Under the Weather

So my cold has gotten worse… I really wanted to worship Mistress’s pussy last night, but it just really wasn’t possible – which is very disappointing. It seems to be one of those colds where you get one symptom per day, so sore throat on Wednesday, runny nose on Thursday and aches and pains today! Lovely.

We’re supposed to be going out tonight, but I’ve emailed our friends to ask them if they still want us to come, given that I look a zombie, will probably fall asleep about 11pm and will be blowing my nose all night.

Extra annoying, is that I was planning a five week weight loss push up to our next week of, but for some reason when I get a cold I just want to eat buttered toast, so that’s not really worked out. Also, it was probably wild speculation on my part (because let’s face it it usually is) but I felt like after last weekend Mistress was opening up to something and that’s now lost it’s momentum somewhat…

Ready to Play has recovered slightly back up to 4.0/5.0. In hindsight perhaps my choice of title wasn’t the best. Maybe when you have literally hundreds of thousands of stories to choose from (on Literotica) then you need something a little more in your face to grab the attention of the reader? I guess ‘Ready to Play’ is more than a little vague and doesn’t really lay it out in the way that ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’ did… which is probably why it’s one of my best rated stories.

I’ve started doing press-ups every day. Not doing many at the moment, but it’s more about trying to get myself into the habit of doing them everyday. And if I do them everyday it should get easier and I will start increasing the numbers. When I was about 21 I used to do 1000 situps a day, if I’d have carried that on through the last 26 years I would look a lot better than I do now I think! So there we are…

I haven’t got very far with my next story yet, I’ve made notes and now I’m thinking about whether it needs cutting down, because I’m not sure the story can sustain itself for as long as I’ve made it. Sometimes shorter is better and sometimes it isn’t…

I read this cuckolding story the other day, and it seems to me the author seriously shortchanged himself, because the story has the potential to be really good, but he kind of rushed it at the end. It’s still worth a read though…


The author did a really good job of communicating the various struggles of the couple, while at the same time describing the change in ‘Caroline’s’ attitude as she became more confident (and it’s effect on the writer), but the story could have been even better if it had just been a bit longer I think.

As you know, Mistress and I are devotees of the Bachelor series, and now that the rather tiresome series of the Bachelorette has finished, we’re only a week away from the gloriously appalling ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, but in the meantime Mistress and I have found some new atrocious TV to watch.

‘Make or Break’ is Channel 5’s new relationship show where 7 couples who are at a crossroads go to decide their future. Set on a tropical island, it’s true car crash TV, with a comedy Geordie girl who literally can’t complete a sentence without using the word ‘Fuck’.

Elsewhere there’s a girl who’s boyfriend has cheated on her 30 times, a dude that looks exactly like Wolverine (if Wolverine had been dipped in creosote) and one guy I actually feel sorry for (Che) because he seems a decent guy who just happens to have a nutter for a girlfriend (the aforementioned Geordie girl).

Last night Wolverine (Karl) and his girlfriend had a session with a hippie sex therapist, who asked Holly what her ‘pussy’ wanted. She said she wanted to be more dominant, and straight away Karl was off… ‘Oh God, here we go again… she loves sticking things up my arse, she’s stuck loads of things up my arse… and I don’t like it’.

Holly countered with ‘I don’t like it either but you still want to stick your cock up my arse don’t you?’.

Quality TV indeed!


4 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Just remember who is next to get your virus….Mistress!. Please be aware and stay your spirit until your feeling better.

    • Hi Tayphad
      Yes, it’s always difficult when you have a cold because you don’t want to give it to other people. I must be feeling better today, as I woke up hard and asked Mistress if I could touch my cock, she let me and then took over for a little while… with the promise of more later. Fingers crossed.

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