So, So Good!

I wasn’t expecting to be able to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy until tomorrow night, but when I got home Mistress told me that she had good news and so a few hours ago I was lucky enough to taste my gorgeous Mistress again and make her cum with my tongue. It was so good to make her cum again, I really have missed it, it seems an awful long time even though it was only really about a week…

Mistress and I keep saying we really ought to make use of all the sex toys we have more, because we have a fair amount and our Femdom sessions are once a month (at best), so after I had worshipped Mistress’s pussy and feet, I asked her if I could put the Oxballs Ballstretcher on. I haven’t really used the ballstretcher all that much, but it’s very good. It’s about an inch wide I’d say, and because my balls are pretty tight it gives them a good stretch.

It also pulls the skin tight and acts a bit like a cock ring as well (for me anyway) which is a bit of a bonus. After a few seconds my cock was pretty solid and Mistress set about teasing me. I don’t think Mistress has ever slapped my balls when I’ve been wearing the ballstretcher before and I was a bit apprehensive about it because obviously when you hold your balls still the impact is obviously more direct.

Thankfully Mistress started off pretty light, although she gradually slapped them harder throughout my teasing. Nothing like as hard as she would normally, but it was a lot more intense anyway. Mistress seemed to get quite into it and took to dragging her long nails across my stretched balls, and then flicking her fingertips against them as well (something she’s never done before – I wondered if she’d been watching that Elastrator video, because the woman in that did that as well… she said not, but I’m not so sure – especially when she said afterwards that she had another idea but she needed some ‘equipment’!!!), that was surprisingly effective and I loved that as well.

Mistress also enjoyed stroking my cock with her fingernails, digging them right in to my skin as she stroked me, that was very intense, but I loved it. Mistress also squeezed my tight balls a couple of different ways as well, which was wonderful. It felt nothing short of amazing, and I just absolutely loved every last second of it.

(I just tried a photo of ball-flicking to liven up this post, but instead found a video of a man’s cock pressed against a cactus...)

At some point Mistress moved up the bed to kiss me and draped her leg over mine, almost as if she was practicing holding it out of the way (hmm!), she looked so incredibly gorgeous tonight, she definitely had that ‘Mistress’ look about her that I love, and that she only usually gets during proper Femdom sessions.

Tonight really made me happy, because it really felt like Mistress went further than she has before, and I love that. I know she was worried about hurting me, and it did hurt a bit, but I loved it… I’m so glad I put the ballstretcher on, I’m sure seeing my balls stretched and tight inspired Mistress to punish them harder than she would have otherwise. 🙂

By the end of my teasing I was so hard, it was just incredible… God I love my beautiful Mistress so much!

— — — — —

A few more comments left on ‘Looking for the One’ today, a real mixed bag in fact!

Anonymous said: Actually… that was pretty brilliant. A very different take on the story and well structured. If I had only one complaint: be more descriptive of the characters, clothing etc. Paint the picture with more details. E.g. we only really know she’s a ginger with heavy breasts. Otherwise loved it. Who knew finding a bull could be so hard (pun intended).

Anonymous said: Doesn’t matter who is the one, Michael is leaving her for good. Eat the creme pie? I don’t think so. Why would he expose himself to every disease known to man? Nobody. Not even in a fictional story. Is THAT stupid. Beyond ugly story.

Anonymous said: Okay, Three Stars. The writing style is fun and clean. Composition and structure were loose, but had a conditionary flow that yielded to the style of writing.




Also I got an email from another anonymous arsehole, who commented on ‘Slutty Penny’…

You may want to stay out of Loving Wives. Your writing is mediocre at best and if you look at your scores in the LW section and then look at your scores in other categories you can see that no one likes your LW stories. Take the hint and save yourself some grief. And one other point – arguing with people in the comments section makes you look like a whiner and is a losing proposition that you can never win. Either don’t allow comments, erase them or ignore them. But arguing will get you nowhere fast. And it makes you look like a complete fool. CHEERS!

So that’s me told, eh! Still, after tonight I’m far too happy to get wound up about it!


4 thoughts on “So, So Good!

  1. Just ignore the asshole. You should probably even delete that part of your blog entry where you mention him(her?). Feeding the troll and all that.

  2. Very few stories other that BTB ones seem to get higher marks in Loving Wives. As Tony noted – trolls are a problem.

    In regard to having your balls abused, I find I can handle harsher treatment with a cock ring on, than without… Go figure!

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