How Did You Find My Blog?

I’d be interested to know, because ever since I moved from Google to Fetblogger the numbers have never recovered. The last couple of months that my old blog was in existence, the views were 72,000 and 63,000, but since I’ve moved here the highest I’ve ever got was 27,000 views.

My old blog, which is now just my stories, is still getting 8,000 views a month!

Is it because people are scared of visiting a blog on an unknown host maybe? They think it’s going to be full of malware, or is it that a lot of people are only interested in my stories and don’t feel the need to make the jump to keep up with my whingeing, or is it just that Google prioritizes it’s own blogs in the search results? I noticed when I Googled Male Chastity that my blog wasn’t anywhere, and yet Monkey in a Cage was on the first or second page. So maybe that’s not the answer…

If it had been a steady decline I would just assume that people weren’t looking because they got bored or because my content was steadily getting less interesting (and that could well be part of it) but the cliff face that was there to here was pretty considerable.

So if you didn’t follow me from Google to Fetblogger, could you let me know how you found my blog, I would be really interested to know.

8 thoughts on “How Did You Find My Blog?

  1. I came here by clicking on a link in another blog with the same topic. This of one of the blogs they recommended and followed. Perhaps there are a lot of old dead links pointing to the old place?

    Can’t you activate som type of URL-forwarding from your old URL to this one?

    • Hi Tony
      Thanks for your comment, the old place is still in use as an Erotic Story site, I didn’t want to close that site completely in case I ever needed to go back there and also it provides me a place to point people in the direction of my new site.
      I can only think that a lot of people are interested in my stories but not the rest of my content, but it seems a bit unlikely given the number of stories and the number of visitors it gets. Although I don’t know whether these are constantly new visitors or people returning again and again to read the same stories…

  2. RA,
    Have you looked at the analytics used by blogger vs wordpress? Perhaps one counts hits and the other unique visitors or whatever? If they aren’t tracking the same things that could cause numbers to be different. Monkey in a cage did get right back to it’s regular numbers after a bit though I did lose a lot of the email subscribers I had. I wish I could get more of those 🙂 either way our wordpress numbers recovered but we moved from wordpress to the private server which still uses wordpress.

    Hope that makes sense! 🙂

    • Hi Lady M
      I’m not terribly good at all the background stuff, I still don’t understand what a jetpack is or how to get a feed to show on the site… although I can’t say I’m terribly bothered…
      Wordpress seems to give a lot more detail than Blogger on the hits, which is good, I will have a look at the blogspot site though and see what I can glean from it!

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