So I’ve Worked it Out Now…

Back to this book again (22’s Diary), which is very good, save for the sloppy presentation. It seems the thing with the word ‘always’ being inserted randomly is actually not so random after all… it’s that ‘always’ is used whenever the word ‘just’ should be used, so instead of ‘I’m just going to the shops’ you get ‘I’m always going to the shops’, which is easy to reconcile once you know.

But then there are instances where the word ‘just’ is used that mean the text is less comprehensible than it should be, like ‘I’m just not sure’ becomes ‘I’m always not sure’, but at least now I’ve figured it out I can work it out easy enough.

Supposedly the book is translated from French, so maybe the words for ‘just’ and ‘always’ are similar in French or something?

Now I’ve got that off my chest I will go away and write about the fantastic Femdom Session that Mistress and I ‘always’ had!

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