Four Comments so Far…

After a poor start (3.17), my story has already climbed to 3.60, which is still a bit low, but my stories tend to start low and climb – I don’t know why that is, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed.

Four comments, three good and one not so good…

Anonymous said: Loved this story and its what has kept my wife and I together a long time.She has other men from time to time and I have a magic tongue to clean her up.
Works for us.

Anonymous said: Honesty is the best policy! Great way to save a marriage, now just need to add a chastity cage!

Jimmcdonald609 said: Highly erotic idea and very well written.
I am not a fan of episodic stories; however I would be interested in reading where this will go.

Anonymous said: Funnier than Hell! He would have taken one look at her, turned around and left. This is a man that is just days away from being divorced. Rather than have any submissive ideas, he still would have been full of anger. The minute he was out the door he would have called her sister and told her about what his ex-wife was offering. Mikey boy would have known about 10 seconds later. Even for fiction this was just stupid. Too soon into the divorce. She’d be lucky if he didn’t bitch slap her on his way out. The author has clearly never been through a divorce. STILL laughing at how bad this was.

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