Morning Teasing…

Mistress had a day off work yesterday, she works on flexi-time so it’s quite easy for her to get enough hours to have a day off. This is in addition to the fact that she only works Monday to Thursday of course, which means that whenever she announces that she has a Thursday off, thus giving her a four day weekend, I feel utterly justified in scowling in compete disdain!

However, one upside is that usually Mistress is up before me and these last two mornings Mistress has redeemed herself by stroking my cock for a few minutes before the absolute deadline is reached and I really have to get up and go to work. It’s a lovely way to start the day, even though it does making getting up a lot harder – I’d much rather stay in bed and lick Mistress’s gorgeous pussy of course, but still….

To add insult to injury, as I got up this morning (I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not, I suspect not but the effect was the same) Mistress stretched rather theatrically and the sheet fell away to reveal one of her beautiful breasts rather in the manner of a ‘glamour’ shoot…

Hmm. Damn you work!

Last night Mistress and I went out for a meal. We went somewhere we’d never been before and I have to say the food was pretty fantastic. Mistress looked very hot in her newest sandals (I need to get a pic of these) showing off her very pretty feet and painted toes, and when we got home I made a point of kneeling down and taking her shoes off for her and then kissed her feet until she got up to start getting getting changed.

I stayed on my knees as she started undressing, optimistically hoping that she might just lean on her dressing table and present her gorgeous ass for my tongue. Sadly not… so in the end I gave up and went downstairs and we eventually watched some TV before I went to bed.

Mistress must have stayed up for another hour or so I guess, and when she came to bed I woke up and she curled up against me, pressing her sexy ass against my rock hard cock as I wrapped my arms around her. We stayed like that for quite a while I think, I really love that feeling of being so close to her like that, the feeling of her naked skin is so wonderful.. I wish we could sleep like that all night, but eventually we moved apart and went to sleep.

— — —- —– —- — —

The other day I was browsing Amazon looking for books, and in the reviews for this one book (which didn’t sound very good) I noticed in the comments that someone had suggested that instead of this book people should read this other book called ’22’s Diary’ by Maitresse P.

Intrigued, I found this on Amazon at the astonishing asking price of £57 or something ridiculous. However, there were a few copies available on marketplace for about £11, but there was not one single review to inform me as to whether it was worth the money.

Slightly frustrated I Googled the book and found very little, except there was a site called ‘Good Reads’ (I think) where I read four reviews, all positive to varying degrees and one which said something like ‘Shamefully, I came after reading two chapters’.

As I had an Amazon voucher I thought it worth the risk and it turned up yesterday from Wordery (whatever that is). The first thing to note is the exceptional lack of care taken in the presentation. The spine and back cover are plain white with just a barcode on the back. I presume this is some kind of printed to order book(?), but it’s a shame they didn’t bother to put a bit of blurb on the back and at the very least the title on the spine, is that really too much to expect?


The book purports to be translated from French, I don’t know if that’s actually true or if it’s some badly thought out ruse to make it sound more interesting and/or exotic… whatever, there are some dreadful errors in the text with some unnecessary words (especially ‘always’) deployed somewhat randomly in the sentences which render them slightly nonsensical. There is also a complete paragraph duplicated within a couple of pages, just carelessness really.

A pity because so far (I haven’t read much to be honest) the book seems quite good, there’s an emphasis on pegging and chastity, but it seems like more of a cuckolding diary than anything, but we shall see.

One small part of the book I read gave a frank description of how to go about performing oral sex on a woman, and while I have a considerable amount of experience in this area (and am hopefully considered of a reasonable standard) I’m always interested to hear new opinions or suggestions on ways to do it better.

Actually one part of this description gave me the slight inkling that the book might just have been written by a man, but then again I could be well wide of the mark there, perhaps I just have a naturally suspicious mind?

So, we’ll see, I guess. It’s a reasonably thick book, and it’s started straight in to the story with no messing about, so I’m assuming the book will become more ‘interesting’ as it progresses. I’ll try to remember to post a review when I’ve finished the book

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  1. I’ll be curious. Perhaps it’s a self published book–that might account for its high cost (the rarity driving the cost). That being said, it does sound somewhat mysterious. Hope you enjoy it. Always better to get your money’s worth.

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