Anyone Else Know What Cal’s Curse Is?

I’ve voiced my opinion on Tumblr several times before, and I find I delete tumblrs pretty much daily from my watch list. I would much rather someone posted one or two good things a week but so many seem to favour quantity over quality. Tumblrs that post twenty plus posts a day are top of my list for deletion.

It’s frustrating because tumblr can throw up the odd interesting thing, but like most things on the net, you seem have to wade through fields of shit to find them. It’s almost like the internet needs an editor or something…

Anyway, I came across this post today, which was very mildly interesting…

The bit that caught my eye was the one that said ‘You really want Cal’s Curse to work’.

I have never heard of this, and made the leap that it was something to do with Kali’s Teeth. But apparently not. In actual fact it is a hypnosis tape available on Sound Cloud which purports to render the listener unable to orgasm without permission.

No idea if it works or not… well, I think I can probably hazard a guess. But if you want to try it then here’s the link

2 thoughts on “Anyone Else Know What Cal’s Curse Is?

  1. I think I might like Cal’s Curse to work. Right now I have to work like the devil to avoid cumming without permission. Btw, I’m at 221days since orgasm. And horny doesn’t begin to describe things…

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