Chastity Letter Update…

Hi chaps, just to let you know that I’ve finished the first draft of the Male Chastity letter and I will be getting Mistress R to cast her eye over it soon. I hope you aren’t expecting too much from this letter, the purpose of it is really to introduce her to the concept of Male Chastity without scaring her off at the first hurdle, so there is no mention of chastity devices, ruined orgasms or any of that. When you see the letter you will understand a lot better the philosophy behind it, and you’ll have to trust me when I say that the fastest way to shut off your partner to the idea is to talk about locking your cock up and ruining your orgasms.

Look how long it’s taken Mistress R to regularly ruin me, you have to be prepared to play the long game if you want this to work. If you can get her on-board with the idea, then you can start to introduce the idea of chastity cages, ruining and milking… bringing those things up at the start is a recipe for disaster. Anyway, more on this soon.

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I’ve just finished writing another story, it’s a different kind of story this one, I won’t be posting it here because it’s not a Femdom/Chastity/Cuckold story, but it will be on my Erotic Story blog and Literotica soon, and when it’s posted I will provide a link here.

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