Some Essential Reading…

So as I said yesterday I’ve signed up to the forums at (and I see Collared Michael has too!), obviously being new I’m going through the various threads and seeing what’s what. Well I came across this one thread that I think you guys are absolutely going to love reading, it’s by a guy who’s wife spins him through some games which are absolutely brilliant.

For example, for every day he spends in the cage he banks 1 stroke. When he thinks he has enough strokes (say 20) he can cash it in and he gets to slide his cock into his wife 20 times to see if he can cum. But wait, actually first she flips a coin to see if he gets 20 strokes or 20 lashes with a flogger. Genius!

Even when he does get his twenty strokes, she twists it to make it harder for him..

This thread is full of brilliant ideas like that and I thoroughly recommend you read it, even if you don’t want to sign up (you can view threads without committing to anything).

I feel like I shouldn’t have shared this since I could have just stolen the idea for future stories. That would have been a bit cheeky, but it will certainly inspire me to think of some games of my own. 🙂

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