The Third Way…

I’m used to receiving slightly odd comments on my Literotica posts, most of which fall into one of two camps: Praise / Constructive Criticism… which is great, or General Abuse / Fucking Nonsense. But there is also occasionally a third way, often which leaves me somewhat at a loss as to what to say…

And so it is with ‘The VIP Room’, someone has anonymously left this comment, and I literally have no idea how I’m supposed to respond. What do you guys make of it?

‘hits home as my wife is doing a singer with serious meat. he only lasts 45 seconds. she won’t let him near her ass.’


Also, not quite as odd, but this was left on ‘A Broken Marriage Redefined’ the other day.

‘Would love my wife to do this to me, my ex would have let me eat myself. I would have killed for this…’

One thought on “The Third Way…

  1. Hi Robert
    I was just wondering if Mistress R would ever consider a situation where she gave you a chastity break of say a week, fortnight or a month where she made you cum as many times as she could for a change? I mean at least omnce a day or even 2-3 times? Would you want that also?

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