, when he’s not locked in this…. cage thing?”

“Sometimes, yes. But I don’t always let him cum.”

“Seriously?” Ryan’s mind was completely blown.

“Uh huh, I’m usually on top and he knows he has to tell me when he’s getting close and that he has to ask permission to cum.”


“Yeah, he never cums without my express permission.”

Ryan picked up his own glass, finished his whisky and stood up. Julia looked at him with worried eyes.

“Where are you going?” she asked nervously.

“I think I need another drink.”

— — — — —

“Your cock feels so fucking good inside me, stretching me out… stretching my pussy so I can’t feel him anymore, will you do that for me baby?” Julia purred into Ryan’s ear.

Ryan responded by pushing his cock up deep inside her, filling her cunt right to the top with his thickness.

“Like that?” He asked.

“Yeah, just like that,” she moaned. “Ruin my slutty wet cunt for him.”

Julia started riding Ryan’s cock hard and fast, bouncing off the mattress as she slammed herself down on his stalk again and again, grinding her clit against his cock and pushing herself closer and closer to orgasm.

Ryan reached up and grabbed her gorgeous tits, squeezing them firmly as she bounced on his aching prick.

“I fucking love your tits,” he growled. “I wanna cum on your tits, they’re gonna look so good painted with my cum.”

Julia groaned loudly, the thought of her lover spraying her tits with his hot load was only bettered by the thought of her husband licking and sucking them clean. But not today…

— — — — —

Ryan returned from the bar with two fresh drinks and placed one in front of Julia.


He sat down and took a swig, before nervously biting his lip then asking.

“So, why are you telling me this now exactly?”

Julia stared into her drink for a second before replying.

“Because I really like you and I want… I want us to take this further. It’s been fantastic so far, but I’m looking for more, and if that can’t happen then I need to move on.”

Julia looked at Ryan, her lip trembling as she continued.

“I don’t just want you to be someone I fuck… I want you to be my ‘Bull’.


“My ‘Bull’.” Said Julia again. “My husband is my ‘cuckold’ and I want you to be my ‘Bull’.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, I have sex with you… like I said, my husband is submissive, he gives incredible head, but I miss being fucked…. hard, and that’s difficult when you haven’t cum for two months.”

Julia locked eyes with Ryan again, searching for some sort of response.

“Two months…” whispered Ryan incredulously.

“Sometimes more… sometimes a lot more. It depends.”

“On what?”

“How I feel.”

Ryan swigged his whisky again, really quite taken aback.

“So you get to fuck me, out in the open, there’s no stress about getting caught, you can come to my house and fuck me in my bed… in fact that’s exactly what I want, I want to feel you inside me in my own bed.”

“And what about… your husband.”

“Michael… well, hopefully he’ll be there too, eventually… when you feel okay about letting him watch.”

Ryan clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, this was all new territory for him.

“Just watch, or does he want to join in?”

“He’ll do whatever I tell him, and no more, so whatever you’re happy with. He can watch, he can worship my feet while you fuck me, he can hold my legs open for you if you want…. he can guide your cock inside me if it makes you feel better… whatever you want, he’ll do whatever I say.”

Julia held his gaze, wanting to say more but too scared to…

“I still don’t understand what he gets out of this?”

“Well, it’s complicated… I guess, I don’t really expect you to understand. He loves being controlled, he loves being inside me when I let him, he loves being allowed to stroke his cock when I let him, he adores making me cum with his tongue… and he loves it when I come home from our dates, completely sated.”

Ryan stared at the woman in front of him, unsure what he thought about all this… part of him wished she wasn’t so fucking sexy so he could get up and leave with no regrets, but Julia was truly unlike any other woman he had ever met and he knew deep down he simply couldn’t do it.

“He loves it when I come home full of your cum and I make him lick me clean, he gets so hard inside his cage… he swallows every drop. Seriously, every time you’ve cum inside me, I couldn’t wait to get home so he could clean me…”

Julia let her words sink in and a picture formed in Ryan’s mind’s eye.

“Yeah, but surely not when …?”

Julia nodded slowly.

“Yes, even when you came in my ass. Michael will do ‘anything’ for me, he worships every part of me… and he loved it.”

Ryan shook his head and blew the air out of his cheeks.

“You both make me feel special, it’s just his way is a little different to yours… and I don’t want to have to give up either of you.”

— — — — —

Julia leaned back as she continued to ride her lover’s thick, hard cock, while he stared up at her gorgeous, creamy white breasts.

“Can you hear it?” she asked. “Can you hear his beautiful cock moving inside of me.”

“Yes Goddess,” came a distant voice from the end of the bed. “I can hear it.”

Julia reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit as she rode, it only took a few seconds and then she was cumming noisily all over Ryan’s aching cock, but this time Ryan managed to hold back. She sank forward and kissed her lover deeply, thanked him for being there for her, then eased herself off his throbbing prick and climbed off the mattress. She walked to the foot of the bed where Michael sat naked on the floor with his back to the end of the bed. Though he wasn’t restrained, his hands were out to his sides clutching the bed end as if he were. Julia knelt down on the floor between his open legs and bent down to kiss him tenderly on the lips.

“Can you taste his cock on me?”

Michael nodded. They kissed again, deeper this time, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths while they shared the taste of Ryan’s delicious meat.

“One day baby, you just have to be patient okay?” she whispered.

Michael nodded solemnly as Julia reached down and closed her palm around his balls, giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Mmmm, they feel soooo full, I think maybe I should let you cum soon…”

“Please, Goddess, that would be amazing,” sighed Michael.

“Mmmm, but maybe not today. Soon though… if you’re a good boy for me. Are you going to be a good boy for me?”

“Yes Goddess…”

Julia smiled and traced her fingers along the steel cage that surrounded Michael’s cock.

“So much better than the plastic one,” she whispered. “I love seeing your cock trapped inside those bars.”

She reached down between her legs and coated her fingers with her juices, then offered them to Michael to clean, one by one.

“Oh you love that don’t you?”

“Yes Goddess, you taste incredible,” he answered as he sucked and lapped at each finger greedily.

— — — — —

“Not only do I not want to give either of you up, I want to take it further, I want to make his… OUR fantasies real. I want him to watch us fuck, I want him to see, taste and smell everything. I want his submission to go deeper than ever before, I want… YOU to be the one that takes his wife, right in front of him. I want to look into his eyes and kiss him while you fuck me from behind… and I want him to submit completely… to BOTH of us.”

Ryan listened and it took a moment for the penny to drop.

“Whooah! I’m not sure about that…”

“It’s okay,” countered Julia. “I don’t expect it to happen overnight… we can take it as slow as you want, and maybe one day, just think about it, for me… please.”

Ryan looked uneasy but he really didn’t want this thing to end, even if it was more complicated than he’d first thought. Damn, that was another whisky gone, he was really chugging it back tonight.

“Okay… I’ll think about it,” he conceded, but I can’t make any promises.

“Thank you Ryan, that means a lot to me… I really do love fucking you, and I really want you to come to our house and fuck me in my own bed. I really, really want you to do this for me… and for Michael.”

— — — — —

“Just think how far we’ve come sweetheart, I know this isn’t what you really want, what WE really want, just yet… but just be patient for me, I think it will work out in the end.”

Michael nodded as Julia rose up and returned to Ryan on the bed. He so wanted to turn around and watch them fucking, but he promised them both he would stay on the floor facing away, unless Ryan told him otherwise. So there he sat, clutching the end of the bed, listening to his wife riding and sucking another man’s cock while his own pulsed inside its cage. He listened carefully, his eyes closed tight as he pictured the scene behind him. She was sucking him again now, taking him deep by the sound of it. Michael knew what an insatiable cocksucker his wife was, and he wished he could feel her lips on his aching cock again, but that was not for him to decide anymore.

Above him Julia released Ryan’s cock from her mouth and straddled him once again, his cock slid easily into her silky, wet pussy and the pair grunted in unison as they started to fuck once again. Michael listened intently, hoping that soon Ryan would be comfortable with this new life that he had stumbled into and would allow him to kneel beside the bed and watch them writhe, but he knew he had to be patient. Ryan was the first one who’d allowed them to get this far, pushing too hard now might blow the dream apart when it was so close.

Julia slid down onto her back and pulled her lover on top of her, wrapping her legs around his back as she pulled him inside of her.

“Fuck me, fill me with your cum, I want it… I want it so bad!”

Ryan started to stroke in and out, slowly feeling the cum rising in his balls.

“Give it to me, pump it into me, fill my cunt with your spunk!” she begged, as she pulled him deeper with her legs.

Ryan increased the speed of his thrusts, ramming his cock in and out of her sweet pussy. The moment of no return approached suddenly and he groaned loudly as he tensed and slammed into her four or five times, each thrust propelling a huge spurt of creamy cum into her waiting slit. They kissed breathlessly, bathed in sweat, their bodies tangled together, until at last Ryan pulled away and his cock broke the seal. As he looked down he saw the trickle of white cum starting to leak from her well fucked hole and he knew it was time for Michael to take over. He milked the last few drops of cum out of his cock and wiped them on Julia’s outer lips, ‘an appetizer for her husband’ he thought to himself as slid off the bed and headed for the en-suite to shower.

Julia lay there, all too aware of the dripping sensation between her thighs. The moment she heard the en-suite door shut, as they had arranged, she called out to Michael who stood up and turned to face her on the bed. She looked stunning, her legs spread wide, her pussy stretched open, dripping with cum and waiting for him.

“Come here baby, clean my beautiful, used pussy and make me cum again.”

Michael climbed onto the bed and up between her soft, pale thighs. His cock ached inside its prison but all he could think about was his wife’s pleasure, he dipped his head between her legs and tasted, once again, her lover’s cum. Julia responded to his gentle touch and pulled him closer, forcing his mouth harder against her dripping pussy.

“Make me cum baby, swallow it all and make me cum…”

Michael swirled his tongue around her lips, slurping and swallowing Ryan’s load as it oozed out of her gorgeous hole. Despite the relentless ache between his legs, all he could think about was making her cum. All he wanted, more than anything in the world, was to feel her buck under his tongue and to know that she was his again. He moved upwards and began to play his tongue over her clit, just like he had done thousands of times before. Except of course, this wasn’t like all those other times, this was markedly different and they both knew it.

Michael’s expert tongue worked it’s magic and soon he was rewarded, Julia felt it starting and grabbed handfuls of her husband’s hair, grinding herself against him as he licked her pussy devoutly. The feeling continued to grow, until it ballooned out and took hold of her completely. She spasmed wildly, once, twice, three times… four times, five times, six times…. the orgasm hit her like a train and she howled her pleasure until it finally released her from its grasp.

Julia’s fingers slid from Michael’s hair and he gently moved up her body to cuddle her, his steel clad cock nestling against her soft warm, thigh.

“I love you, more than I ever have,” he whispered before kissing her gently on the lips.

“I love you too…” breathed Julia. “And I know you want to cum so badly, but it makes me cum so hard knowing you can’t… it’s worth it isn’t it? For me?”

“Yes Goddess, anything is worth it for you.”

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  1. First time I’ve visited your page or read your work… Super hot and very well written to say the least. Glad I found this, I will definitely keep coming back. Do you sell your work as e-book’s on like smashingswords or have a patreon btw?

    • Hi Ca5h3w
      Thanks for visiting and for posting a comment, I don’t sell my writing since it all gets posted on Literotica, but I have been thinking about it. Maybe I should get a Patreon account….

  2. Hi Robert

    This story is amazing and in my opinion your best since the equally excellent Girls Talk. I always love how you set the characters up and build tension. (Indeed it built tension in me until I was bursting). I am always a fan of cum eating (which I love to do) and chastity and cuckolding just add the extra element of excitement. I for one would love to be trapped and frustrated in a metal chastity cage and watch my wife in unbridled passion with her lover. I do hope you find the encouragement to follow up with a second chapter as I would love to see how far Julia drives Michael’s submission and journey into cuckolding.

    Keep up the great work.


    Ps. If you ever decide to write a follow up to Girls Talk that would certainly be greatly appreciated as well.

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