Ready to Play is on Literotica Now.

Literotica has now posted my latest story ‘Ready to Play’, one nice positive comment so far and a very high 4.7* / 5.0 rating as well. If you would like to vote, please visit this link and you can vote and/or comment at the bottom of the second page, thank you.

Meanwhile, I am plotting my next move… though it’s not going to be a Femdom story. I was reading a cuckolding story yesterday and it struck me that the bits which were about the interaction between the bull and the wife were very powerful and I thought if I could write a story in that kind of style, but a sub-wife story then that would be really good…

So this story provided some inspiration and I’ve derived further inspiration from some of the things that Mistress said to me on Sunday, particularly about having me wear a cock ring on a night out and also something which I don’t think I actually included in my session post, which was when she said about dragging me out of the pub and finding a shadowy corner in the car park where I could kneel and worship her pussy…


I started this post a couple of days ago actually, and in the meantime I’ve noted down the basic outline of the story. Also, since I started this post the rating for my story has gone down quite dramatically, it’s now about 3.91 / 5.00, which is a shame, but Mistress and I both thought it was one of my best, maybe the subject is a bit too niche and perhaps people didn’t like that there’s actually not that much ‘sex’ in it. That’s understandable I guess.

Last night I got to give Mistress a lovely orgasm, which I really enjoyed. Sadly I’ve developed a cold today so that’s rather scuppered any fun time… but I’m really glad that I got to worship Mistress’s gorgeous pussy yesterday, it was fantastic. It genuinely makes me so happy putting her needs first, and knowing that she’s satisfied is such a good feeling for me.

I must say actually, this cuckold story I mentioned, it’s one of those that are right on the edge of being uncomfortable to read, which is what usually makes a good cuckolding story in my opinion. I’ll leave the links below if you are interested to read them.

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