Literotica Finally Posts My Stories…

It’s took a while but Literotica have finally posted my latest two stories, if you’d like to vote on them you can do so by clicking the links below

At the moment ‘Once a Month Part 3’ is doing great with a 5.0/5.0 rating, while ‘Looking for the One’ is floundering around 2.6/5.0… I find that bizarre to be honest, I think ‘Looking for the One’ is the much better story, but whatever!

Also, despite posting ‘Looking for the One’ (Claudia’s Cuckolding Journey) in the ‘Fetish’ category instead of ‘Loving Wives’, it didn’t take very long for the first troll to turn up.

Anonymous said: GARBAGE! I can only hope this Sissy boy wimp cuck fag author grows a pair and kills off this cum dump slut of a non wife next…..

Sigh………. some of the Literotica readers really do have a massive problem with Cuckolding stories don’t they? Or perhaps just massive problems in general…

— — — — —

You may have noticed a singular lack of posts about teasing etc… well, between the heat, tiredness and so on, there hasn’t been anything to write about. And then Sunday night I managed to cut my balls twice while grooming… talk about shit out of luck!

Still, last night Mistress and I went to bed slightly earlier than we have been lately and Mistress set about teasing me nicely. I’m guessing she read my post about the ballbusting videos, because she was slapping my balls quite a lot. 🙂


It was almost a little strange being teased knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to lick Mistress’s pussy. Since full time chastity started teasing tends to dry up when Mistress is on her period, which I don’t necessarily mind because I much prefer to reciprocate and after all when Mistress touches my cock is entirely up to her (plus the option is always there for me to ask to be allowed to touch my cock if I want to).

Anyway, Mistress edged me quite close and for a moment I thought she was going to start slapping my nuts while I was close to the edge. This set up a dilemma in my head, because while I’d like nothing better than for her to edge me and then push me over the edge by repeatedly slapping my balls, I didn’t think Mistress was about to give me permission so soon after my last release…

In the end Mistress didn’t start slapping my balls… and instead let me cool down slightly before starting the lovely teasing up again, including teasing me verbally about how much I love it when she slaps my balls. At one point she started kissing me while she continued stroking my hard cock and I just really love kissing her when she’s been sucking my cock, it’s fucking HOT!

The teasing continued with more slaps and strokes until Mistress decided that I’d enjoyed myself enough, but she did allow me a couple more slaps when I begged for them. 🙂

I just wish I could have licked her to orgasm afterwards, it seems so long since last week…

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