Addendum to the Previous Post and Some New Gear!

I was going to just edit my previous post here, but I’ve realised of late that the people who read by email don’t get edits, so it’s better to leave posts as they were and post another post, which they will get as new emails!

So, I’ve read a few more pages of ’22’s Diary’ and the random ‘always’ are back with a vengeance!

Also, it seems I misunderstood the thing about her teasing him when it appeared he’d already sucked her boyfriend’s cock… it seems he hadn’t, but as I’ve already explained this book is so all over the place it read as though he had.

Like I said, the book is frustrating. Good, but frustrating…

— — — — —

Mistress and I spent some time in bed earlier, and I got to lick Mistress’s gorgeous and delicious pussy to orgasm, which was absolutely lovely. Mistress teased me to the edge before stopping and now the plan is for us to have our next Femdom session on Sunday.

Speaking of which, Mistress ordered some replacement gear for our sessions the other day. We’ve had a lot of it a long time now and Mistress’s leather skirt in particular was shedding bits left right and centre, so she’s replaced that with a shiny PVC version and she also ordered a top as well, but that doesn’t fit properly so it’s got to go back.

We also ordered a shiny PVC bra from somewhere else, that should be here next week, and Mistress has also found a couple more really good looking basque type tops (one of which is cupless) to replace the one she currently has. Hopefully this will lead to more pictures being taken, indeed we might take some more this weekend, since we’d really like to order some new canvasses for the bedroom this week as the others have been up a long time now.

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