A New Record…

Mistress has just had her 725th orgasm since we started this blog (April 1st 2011) and not only that, as it stands, since the start of our sixth year of full time chastity Mistress has had 25 orgasms to my 2, a ratio of 12.5 : 1. I don’t think it has ever been that high at any point since we started counting! Definitely something to celebrate. As it happens, we’re going out to dinner tomorrow (for my Mother’s birthday) but no reason we can’t privately treat it as our own little celebration. 🙂

Of course, if Mistress lets me cum sometime this week (so that I can use my voucher) that ratio will come crashing down to 8-9 : 1, but even so, it’s pretty exciting to think that it wasn’t that long ago we were just about hitting 10 : 1, and now that’s already pretty normal for us.

After Mistress had her orgasm on my tongue, she set about teasing me. For some reason my iron-hard cock has decided to revert to being slightly bendy, which is annoying – obviously, but there you go. Despite this Mistress did a wonderful job of teasing me and allowed me to lick her asshole (which definitely helped!), and then while we kissed and she continued to stroke my cock she started asking me if I had thought about where I’d like to be allowed to cum if she lets me.

Well, obviously it’s been playing on my mind a lot. I think maybe Mistress thought I’d settled on asking to be allowed to cum in her mouth, since I’d gone to the trouble of asking for clarification and all. Which explains why she asked if I’d thought of a back up plan in case she decided not to let me… hehe. Well that would be lovely of course, and I told her how much I loved it last time she let me cum in her mouth and she spat my cum into my mouth (oh yes, fucking HOT!) – and she upped the ante by asking me if I’d like to be allowed to cum in her mouth while looking at her ass… I’ll give you three guesses.


But still, if I’m honest I haven’t decided… it’s such a big decision. I love cumming on Mistress’s gorgeous feet, but tonight Mistress left her bra off and I was reminded just how beautiful her tits are and how much I’d love to cum on them as well.

But also, I really, really loved cumming on her pussy and licking it clean, that was awesome too. I probably wouldn’t choose to cum on her ass this time, only because that’s where I came last time… but next time I might, because as you guys know – I really love her ass!

Aaah. Only a few more days left of June, so it’s either going to happen this week or it’s not going to happen.

I’ve been thinking about the letter today, the letter Mistress wrote is very good but it does leave some loose ends which I think we should tie up. Having said that I do think the letter can really only open the door to a conversation between you and your partner. And I really think that before anyone uses the letter they should really think about what they want and think about how they are going to answer some inevitable difficult questions.

We will endeavour to post the letter soon, once we have given it some more thought. Mistress didn’t like quite a bit of my letter, and on reflection it does come over a bit ‘salesman-like’, which was not my intention but there you go. I wanted her honest feedback because I needed to get a woman’s point of view, and this is the thing we have to remember, it’s not us men that are going to be reading this letter and trying to understand, it’s our wives.

I did think about amalgamating parts of the two letters, but I tried and I end up with so little of mine that it wasn’t really worth it. I’m sorry for the delay in finalising this, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait in the end.

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