Seeking Clarification…

Mistress and I have just got out of bed, her completely satisfied and me still denied and waiting. I really thought Mistress was going to let me cum today for some reason, but it was not to be. I will let you into a little secret… I was all ready to cum on her feet if she allowed me to, but afterwards, having not being allowed to I thought I would take the opportunity to seek some clarification on the ‘rules’ of the voucher.

It says I can choose wear to cum, but obviously there are limits on that. Mistress has never allowed my cock inside her ass, so that’s a non-starter… and as I surmised, since I’m not allowed to initiate or ask for penetration (and haven’t been for over six years now) I can only choose to cum inside her if she has allowed me inside her during the session that results in me getting to use my voucher. In other words, if Mistress hasn’t already initiated penetration then I can’t (that’s how I understood it anyway – Mistress actually said only if I’m already inside her, but she’s unlikely to ask me while I’m inside her, though I guess if I get close while I’m inside her then… dammit, now I’m not at all sure what that meant!).

I assume cumming on her face isn’t allowed either (not that I particularly want to), but interestingly I asked if I could ask to cum in her mouth and she said ‘Yes’, although she quickly followed that up with ‘but I might not let you, so have a back-up plan ready in case…’

Interesting. At least I can ASK! 🙂

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