There’s Nothing ‘Gay’ About It.

Look out for a new 4,500 word story from me over the next day or so… I think it’s quite a good one, a bit different, still Femdom, but unlike any of my other stories. At the moment the title is ‘Ready to Play’, but that could change of course…

This morning Mistress stroked my cock again before I left for work, I like this new Friday morning routine, that definitely works for me. 🙂 I was leaking pre-cum quite a lot as well, must have been hard a lot in my sleep last night!

One (very small) element of my new story has to do with double penetration, more specifically ‘double vaginal penetration’ (I won’t say more because I don’t want to give anything away). Funnily enough, I came across this article written about the same subject, which is well worth a read:

I definitely agree with the author on this, there’s nothing ‘gay’ about it, and it’s about time people opened their minds a bit and stopped judging everything so much. After all there’s only so many men with cocks like Pringles tubes, and wouldn’t two normal cocks feel better than one big one anyway?

Adriana seems to like it! – Look out for the hilarious roll-off by stunt-cock number one at the end of the clip.

Adriana likes a challenge apparently, you know how it is – one things leads to another and before you know it you have two cocks in your pussy and one in your ass! If nothing else it’s pretty impressive logistically… but surely you can have too much of a good thing?

Hilariously… despite her epic porno acting, it doesn’t even seem to bother her all that much…. which just goes to show what the human body is capable of I suppose.

If only that was the end of the story… but no, Adriana isn’t one to rest on her laurels apparently, but even she seems to have bitten off more than she can chew this time.

Seriously, three cocks in your ass (however briefly) that gotta hurt… although one fist is probably bigger than three cocks (even big ‘porno’ cocks). But again, logistically, those guys hit it out of the park. So, bravo to all concerned.

And of course, next time someone asks who my favourite porn star is, I’ll have a ready made answer!. 🙂

A Surprise Whipping…

Mistress and I haven’t had the best of weeks since the awesome Femdom session on Sunday, the weather has been pretty tiring, especially yesterday where it was very humid (especially in my office, which left me very drained by the time I got home). So it was good to have some bed time tonight, even if we were still feeling the heat (even though it’s not really that hot now – weird!).

After Mistress had cum she sneakily got the cock whip out of the drawer and surprised me with it. Unfortunately I was really overheated from worshipping her gorgeous pussy and we should have waited a few minutes for me to cool down. Consequently my cock was very slow to react, but once I started to cool down it picked up and by the end of my little teasing session Mistress had edged me a couple of times.

I really loved that Mistress thought to get the whip out, it helps that we’ve moved it somewhere where it’s more visible and it can only help us to keep in mind to use our collection of toys on a regular basis. Mistress didn’t over use the whip, but she used it a fair bit and it felt pretty harsh on my cock-head, but all good. I really, really wanted to ask Mistress to take her bra off and let me see her beautiful breasts while she was stroking me, but once I was hard I didn’t really want her to let go in case it went south, so I didn’t. Shame, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. I should have gone with my gut and put the cock ring on before we started, ah well.

After she’d finished I begged to taste her pussy again and Mistress straddled my face for a few seconds. She tasted delicious, as she always does and when she got up Mistress allowed me to kiss her pussy and ass a while as she stood by the bed. Actually I really loved kissing Mistress’s ass, that’s something we don’t do very often and I would love to do that more, especially as Mistress may find it less ‘intrusive’ than licking her asshole, which I also love of course…

New Canvasses are On the Wall…

Well the new canvasses look great, I got them done by It’s the third time I’ve used them and yet again I can’t fault them on delivery, quality and price. Admittedly they aren’t as ‘heavy’ as the ones we’ve taken down but they are perfectly fine. Luckily the two sizes I wanted were on at an extra good price this last week so the pair cost less than £50, which is brilliant really.

Oh My Goddess!

Just a quick post today, I hope you are all enjoying the new header and Mistress R’s gorgeous legs…. I know I am. Every time I look at them I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a Goddess for a wife! 🙂

Speaking of which, the new canvasses have just arrived. Although I haven’t had chance to open the boxes yet, so I’m really looking forward to that later. The only downside is that because of the new canvasses I’m going to have to repaint the bedroom this weekend. I suppose I could’ve got away with filling the old holes and touching up with the nearest red I can find, but it kinda needs doing anyway. Red is a high maintenance colour and shows marks quite easily. Still, it’s going to look great when it’s done I’m sure.

I got my refund today from the Maitresse P book, and I duly spent it on another book.. I’m not 100% sure of the title, it’s something like ‘The Reluctant Mistress’, it’s a guide book for the ‘reluctant Mistress’ I guess. It will be interesting to see what is said and how much of it I agree with, and of course I will be reviewing it at some point. Maybe if it’s really good it will be something I can recommend to my readers? You never know.

On the Amazon page blurb it suggested that if you were to buy this for your wife you might not like the outcome and if you just want some kinky sex you’d be better off buying her some furry handcuffs. I’d say this has promise, because proper Femdom shouldn’t be about what ‘he’ wants, should it?

Speaking of which… I know we still haven’t posted Mistress R’s letter, I keep meaning to get this done but for some reason it keeps slipping past. I will endeavour to get it done soon. Sorry for the delay.

Skeptics Apocolypse!

Yesterday I wrote quite a long post (which I haven’t published) which was triggered by the quote at the end of my review of ’22’s Diary’ by Maitresse P. I don’t know why, but it annoyed me a bit, I know it shouldn’t… but it did. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve heard that sentiment expressed, but I’ve only ever read it in fiction, which was most likely written by a man and projected onto a woman… this was the first time I’d seen it expressed by a woman*.

*Okay, I’m absolutely not getting into whether Maitresse P is a man or a woman and whether her diary is fact or fiction, and I will explain why in a minute.

I kind of get it, but at the same time… it’s not me, not the way I would behave, and so it’s hard for me to understand the mindset on both sides. But, I suppose if you are already married to a submissive man and you are only interested in dating well hung, super aggressive, ripped, black guys who probably take steroids and suffer the associated attitude problems, then I suppose men ‘asking’ if you like anal rather than ‘taking’ what they want would be a turn off… (that is, I agree, a rather specific set of circumstances).

Although thinking about it, being something of an avid ass-licker, maybe I would have my own work-around and wouldn’t actually need to ask, just see how she responds…

To be fair to Maitresse P, she does clearly say that guys like that are non-starters as ‘husbands’ and only good for fucking.

Yeah, actually that’s not helping is it?


So anyway, in all honesty I don’t really think that if I’d ‘taken’ Mistress R’s ass on our first date it would have gone well…

(I really hope not anyway, I really hope she’s not going to turn round to me now and say ‘Oh, yeah well you missed your chance there and set yourself up for an ass-free life’, because that would be very depressing. No amount of Lindt could pick me up after that I can tell you!)

But then again, as I’ve never actually had anal sex (well, not on the giving end anyway…) I’m not really sure if I’m missing anything or not. I probably am, let’s be honest… but since Mistress R is unlikely to ever want it, and since I’m never going to cheat on her or leave her, then I’ll probably die without knowing. Coming from a man who voluntarily gave up the right to initiate penetration, I guess you could say I’ve made my own bed (and then nailed the sheets to the bed-frame).

Okay, so let’s return to the whole ‘Maitesse P’ thing (you know the thing that I said I wasn’t going to get into), well… in fact there’s no need to limit it to that specific question… because in thinking about this I realised that I do tend to err on the sceptical side, perhaps almost too much. This hasn’t been helped by encountering certain people in the earlier days of the blog, who purported to be genuine and who quickly exposed themselves as utter fantasists.

It doesn’t really occur so much now, but at one time there was quite a few blogs where people were talking about being locked in chastity and even with my limited experience of devices, it was clear that they were talking absolute shit. And I just can’t be bothered with people like that, I just don’t see why you would ‘pretend’…

There used to be a blog, I can’t remember the name, it was ‘All For Her’ or something like that, and it was a very truthful blog about a guy who was trying to serve his wife as a submissive, and it was not an easy journey and he expressed his absolute frustration with the ongoing struggle and then his joy when he would have some small breakthrough. It was actually quite… distressing is putting it a bit strongly, but you know it was quite hard to read and I really felt for the guy because he wanted it so badly, and it was such a struggle for him to make any progress with his wife.

I mean, don’t let anyone tell you this lifestyle is easy, because it isn’t, it’s often very frustrating and not in the good way. But for the life of me I can’t comprehend why anyone would bother to write a fake blog about chastity, but people do and have and it makes you sceptical when new blogs appear and they don’t seem to have the right feeling about them.

That said, I do think that often I am rather quick to judge when I read other peoples writings, and this could easily apply to Maitresse P. I think what it comes down to is that in some ways my life has been rather… vanilla.

I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, I’m sure if my family, friends and colleagues knew about the chastity, the Femdom, the ball slapping, the cum eating and the strap-on… I don’t think they’d think I was ‘Vanilla’ in the slightest. But on the flip side to that, I married young. I only had one other girlfriend before I met Mistress R, the sex was largely non-existent and when it did exist it was rather poor.

I mean I tried… I went out with a girl who was three years older than me and still managed to pull a dud! Not to mention, thanks to her I missed out on teenage pussy completely!

I suppose blaming her for that is a bit harsh, but…. UUUUUURRRRGHH!!!!

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make, is that we (all) judge or appraise things we see / read with reference to our own experiences, and mine are fairly limited. I’ve never had a one night stand, I’ve never worn a condom (honestly), I had a blowjob in a car once…

I’m not ‘complaining’, I’m just saying that, for example, Maitresse P’s experiences (and let’s just take those at face value for now) are so different to mine that it’s almost hard for me to believe in it completely.

Now, that’s probably a better way to live than believing everything you read, sure… but I still think I’m a little bit too sceptical. For example, one thing that was said in the book was that she liked having a regular ‘Bull’ because she hated using condoms. Now, my immediate reaction to that is… okay, but since he’s fucking other people and so are you, that makes about as much sense as a chocolate teapot.

But this is it, isn’t it, people do have unprotected sex and rationalise it in whatever way they need to so they don’t have to worry about it. I have never cheated on a woman, or had multiple partners or whatever… I’ve never worn a condom because I’ve never had sex with someone I wasn’t in a ‘relationship’ with… so do you see what I’m trying to say here about judging other peoples stories by my experiences?

When I went out with my other girlfriend, she knew this other woman who was a bit older and had a kid. She was single, but the father was still (secretly) fucking her even though he’d left her to go and live with another woman who used to be the first woman’s friend (until they had a threesome and then it all went wrong…).

Even as a 19 year old I just looked at these supposedly older and more mature people and thought ‘you’re a bunch of fuck ups, I don’t want any part of this.. I want to find one woman that I love and marry her and that’s it’. And that’s exactly what I did, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m not upset that I didn’t do lots of wild and crazy shit, because I’m not that sort of person and I never have been, but undoubtedly it does colour my view on life and there’s not much I can do about that.

I guess I just have to tone down my scepticism a bit and see how it goes.

My Relationship with Pain…

Collared Michael said: I understand the lure and the pain of spanking. I don’t really like it either but when administered by my Queen it takes on a different slant. I find it hot and the pain is relatively fleeting. The thought of being disciplined is tremendously exciting. And once it’s done the memory is exciting. It’s only during that I really hate it. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but that’s how it is.

Collared Michael left this comment on my post about our recent Femdom session (16th July 2017), it was in response to comments I made in that post about when Mistress spanked me with a paddle for touching my cock without permission.

I remember buying that paddle, we were in London in the old ‘Harmony’ store before it moved to Oxford Street, I think it might have been on Tottenham Court Road. I remember there was an enormous butt plug in there and Mistress and I were having a bit of a chuckle over it and then I picked up our paddle and said I wanted to get it. Mistress said ‘Are you sure? It looks like it’s going to hurt’.

But I went ahead and bought it anyway, even though I really don’t like pain. The thing is, I don’t like pain in and of itself, I don’t crave being spanked or whipped, but I love when Mistress inflicts pain on me like that, because it’s symbolic of dominance and I love being dominated by her. I guess particularly because although Mistress controls my orgasms 24/7, she’s only really ‘dominant’ like that in our Femdom sessions and in the grand scheme of things they are fairly infrequent, so being paddled in a session is quite an intense hit of ‘dominance’ in one go for me.

I find I crave ‘erotic’ pain more, like having my cock and balls slapped for instance, and fortunately that happens a lot more often. Sometimes when I’m really turned on having my balls slapped doesn’t even register as pain, but with the ballstretcher on it definitely does. I still like it though, it’s just different.

It’s very hard to explain… and the other aspect of it is that I know Mistress likes paddling my ass, because it makes her pussy wet. Which is very hot for me… 🙂

The paddle really stung on Sunday though, seemingly more than usual. Probably because Mistress went straight for the leather side with no easy build up. Perhaps she wanted to teach me a lesson about touching my cock without permission. I will certainly be trying a lot harder in future. Not just because the paddle hurt, because she’ll probably find another reason to use it anyway… but because I have noticed that it seems to make a difference to my level of arousal with her when I totally resist touching my own cock altogether, and I really want to maximise that.

BOOK REVIEW: 22’s Diary by Maitresse P

I believe this is the first review I’ve written since moving the blog from ‘Blogger’ to Fetblogger’, which explains why until now there has been no ‘reviews’ label. It seems a crazy long time ago when I was getting sent sex toys to review… which was kinda difficult a lot of the time, what with being in chastity! I’m not even sure if those reviews got pulled across to this site, I’ll check…

Nope, it looks like they got lost along the way, I found some book reviews which I’ve gone into and tagged with the review label, but sadly my review of the bright green masturbation sleeve is lost forever… I seem to remember it was supposed to be modelled on some porn star’s asshole, which is rather hard to believe.

It looked not unlike this one, and I remember having to ask Mistress’s permission to test it out… I really don’t remember much about it, other than it felt very odd and I can’t say I was ever desperate to try it again.

On the other hand we did get sent the very beautiful blue glass G-Spot massager which we used all of once, despite the fact that it was very successful. I really have no reason why it has never been used again, it gets taken out of it’s bag every time we have a Femdom session and placed on the bedside table and then put back in the bag and back in the drawer at the end of the session…

Anyway, enough dithering, let’s talk about this book. Well, as you may know I did make some posts about this when I first got it, because it was more than a little infuriating.

Supposedly, this was written in French by the author, even though that isn’t her first language, as a means of preventing someone reading it if found… don’t know if that’s true or not, and it doesn’t really matter, because thankfully it’s been translated into English.

There’s nothing wrong with the translation (except perhaps for one tiny thing) but there’s everything wrong with the presentation as a whole. Firstly, clearly this is self-published, indeed it was sold by Wordery (via Amazon) but I fail to see why that means the spine and back cover are left blank. It just seems very half-arsed to me, and unfortunately that rather carries over into the material inside.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of it is good, but it’s so hap-hazard, and badly thought out. I am a pretty patient person and I have kind of worked with it because I found the good bits interesting and worth reading, but for a lot of people I suspect this book would infuriate and completely undermine the value of the material.

Firstly, this is supposedly written as a diary. So okay, if we take that at face value, it would be fair to expect the book to jump about quite a lot, because different entries on different days could be completely unconnected. Fair enough. The problem is there is no attempt to distinguish between separate entries, so each new paragraph is either a pause for breath or a new entry, and until you start the next paragraph you won’t know for sure, so you might have something like this.

After the sixth guy fucked me they all left me tied up and then it was my subby hubby’s turn to fuck me with his little cock, I couldn’t even feel his four inches but I was high on X and anything felt good rubbing against me.

I talked to my Dominatrix friend today, she asked me if I make hubby lick his own cum up when I allow him to cum, I said that I did and she said that was good, that it was very important that I do that, and continue to do that. She also asked how often I have him eat my pussy and I said at least twice a day. She said that was great for me but too often for him, and that I should restrict his access to my pussy so that it becomes more of a treat for him.

I discussed hubby’s first session with her a little, she says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for me to be there the first few times, which I’m not happy about but I’m sure she knows best. After the first session she said she wants to see him once a week for six weeks to begin with. We decided that Thursdays would be the best day.

One day I decided that I would have hubby wear feminine underwear. I want him to know how it feels to be a woman, what it feels like to suck cock and swallow and to give up his ass for cock. Now that he’s sucked _’s cock the next stage will be to have him agree to let _ fuck his ass. _ is into it so this will be interesting.

I always have my hubby hand wash my panties on a Tuesday, and then I usually have him eat my pussy before he drives me to meet _. Right from the first time I sucked hubby’s cock I kissed him after and he accepted it, in my experience most black men would beat you across the room if you tried to do that with them.

Obviously it’s difficult to get across here, but the longer a section is the more jarring it is when the next paragraph goes off on a complete tangent. Incidentally, those are not direct quotes from the book, but they are pretty much the gist of it.

Would it have killed the author to have separated the entries with dates, as you might expect with a ‘diary’. The months are actually indicated, but they are pretty meaningless really, dates would have been much more useful or even just a plain line showing where one entry ends and another begins…

There are also, certainly towards the start of the book, some entries that are duplicated within a page or two and also there is a whole section (about a page long) that is duplicated as well. And the biggest mistake of all seemingly is the use of the word ‘always’ when the author intends to use ‘just’. Which is bizarre and makes some of the text irritating and some of it nonsensical.

For example: ‘It’s just sometimes I wish things could be different‘ becomes ‘It’s always sometimes I wish things could be different‘.

And another thing you may have noticed in the text above, is that ‘to protect people’s identities’ all the names in the book are replaced by underscores, which makes it very confusing, especially later as more and more people seem to get involved. It ends up like:

So I talked to _ today about _ and _ and which one of them I should get hubby to suck off first. I also asked Ms _, what she thought and she said definitely _ but then get him to suck off _, _, and _ as well…

Seriously, couldn’t she have just made up some fucking names?

I actually contacted Wordery about this and they did reply saying that they would accept the book back, but I want to read the damned thing and the point of telling them was really that I hoped they might actually look at the proof and either tell me my book was faulty somehow or tell the author to sort it out. I guess that was probably too much to hope for…

However, as I’m reading on it’s getting more and more repetitive and irritating me in other ways as well, I think I’m going to skim read it and send it back to Wordery for a credit, since the opportunity is there.

But before I do, what do you make of this…

“I don’t have a lot of experience with Latin men, but any woman that has ever dated black men will tell you that when it comes to confidence, dominance and aggressiveness, they are very different than most white men. And it is not a subtle difference. There are, of course always going to be exceptions, but that has definitely been my experience.

I’ll give you a an example. I have written before that black men always want the ass. They always do, and they never ‘ask’ for it, they always take it. 

White men on the other hand, are not quite so obsessed with it, and have this weak, rather pathetic tendency to ask a woman if it’s okay. Like they want permission. Any white man that asks me the question not only doesn’t get it, they don’t get a second date either!”

Well, there’s no way to comment on that without coming over like a butt-hurt white boi is there. But if I ever become single again and I’m going on a date, I’ll try to remember that advice – since it’s obviously a mistake I made the first time around!


Ultimately I decided to read the rest of the book before I sent it back, I sat down and read the second half in one go and it was okay, despite some of the more outlandish parts, it does have something of a ring of truth about it… however unlikely that may seem. But towards the end of the book the just/always thing became unbearable, mainly because the author uses the word ‘just’ so many times that some of the passages were just hard work. That more than anything put me off keeping the book, because otherwise I think I would have read it again sometime.

I have to say though, I didn’t find the book in the slightest bit erotic. It was interesting and challenging, but at no time did it arouse me in any way at all, but I guess maybe it was a bit too much on the humiliation side for me… ah well, never mind.

FEMDOM SESSION – 16th July 2017

Some of the items we used today!

Last night I spent quite a long time kneeling on the floor kissing Mistress’s gorgeous legs and feet as she lay on the sofa reading. I love kissing Mistress’s feet and her legs are so sexy I just didn’t want to stop… unfortunately Mistress eventually stopped me, but at least I knew there was a Femdom session in the offing today.

It’s been seven weeks since our last our last session, and I think we really needed one to re-affirm the Femdom side of our relationship and the feelings of closeness and connection it brings.

Mistress instructed me to wear the blindfold and the Oxballs ball stretcher alongside my regulation cuffs today, so when she came into the bedroom to find me waiting for her on my knees I was unable to see her. I was pretty sure that she would be wearing her new PVC skirt though and indeed that proved to be the case, but for the moment I was in the dark.

Mistress teased my balls with her foot as she asked me if I had anything to ‘confess’, at one point she dug her toe nail into my balls slightly which was a little painful, but hot of course at the same time…

I had to confess to some lapses and Mistress delivered thirteen or so very, very stingy slaps with the paddle to my backside. I really am a bit of a wuss when it comes to the paddle, the pain doesn’t last but it stings like hell at the time and leaves me panting for breath quite easily. I love that Mistress does it though, I know that sounds weird, but while I don’t generally enjoy pain for the sake of pain, that fact that Mistress is doing it makes it special for me.

After my punishment Mistress had me turn towards the bed and she quickly grabbed her favourite glass dildo from the bedside table and told me to worship her foot while she started playing with herself. She teased me about not being able to see what she was doing, but instead described it in great detail anyway, which I really enjoyed hearing. Particularly when she said:

“I’m just holding myself open with my left hand now and rubbing my clit with the head of the dildo.”

Needless to say, between the pull of the ballstretcher, the eroticism of her beautiful feet and the commentary from Mistress my cock was quite hard, and I was pleasantly surprised when Mistress told me that as a special treat she was going to allow me to stroke my cock gently while I worshiped her. I’m not sure she’s ever done that in a session before, or if so very, very rarely.

She continued to toy her pussy above me for a while and then told me to stop stroking, which I did immediately. I loved being told to stroke and stop when she wanted, that was very hot for me. A little while later she allowed me to stroke my cock again, and again I stopped immediately when she told me to and though it was a little hard to concentrate I think I did a pretty good job of worshiping Mistress’s gorgeous feet at the same time.

Eventually Mistress slid the dildo inside her sexy pussy and a while later she had me suck it clean for her. I really love doing this, especially as this is always the first time I get to taste her delicious pussy in a session.

“You love cleaning my dildo don’t you slave? I bet I know what you’d really like… I bet you would love it if I let you cum inside me and then I used my dildo and made you lick it clean…”

My cock was throbbing hard after she said this. OMG so fucking hot!

“I haven’t decided if I’m going to let you cum today yet, but if I do I might just make you cum on the (PVC) sheet and lick it up… or I might pick it up with this (her dildo) and make you clean it, or I might just rub my foot in it and make you lick it clean…”

My cock was absolutely bulging after that and it made it hard to concentrate, but I absolutely love worshipping Mistress’s gorgeous feet and I tried so hard to make it good for her as she continued playing with her pussy above me.

Shortly after that she stopped and pulled her feet away, then she got off the bed and helped me got onto the bed but told me to stay on my hands and knees. This suggested I was either getting some more punishment or something in my ass, and it turned out to be the latter.

Mistress slid the ring ended glass butt plug into my ass and then told me to turn over on my back. She secured me at all four corners and then started teasing and slapping my cock and balls. Thankfully it wasn’t too long before she took the blindfold off and I was able to look up at her standing over me in my favourite PVC cupless top and her brand new PVC skirt. She looked incredible and she had me suck on her dildo once again before sliding it into her pussy.

I love watching her use her dildo or touch herself, it’s so unbelievably hot for me and after having me suck it clean again she sank down onto my face so that I could finally taste her gorgeous pussy properly. It was so good, she tasted so wonderful and she was already pretty wet… her flavour made my cock rock hard again and Mistress turned around and started abusing my cock and balls again while I got to stare up at her beautiful pussy and ass.

Mistress started teasing me about how badly I wanted to taste her ass, she lowered her ass right onto my face but didn’t give me permission to lick it. Then she told me to close my eyes and stick out my tongue, she lowered herself again and I felt my tongue very gently brush against her asshole.

Mistress turned around and sank down on my cock, that felt fucking amazing – I can’t even tell you how incredible that felt, to be inside her silky, wet pussy with my ass plugged and my balls stretched, I would absolutely love to cum inside her like that.

Mistress only allowed me a few strokes before she lifted off and started slapping and scratching my balls again, then she turned around and I watched as she sank down on my cock again, what a gorgeous sight that was. At some point Mistress reached down and took hold of the ring end of the butt plug and twisted it round inside me, that felt fantastic as well.

I was starting to get a bit overheated by this point, and my cock was wilting a little bit, so I was actually quite glad when Mistress got off the bed and picked up the clothes pegs, she clipped them onto my nipples and then turned on the fan in the corner before leaving me alone to cool off a bit.

The fan was very welcome, but my ballstretcher was definitely starting to take it’s toll. Like the Cocksling, once this has been on for half an hour or more it can start to sting a bit, and if there’s nothing to take your mind of it, it can be a little uncomfortable. But it wasn’t too bad really… I assumed Mistress would have me take it off as soon as she came back in to the room anyway.

I was wrong about that, but in the event I didn’t care a bit. When she came back the first thing I noticed was that Mistress had removed her skirt, she looked absolutely stunning and I watched as she picked up the Rodeoh strap on and start sliding it up her silky smooth legs. She looked so fucking sexy then with that orange cock sticking out from between her legs and she quickly mounted the bed, straddled me and told me to suck her cock.

I looked up at her as I sucked her rubber cock, she looked so gorgeous I felt my cock starting to stir again and then she pulled back and plucked the pegs from my nipples, even before the shock of it had subsided she had snatched up the small cock-whip and started using it to whip my nipples.

This was a first, and I loved it, it felt even better than I thought it might and by the time Mistress abated my cock was rock-hard again. Mistress untied me and told me to turn over and to get on my hands and knees. I dropped my head onto the pillow and pushed my ass back as Mistress fed the tip inside me.

I really love being fucked by Mistress, it’s so intense physically and emotionally that I don’t even mind that it’s usually fairly brief. Mistress fucked my ass pretty good today, stopping a few times to reach under and stroke my cock or scratch my tightly bound balls (still trapped in the ballstretcher). Mistress asked if I could take another ten strokes and I said I could, I would have took whatever she wanted to give me but I must admit I was slightly worried that I might ruin onto the sheet if she carried on too long.

Mistress completed the strokes and one more ‘for luck’ before ordering me up onto my knees on the bed. Mistress discarded the condom and then stood on the bed in front of me and told me to suck her cock. I would have loved to suck her cock for longer, as it was very brief, but by this time I think Mistress was impatient to feel my tongue on her pussy and she jumped off the bed and slid the Rodeoh pants off before taking up her place back on the bed, her legs spread wide as she ordered me down between her legs to lick her beautifully trimmed pussy.

Thankfully, while she was sliding off the Rodeoh pants she asked me if I needed to take the ballstretcher off and I took the opportunity to relieve myself of it. I love it but I’m not used to it and having it on for forty minutes or so is quite enough at the moment.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Mistress generally has her hardest orgasms during our Femdom sessions, I don’t know which particular bit of them gets her going the most or whether it’s just the whole shebang, but this time was no different and Mistress came very hard indeed – which of course I loved! My face was soaked with her juices, which I also loved and once she’d finished coming Mistress put her foot on my shoulder to push me back, stood up and had me lick all her juices off her skin and off the sheet before telling me to lie down on my back again.

Mistress started stroking my cock and I was soon hard again, she straddled me once more and I told her how I thought her pussy looked even more gorgeous now that she’d cum and it was still wet and glistening, I would have loved to lick it clean for her but she soon distracted me by parting her cheeks and asking me how badly I wanted to lick her ass.

I begged to lick her and told her how much I adore her ass. I really do, if I had my way I would lick her ass every single day, I fucking love it, I adore every part of Mistress’s gorgeous body and I just want to show her that every single day. Mistress continued stroking my cock as she lowered her ass towards my waiting tongue, it felt so good tasting her while she stroked my hard cock.

In all she allowed me to beg and lick her gorgeous asshole four times, it was absolute Heaven, but strangely I wasn’t getting to the edge. To be honest I think it was partly because I didn’t think Mistress had any intention of letting me cum today, I mean it’s not even three weeks since she let me cum last time and only a couple of weeks since I was ruined.

So I kinda went a bit early with warning Mistress that I was getting close, because while I could feel it starting it wasn’t anywhere near ‘panic stations’, which almost backfired on me when she said ‘Ok you can cum, but only if you can cum before I count to ten’.

“Shit!” I thought… but with the sight of Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and ass above me by the time she’d got to three I was already there and Mistress pumped a HUGE amount of cum out of my cock which flew absolutely everywhere and felt amazing. Once she got to ten she stopped and then pushed her fingers towards my mouth for me to clean. I was so drained… it was absolutely incredible, so fucking hot, what an amazing session! 🙂


So I’ve Worked it Out Now…

Back to this book again (22’s Diary), which is very good, save for the sloppy presentation. It seems the thing with the word ‘always’ being inserted randomly is actually not so random after all… it’s that ‘always’ is used whenever the word ‘just’ should be used, so instead of ‘I’m just going to the shops’ you get ‘I’m always going to the shops’, which is easy to reconcile once you know.

But then there are instances where the word ‘just’ is used that mean the text is less comprehensible than it should be, like ‘I’m just not sure’ becomes ‘I’m always not sure’, but at least now I’ve figured it out I can work it out easy enough.

Supposedly the book is translated from French, so maybe the words for ‘just’ and ‘always’ are similar in French or something?

Now I’ve got that off my chest I will go away and write about the fantastic Femdom Session that Mistress and I ‘always’ had!

Too Hot for Words!

For reasons I won’t go into just now, I’m reading through some old notes I made for Mistress for our Femdom sessions, and I came across this in the 3rd of May 2015 notes…

“I loved it the other night when you were stroking me and you turned to look at me and started teasing me about having my balls in a perspex ball crusher and how you said you would keep tightening it every time you let me lick your ass. I was so hard when you asked me if I would take the pain to get more time licking your ass and how you thought I could probably take more pain than I thought if I got to lick your asshole…”

O  M  G  !

How did I let this pass, I need to buy that thing IMMEDIATELY!