God This Book is Frustrating!

I’ve read a few more pages of ’22’s Diary’ tonight, though don’t ask me how many because the pages aren’t numbered, and, well… damn is it a frustrating book!

Okay I’ve read about thirty pages out of about 250 (I’m guessing), and the annoying thing is some of it is really good, but then… it’s so badly presented. It’s supposed to be a diary, I get that, so you’d think there would be dates dividing up the entries or something, but there isn’t. So you don’t really know until you start reading each paragraph whether this is a continuation of what you’ve just been reading or whether this is a new entry, and this can be confusing.

Also, I haven’t seen any more instances of the random word ‘always’, but there’s more duplication of paragraphs, for example several entries which look like ‘ideas for the reader’ (although they aren’t titled or distinguished as such in any way) are duplicated, sometimes within a couple of pages.

Then there’s a section where the author writes about teasing her husband about making him suck her lover’s cock (as if he hasn’t), but he already did this about five pages ago…

Then on the other hand there’s some really interesting parts which touch on the husbands insecurities and his fears that she will think of him differently if he sucks her lover’s cock or agrees to being fucked in the ass by him for her (as someone who gets the same kind of worries from just knowing my Mistress has read things I’ve written, I can definitely empathise with this, and can’t imagine how much harder it would be if I was actually going to do them).

It’s all very odd, and doubly frustrating because there is the makings of a very good book in here if it was edited properly and didn’t read like a corrupted word document. I suppose this is the perils of self-publishing, isn’t it? Though I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would go to all the trouble of writing something like this and then present it so badly!

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