Sunday Morning Teasing…

Mistress and I stayed up late last night, well actually I went to bed about 1am I think, I didn’t want to stay up late and feel knackered on Sunday (hmm…) so I went to bed even though I wasn’t really tired enough. So I decided to read for a bit as that often does the trick.

I read one of my favourite stories, called ‘Discovering My Nasty Wife’ by Tony88888 (you can read it HERE) which didn’t really make me sleepy, but it did give me a very hard cock… very hard indeed in fact, which just goes to show that ruined orgasm last night didn’t give me much relief at all. šŸ™‚

When Mistress finally came to bed about 2am I cuddled up to her and asked if I could stroke my cock. She said I could, but somehow I managed to rest my head on her hair and she jerked away from me suddenly which was a bit unfortunate… I lay back on my back and continued stroking with my left hand and tried to touch her skin with my right hand but again she jerked away, I think she must have been half asleep or something – at least I hope she was. I continued stroking for a while and I was beginning to wonder if she’d fallen asleep, but then she looked over her shoulder and said ‘that’s enough’.

I kissed her on the shoulder then and turned over to try and get to sleep. But that didn’t work at all. 3am came and went, and at 3.30am I pondered the idea of getting up and maybe drinking some alcohol or something, that or taking some Night Nurse – that stuff kills me for about 24hrs… but in the end, well 4am I think I got to sleep.

I woke up about 8am but thankfully got back to sleep until after 10am. Still, I have to say 6hrs sleep is okay when it’s 12am-6am, not so good when it’s 4am-10am!

Fortunately, when I woke up this morning I felt Mistress move up behind me and her hand slide down and start stroking my cock. She teased me for a good little while, getting me harder and gently squeezing my balls, sometimes stroking me and sometimes just holding still and letting me fuck her hand…

Despite my ruined orgasm yesterday, or maybe because of it, I really, really wanted to cum this morning. I told Mistress how much I love that she ruined me and kept me horny for her, while thoughts of her fucking herself with her glass dildo and my tongue worshipping her ass filled my head. I was very turned on… like I said I really wanted to cum.

It’s when I’m really desperate like that, really aching to explode, that it occurs to me all over again how little Mistress realises the power she has over me. When my cock is throbbing like that I feel like I would do pretty much anything she wanted me to… and I fucking love feeling like that. šŸ™‚

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