‘The VIP Room’ on Literotica

My latest story has been posted to Literotica, and some wag immediately commented ‘CUCK SHIT, This should be in Loving Wives!’.

I responded that I don’t agree, that it’s clearly a ‘cheating’ story, not a cuckolding story and did I really need to explain the difference?

Maybe, I do?

In my opinion, cuckolding implies that the act is done openly, and with the partner’s consent or agreement (to whatever extent, even if that is the simple fact that the partner doesn’t leave or if it is ‘tacit’ agreement). Of course there may be some exceptions to this but generally speaking that is my personal interpretation…

I appreciate that in common use the term ‘cuckold’ may apply to any partner of an adulterer, but to my mind that is a not strictly correct and distinctly different, at least as far as the kind of people who would read this and similar blogs would understand.

If you would like to read The VIP Room on Literotica and vote or leave a comment you can do it HERE

2 thoughts on “‘The VIP Room’ on Literotica

    • Hi CM
      I know, I just think that this particular comment was ill informed, albeit amusing… calling for it to be put in Loving Wives. 🙂

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