More Posting to Literotica…

I decided today that I would post the (altered names version) of ‘Collete’s Cuckolding Journey’ to Literotica, albeit I changed the title to ‘Looking for the One’. I know I said I wasn’t going to, but I thought about it and if I do end up writing the full length version there will be changes and I won’t actually use that whole story as a ‘chapter’, so I thought it’s a pity not to post it there, so we’ll see. I’ve put it in the ‘Fetish’ category instead of ‘Loving Wives’ this time so it should avoid the worst of the bad scores and nut-job comments. It will probably take a few days to appear on Literotica anyway.

I haven’t quite finished fettling my other new story just yet, there’s still a few lines I’m not happy with, notably the very start which is a bit ‘awkward’ at present. Still it should be ready by the weekend I think, so look out for that.

It’s far too hot here at the moment, the UK is not a warm place generally and 30C seems awfully unpleasant. I realise that some of you will find that hilarious (I know our Australian relatives think it’s funny that we have air-con on in our cars when it hits 19C), but for us it’s positively tropical and does not make for a good time.

Last night Mistress came, but it seemed like more of a test of endurance than anything, and afterwards I was way too overheated for any teasing. I still enjoyed making her cum obviously, but when it’s so hot that you’re trying hard not to touch while at the same time trying to lick her to orgasm… well, it’s not great.

Unfortunately since we moved (and definitely since we had the loft insulated) our house seems to hold heat like a storage heater, and sometimes the only solution is to sleep downstairs with the windows open. I feat that may well be the case tonight. 🙁

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